The Comeback & Award Snippets – Danny Gokey

Collage of Danny Gokey at the 2017 K-LOVE Fan AwardsDid you get to see Danny Gokey open the 2017 K-LOVE Fan Awards with his high energy, “The Comeback”? What you missed the show and the movie?  No matter, we have a few snippets of the opening and close of the song and Danny’s acceptance speech to share with you, the fans that made it happen for Danny! And even if you were at the K-LOVE Fan Awards, this is too fun not to take another look!  But don’t blink!  It is only a few snippets….

Video Instructions:  To view The Comeback videos, click on the title of video and it will take you directly to YouTube to view it.




There is a portion of this also posted on our Facebook page– shown below:

Good job, Danny! And especially Danny Gokey fans!

17 thoughts on “The Comeback & Award Snippets – Danny Gokey

  1. Fun clips of the performance, I didn’t realize Danny was playing basketball on stage 🙂

  2. I loved the positive energy, too. Although it looked like it was hard for that cheerleader to hold on when Danny slam dunked the basketball… and did she make it lower for him? 😉

    I would like to be able to watch the full TC performance, again. I think it would be a fun official video for it.

    Any chance that klove would allow Danny to use it?!?

  3. I can’t play the snippets here. 😒 Is there another place to see the performance?

  4. That’s weird. They stopped working. I will see what I can do to restore them. Not sure why they are not cooperating….

  5. Well, wordpress does not recommend uploading videos to its sites…. I have had it work before so not sure why it isn’t now.

    I have uploaded two of the videos as unlisted videos on youTube. I also set them as not embeddable so that they can’t be spread. You have to click the youtube link to watch them on their site. I’ll upload the third if we think its worthwhile.

    Hopefully one of us will figure why WordPress isn’t working anymore… I like having it as an option.

  6. Carianne, if you click on the video and it says “Playback on other websites has been disabled by the owner,” just click on the YouTube logo in the lower right-hand corner of the video and it will open YouTube on another page and will play the video for you.

  7. Or click on the title and it will go straight to youtube.

    Ellen, this is the modified version. Can you get the third video to play? Some do, some don’t. It is in the original format.

  8. Ellen, I am not positive this is the Ocean Way Studio, but it looks like the studio Danny has been recording his videos (like Better Than I Found It and Masterpiece) and Ocean Way is where IWNSGB was recorded ♡

  9. Its a treat to see Danny getting award.Should happen more ofen.The videos worked ealier for me.But now only the last one can be played.

  10. Hey Mr. Bing. All but the 2nd to last one now work for me. (I haven’t reloaded it to youTube.) Can you try it again with these instructions: If you click on the title of Comeback videos or the little youTube symbol on the bottom bar it should take you directly to the video to play it.) (It is now cached on my computer and I don’t have to go to the Youtube site to view them.)

  11. Hi Patricia! We hope you get your wish for Savanah show. Has Mandisa come there? I don’t believe Danny has… but he certainly has performed in Georgia!

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