Danny Gokey Returns to Indiana State Fair

Indiana State Fair hosts Danny GokeyIt’s been FIVE years, but Danny Gokey is returning as the headliner for the 2017 Indiana State Fair on Sunday, August 13th!

The Chevrolet Silverado concerts are free but admission and parking fees are charged to enter the fair.

FLASHBACK: I found a video to Danny’s August 11, 2011 performance:

4 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Returns to Indiana State Fair

  1. @dannygokey
    Welcome back! Indy is where I first met you after my husband passed away while you were on Idol. You dedicated “I Will Not Say Goodbye” to me and you took the time to encourage me and help me with my loss. Since then I’ve attended 6 of your concerts.

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  2. I’ve just finished learning the lyrics to ” I will not say goodbye” and the first time I heard it…it moved me to tears as it reminds me of my Dad whom I lost only 8 1/2 months ago from pancreatic cancer…. and since tomorrow is my first Father’s Day without him… this song has even more meaning. I’m hoping to be able to meet you Danny this Friday in the Adirondacks before the concert to tell you in person just how much your music has impacted my life!!

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  3. Hi Angelsnell, I want to extend my deepest sympathy to you over the lost of your dad. My dad has been gone much longer, but IWNSGB still reminds me of him and the deep chasm it left in our family. He will always be missed.

    I hope you can celebrate his life on Father’s Day and find comfort in the memories. ❤


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