Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 6/19- 7/2/17

My, how times have changed!  And so has Danny Gokey! We thank Producer Keith Thomas of Willowbrooke Studio for this interesting flashback photo.

(It was taken while they worked together on the music for “Hope in Front of Me”.)

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83 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 6/19- 7/2/17

  1. Lurker! That is Michael Jackson / Jackson Five 😳 I think Danny’s done it before occasionally.

    I am happy fashions have changed.


  2. “Danny Gokey News @dannygokeynewz
    \0/ RT @Lewks1973: New releases today: @CalvinHarris @dannygokey… #IndieRecordShop #NewMusicFriday #DownhamMarket http://bit.ly/2ttuYa4

    What does this mean? Did Danny have a song go to radio? To itunes?


  3. I think it means his album, RISE, is now available in England. I was glad to see his name right next to Calvin Harris 🙂

    I wondered if he will still be going to Germany and England? They originally indicated he would go in May, but those plans changed.


  4. I have a problem when I include a Danny event in my vacations. I come back with material that I should do something with…. and here he is heading to my home state, too….

    A good problem to have. I just wanted you all to know that I do have a story or two to tell, some photos, short video and material to work on for a band feature.

    But, my life is a little too busy right now. It will happen, just not sure WHEN.



  5. It appears Danny’s music went to pop instead of Christian in the UK. Single and album both pop or just the single?

    “cameronjamesmusicofficialCongrats @dannygokey for officially crossing over and expanding your territory to the pop market in the U.K.! 💪🏻 So excited this encouraging song (that I had the honor of cowriting) is reaching new ears”


  6. I’m don’t do Facebook, but I can visit Danny’s Facebook page, and watch his videos once in a while. Oh my goodness.. The video Danny and Leyicet posted is so funny. That said, I’m very happy everything is okay with the baby. Many, many years ago I was born at 4 lbs. 13 oz. I was early, and at the time there was no hospital. I was born in a small doctor’s office, and happy to say everything was okay. You’ll understand why I just said that if you watch their video. Leyicet is so funny. Danny’s face is priceless. What a cute couple they are…

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  7. Hello everyone!

    CIndy Im into FB a lot and been following Danny there! Im always entertained by the couple’s funny antics! they are both funny and witty!!


  8. Maestro has quite an arm on him!! And he liked faking out the crowd, too 🙂

    Amazing crowd for Danny tonight. Afterwards the place cleared out!


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