Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 6/19- 7/2/17

My, how times have changed!  And so has Danny Gokey! We thank Producer Keith Thomas of Willowbrooke Studio for this interesting flashback photo.

(It was taken while they worked together on the music for “Hope in Front of Me”.)

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84 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 6/19- 7/2/17

  1. Maestro has quite an arm on him!! And he liked faking out the crowd, too 🙂

    Amazing crowd for Danny tonight. Afterwards the place cleared out!

  2. I first heard ‘Tell Your Heart to Beat Again’ back in July 2016 and the lyrics in the song touched my soul.
    You see, in November of 2015 my beautiful wife of 39+ years filed for divorce and rocked my whole world. August 21 of 2016 would have been our 40th wedding anniversary and I sent her the song in a text hoping that she would hear my heart praying for her to love & live again.
    While my life has little meaning and/or value to me now, I will continue to pray for God to watch over her, protect & guide her.
    Just know that at the same time I’m praying for a miracle of Resurrection of my marriage and that your music gives me hope.
    I’m hoping to make your show in Clarkston/MI in Oct 2017.
    May God continue to guide your music and your messages of faith, hope & forgiveness.
    God Bless…
    Randy Wilson

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