Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 6/05- 6/18/17

Danny Gokey's song The Comeback reaches To 20The Billboard Christian Charts are leading the way with the great chart news, but we are thrilled Mediabase CAC is catching up!

Mediabase CAC Chart of week ending June 4, 2017

Mediabase chart of June 4th 2017

Billboard Chart News Dated June 10, 2017

Billboard Christian National Airplay #14

Billboard Hot Christian Songs #16

Billboard CAC Indicator Songs #17

Billboard Christian Hot AC/CHA #18

Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary Songs # 23

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103 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 6/05- 6/18/17

  1. Hey Kellie, good to see you here. Are you thinking of the song “Chasing” or “Better Than I Found It”?

    I’ve been waiting this evening for the a song to go recurrent on the updated chart so I could post this news. I couldn’t post the caption until Danny moved into Top 20…. for awhile I thought he might not move up until Monday…

  2. Thanks, Cindy. When Danny has some off time I don’t necessarily have something “new” to use for the discussion page. So I end up rummaging around in my photo files. This is one of Danny’s publicity photos. I like it, too.

    I am really spoiled. I want Danny’s songs to run up the charts. This one is moving up quickly (only the 6 or 7th week on the chart), but I get impatient…. Only 26 of 52 stations playing it so far. But I do think the radio team tells stations WHEN they want it added…. Not that they have to cooperate, but it seems like Danny’s music is well liked/respected at this point in CCM.

  3. “Are you thinking of the song “Chasing” or “Better Than I Found It”?”

    Maybe “The Prayer” from the last post?

  4. So, Danny isn’t going to Hawaii?? Looks like he will have time off here and there. I’m sure Daniel and Victoria will love having their daddy home. So will mommy. 🙂

    Love your icon, Jan.

  5. I wish I would hear it on the radio already. I only heard it once. I still hear “Rise” though.

  6. Comeback is going to go #1…. I just know it have faith that everyone will enjoy it as much as I do!! See you in 18 days in the Adirondacks—-but who’s counting??(ME!)

  7. Hey everyone! Was thinking of making my own Danny Gokey Page. He has helped me in my life more than he will ever know. My idea was to make a photo page just all photos of him in concert or just around. Was also thinking about adding some of his music videos to it too. If I can. Would love some feedback from all u Danny Gokey fans. If u have any ideas for a different kind of page please let me know. Thank u all. God bless.💜

  8. Hi Kellie,

    Welcome to DGNews. I am just stopping by to approve your comment between work and my evening clasa. I will certainly give your idea some thought and provide more feedback when I return. We love Danny photos here, you might start by using our search function on this page to see how we deal with concert photos on this website.

    Using the word “photo”, I return quite a few posts on concert photography, like this one:


  9. Hey Kellie, follow up question: Are you thinking of a Facebook page? And /or a website or instagram account?

  10. Was at the Klove fan awards. First time. This was a gift from my kids. What an awesome time of praise and worship. Thank you to all of the artists that performed. You are amazing. Congrats to the winners especially Danny Gokey. So honored to call you a friend. Your music fills my heart with hope

  11. Jan I was not sure if I was thinking Facebook or Instagram or what. What do u think would be best?

  12. Welcome Mitzie! What a fabulous gift from your family! I’d love to hear more about your Klove weekend! I have not attended it, yet!

    From now on your comments with this email will post instantly- no waiting!

  13. Hi Kellie,

    Here are some of my observations from being involved with dannygokeynews and iheartdannygokey these last few years.

    1) Tagging and public viewing is important to being seen beyond the people that already know you. Our setting is always set at public and we tag our posts and photos so that others can find them if they search for Danny Gokey on the web. On Facebook that means using the @dannygokeyofficial, on Instagram I use @dannygokey but also #dannygokey.

    2) Facebook is hard to grow until you get over 1500 to 2000 followers. It seemed that when we hit 2000 we really started to pick up followers quickly. I wonder if Facebook has some minumum for showing pages when people search Danny Gokey (or anyone else)?

    3) Hashtags allow you to be seen no matter how few followers you have on instagram.

    4) Success breeds more success. We are still struggling on Twitter. Only 941 followers. We had many more followers of the iheartdannygokey twitter account…. but when we had to let it go they didn’t all come to dannygokeynewz. Fortunately, we have nearly 3 times the followers on Facebook than we did with our previous account.

    5) Please always get permission and credit the photos if they aren’t your own. One of my biggest peeves is seeing photographers photos copied on Facebook or Instagram and they are NOT credited or (even worse) their watermarks removed.

    6) Finally, dedication to keeping things current will go a long way to having people come back and see what you posted.

    Another option is to just share existing content you love on your own social media accounts from Danny Gokey’s official accounts– or our accounts! By setting your sharing as “public” you are helping others see your favorite posts and telling search engines that it is popular content! Engagement is the key to being seen!

    Good luck on whatever you decide.

  14. Admin2, that is an awesome snippet of TYHTBA. I think Danny “owns” that song. I like that he sings it without background vocals and full out!

    It is clearly a career song for him. Bravo!

  15. Jan thank u so much for all the info and help. I will just have to think what I really want to do and how. Your info will help me make that decision so thank u again. Keep up the good work on all your Danny Gokey sites. I will keep u posted on mine. God bless.

  16. Success breeds more success. We are still struggling on Twitter. Only 941 followers. We had many more followers of the iheartdannygokey twitter account…. but when we had to let it go they didn’t all come to dannygokeynewz. Fortunately, we have nearly 3 times the followers on Facebook than we did with our previous account.

    Ihdg got up to around 2K twitter followers. But a lot of them were unrelated followers from marketing / blogger types who had exchanged follows early on with the former Ihdg site owner. And there were a lot of commercial followers as well. We did weed out the obvious spam accounts, plus the, err, non-PG rated ones 😳

  17. Well, maybe we aren’t growing as slow on twitter as I thought. The majority are Danny fans, although certainly not all. Thanks, Admin2.

    I keep a watch on facebook. Not as close on twitter…

  18. I don’t recall IHDG getting much above 1000 friends on FB. But that was started much later than the site itself and the twitter and YT channels. No instagram back then 😉

  19. I like reading twitter because I can read it without having to join it. Also, I can see most of the videos posted there.
    Facebook is usually locked. Most videos on it are ones I can’t watch unless I join. I don’t want to do that.
    Sometimes I can see videos that are brought here (that were on Facebook previously).

  20. Kris sounds great here. Love “Faster Shoes.” I like when he does upbeat songs. “Monster” is my favorite. I really appreciate that Kris helped Danny out with the “Sophia’s Heart” cruise a few years ago. 2012? 2013?

  21. I think both Kris and Danny sound good on Renegade, the song they did together.

  22. I love “Renegade!”

    (P.S.) FINALLY heard “The Comeback” on the radio today!

  23. Ellen, I still haven’t heard TC.

    I did really think it was awesome that Danny, Kris, Jamar and Two Story Road banded together to perform for the SHF Benefit Cruise. It also showed that the brouhaha that some AI fans wanted to believe was between the contestants really didn’t exist.

  24. Good interview. 🙂

    (If Danny needs to say “you know,” I wish he could say it mentally but not orally. A tiny pause is okay and is a way of not saying an unneeded word or phrase.)

  25. If I was writing an interview of Danny, I might have missed a few of those “you knows?”

    At least he didn’t say, “listen” 😉

    I sure could hear Danny in this interview, though. He will never be as articulate as some but this is the real Danny.

    I am glad he brought up Lauren. He is obviously following her career. As he should. I bet he wants a platinum record 😉

  26. Even at my age, I find myself saying, “I know” all the time. It’s a hard habit to break. I’m not sure why I even started saying it. :/

    I don’t know Danny. With following his career I’ve found that he is always showing others kindness, generosity, and an abundance of excitement. I hope he knows that his fans appreciate it. With winning the Klove Award, I think he does. 🙂 Danny came off American Idol a winner, and has achieved so much. His beautiful family, and Sophia’s Heart, is at the top of my list. 🙂

    Thank you for giving us insights to who Danny Gokey is, Jan.

  27. Matching pants, matching tops, matching jackets…maybe to give them an “equal” kind of look instead a look of “one is more a star” than the other.
    No need to wonder what to wear or have one in jeans and the other in a suit. 😉
    What to wear may not matter much anymore. It used to. Now, at awards shows, women might wear dressy gowns and men wear jeans.
    (Or, women might wear almost nothing.)

  28. If you saw a flash of a post about the upcoming tour, my fingers got sticky and I accidentally posted it before I finished it! I’ve now removed it.

    I often start draft posts (when I have a few minutes) and normally can leave them in draft form without getting them accidentally published. But this time my computer stuck and it ended up getting released too soon.

    So if you think you are seeing things. You were…

  29. itunes

    The Comeback: #13
    TYHTBA: #39
    Rise: #108
    HIFOM: #163

    RISE: #44
    HIFOM: #82

  30. Jordan Sparks is trending on twitter (singing NA). Positive tweets.

    Does Danny still do their duet in concerts?

  31. LOL.. Lurker, in my previous post I meant to say, “You know.” It’s very hard to break the habit. Yesterday, when talking with my daughter I must have said it a dozen times. It was awful! I didn’t realize I said it so often. I use it to start my sentence, or to end it. Something I need to work on. :/ At least I don’t write it in my posts. My problem is all the spelling errors, or misplaced words. 🙁

    Have a great weekend!! ☼

  32. I knew that palindromes were words spelled the same front or back, but I didn’t know that semordnilap (palindromes backward) was a word until I read about it recently. Semordnilaps are words which when reversed are still valid words. Examples are pooh–hoop /not–ton /diaper–repaid /(and palindromes-semordnilap).

  33. I read that Glen Campbell has a farewell album. There was a link to this video. I think the songs are all cover songs that can be related in someway to his memory loss. (They were recorded at the end of his last tour (before his nursing home care started, I believe.)

  34. This one was out earlier. It was up for an award, I think. (Glen now has complete aphasia.)

  35. Hi Lurker.

    I was kind off the grid since Friday morning. 🙂 Family weekend at our cabin.

    I actually think fans sending artists a photo from their own family (that the fan somehow found online) would be a bit……

    I will let you all fill in the blank.

  36. I meant to add that this is a good reason to keep photos of yourself off the Internet and not to tag people in photos (or at least keep your security settings tight).

  37. “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” and the video for it are so sad and poignant. One literally cannot miss something one cannot remember, but I wonder if deep down, there isn’t a yearning or feeling of something missing, on some level.

  38. Indiana State Fair‏Verified account @IndyStateFair 46m46 minutes ago
    Contemporary Christian Music Fest headlined by @dannygokey with Echoboy, Building Nations & Jester on August 13 (4/6) #IndyStateFair

  39. The state fair here has had Christian artists in the past. They just tend to perform on weekdays rather than weekends.

  40. I would think that Danny would make an excellent State Fair artist on a Christian music night. I will hopefully get to see how/if he modifies his act when he plays at Summerfest later this summer 🙂

  41. itunes

    The Comeback: #13
    TYHTBA: #65
    Rise: #106
    HIFOM: #181

    RISE: #35
    HIFOM: #74

  42. Ellen & Lurker, I like how much fun Danny and the band are having in that video 🙂

  43. I think this popularity chart of singles is interesting. (The chart is found at itunes when a search of Danny’s name is done there.)
    The itunes page shows bars after the name of each single. Bars are shaded to show popularity (based on sales, I assume).
    I was surprised to see “The Comeback” was already more popular Than “Rise.”
    In order of most bars shaded:
    * TYHTBA: 12
    * HIFOM: 10
    * MBDAAOM: 6
    * “The Comeback” and MTYTIA: 5 (tie)
    * IWNSG: 4
    * Rise: 3

    All the rest: 2, 1, or no bars shaded.

  44. Another hit. 🙂 I’ve always thought “I Will Never Say Goodbye” never got the accolades it should of. It’s the one song of Danny’s that I cry every time I hear it. A very beautiful song.

  45. Definitely need a DG / Mallary tour, I think


    Which artists are you currently drawing musical inspiration from?
    I’m obsessed with Tauren Wells. His voice is just unreal. I love hearing him sing and just how effortlessly he makes it seem. I would love to sing some day with Natalie Grant and my buddy Danny Gokey. I wrote a song on my album with my friend Matthew West and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. He’s just the best! We got to see Britt Nicole perform at the award show and I was blown away at how she can sing and dance like that. I’m not gonna lie, I’m probably the worst dancer ever so we never have to worry about me trying to sing and dance at the same time. If you ever watched the TV show Seinfeld, I’m basically like Elaine Benes hahaha.

  46. Cindy3
    I are right. Will not say goodbye is amazing it makes me cry every time too. In the video Danny looks so sad u just want to hug him.

  47. I love IWNSGB, too. But I definitely have wondered (through the years) what went wrong that it wasn’t given a chance to be a hit. Was there Idol fatigue already? Or was Danny just too different to be accepted by country radio?

  48. I like Mallary Hope, but I preferred her voice on country songs. Too bad country radio doesn’t give female voices a fair shot.

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