Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 6/19- 7/2/17

My, how times have changed!  And so has Danny Gokey! We thank Producer Keith Thomas of Willowbrooke Studio for this interesting flashback photo.

(It was taken while they worked together on the music for “Hope in Front of Me”.)

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  1. Times have changed… and for the better!! What a blessing Danny’s music 🎶 is to all!!

  2. Good morning Angelsnell (can I call you Angel or Nell?)

    TC should get a couple of stations adding it today. It has slowed down, but is getting steady growth.

    Off to work I go! Have a great day all!

  3. The Comeback was added by

    KVMV-FM McAllen
    WAKW-FM Cincinnati

    If you are in that radio broadcast area, please thank the station for playing the music you love. My station hasn’t added TC, yet 🙁

  4. itunes:

    (looked at front page only–did not check rest)

    The Comeback: #9

    TYHTBA: #5 (I still look at the video list because sometimes one is back up there again.)

  5. So, I wonder where that tour announcement is for Danny and Mandisa? They said tickets would go on sale in June. I suppose artists are not the best source of information like that…. but they still have 10 days 😉

    Good news on TC picking up 3 new stations yesterday on Mediabase:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    WAKW-FM Cincinnati Christian AC 9 9 7 2 0.009
    WCIE-FM Tampa Christian AC 4 4 2 2 0.011
    WVFJ-FM Atlanta Christian AC 3 3 2 1 0.005
    KWND-FM Springfield, MO Christian AC 2 2 2 0

  6. Nice to see TC picking up on sales. Considering the small radio audience impression, I’m pleased its selling this well.

    On Billboard’s Christian National Christian Airplay its moved back up to #14 (it had dropped two spots last week when it was leap frogged by faster moving songs. The album Rise has moved up one spot on the Christian Album chart to #40.

    I think this all proves how important touring and radio play is to success. An award from one radio conglomerate didn’t seem to move Danny’s sales. But it is all part of getting your “brand” known?

  7. I like to read twitter for mentions of Danny (also for some other entertainers, golfers, etc.). I don’t like reading tweets from or about fakes (trolls). 🙁
    At least I know to look for the blue check for verified accounts. I think some people do not know this and get angry at a real person because of a troll.

  8. I check twitter mentions to try to find out news on Danny 🙂

    I’d say the news has been scarse lately 🙁

    Here’s the iTunes comparison of Danny’s TC sales. I think it interesting that Lauren’s #1 song on country is now selling about the same rate as Danny’s Top 20 song on Christian radio and Mandisa’s Top 10 song.

    432 Lauren Alaina Road Less Traveled
    459 Danny Gokey The Comeback
    501 Mandisa Unfinished

    I wonder if TC (or another song on RISE) has the potential to be the blockbuster that TYHTBA is for Danny? We aren’t seeing the organic sales of TC to the scale that TYHTBA seemed to have. I also think Danny needs to release a live performance video for TC. Maybe he did at the same time he taped If You Ain’t In It?

  9. I’m beginning to wonder if Danny’s team might consider videos to itunes not worth the expense. They have not sent some there that I thought they would. They put them on youtube and move on.
    Also, I’m starting to think the itunes video sales might not bring in much money because the chart seems so sensitive. TYHTBA may not even be in the top 200 list. Then suddenly it’s at #5? Followed by a quick fall to #180 or so? What happens to make it go up or down so suddenly? No big event that I know.
    So maybe some church uses the video in a presentation, and a few of the people who see it go to itunes for it? Perhaps even seven sales might push it up?

    (Exception: A #1 video might bring in a lot of money. It could be #1 and have sold 10,000 more than the video in 2nd place. Or maybe 10 more?)

  10. Sometimes I repeat rants I’ve made before–about stupid headlines, etc. Just saw this headline:
    “West Coat’s Heat Wave”

    Another gripe I have: The people who go on the Internet to complain about a dress code (school, mall, etc.). Then they post a demure picture of the “innocent” outfit.
    I’ve had to code students because of dress. I was required to do so if they violated the code. By the time they got to the office or security came for them (or by the time the parents saw them), blouses were often buttoned back up, pulled up, lowered, untied and tucked in (if they had been pulled up high and tied above midriff to look almost like a bikini top). Skirts might be pulled down to be longer and legs of shorts unrolled so cheeks were no longer hanging out.

  11. Don’t mention Danny’s dog to me. All I remember is that when Danny was still doing country and a Milwaukee country radio station had an in-station Q&A event with Danny, the audience members were asking Danny about his dog, not his new music. Way to impress the radio station PD and DJs. NOT. Show that you are rabid fans who follow Danny closely enough to know about his dog, rather than country music listeners who listen to that radio station and happen to love Danny’s music.

    Not the dog’s fault — and I have no idea if it is even the same dog — but I don’t have good memories of Danny and dogs.

  12. Yes, those fan events must have screamed “American Idol” rabid fans….. not the way to endear the country stations to him…

    With the Christian genre most of what would have been rapid fans are long gone (not all of them…) but Danny still identifies with Idol. Almost every show he asks who voted for him as part of his stage banter.

  13. Well, the west “coast” is having a heat wave. Yesterday was very scary. Fire broke out very close to us. It started in a place where we drive to take our dogs for a walk. Luckily, the fire is moving away from us towards the desert, but still leaving us with destruction. The animals I feel so sad for. We have mountain goats in our lower elevation.

    A couple of weeks ago driving home we drove past a brown bear lying dead on the side of the road. We had just past a deer, and I was thinking that we hadn’t seen a bear in a while. My husband and I drove back to see the bear. It looked like it was sleeping. We’re not sure what happened. Poor thing.

    Doesn’t Danny have Butterball and ? They are both larger dogs. I don’t remember the dog from the post..

  14. Danny and Leyicet do have Butterball and Sweet Pea. (Sometimes misspelled as Sweat Pea….) I believe they have a third smaller dog (Pomeranian?0 that belongs to her parents. I think Mr Wigglesworth decided that living with three dogs was too much and has gone on to live with another family member.

    I believe the above dog belongs to Keith Thomas. I’ve seen him/her sitting on other artists laps.

    The dog that I think Ellen might be referring to is Fozzy



    Too cute not to awwwww… over. Fozzy now lives with Danny’s youngest sister 🙂

  15. “Well, the west “coast” is having a heat wave.

    The spelling in that headline has finally been corrected. They now have “coast’s” instead of “coat’s.”

  16. I’m kind of surprised Amin2 hasn’t dropped by…. I purposedly tried to lure her to our discussion page with that older picture of Danny and the dog on his lap

    I did see that photo 🙂

    Cindy, sorry to hear about the close encounter with fire near your home.

  17. Thank you, ADMIN2. We are having a heat wave, Lurker. 🙂 So hot in our mountains. We don’t have air conditioning. Not many do. Our power just came back on. The fire took down the lines. So, we’ll have our power on for a few hours, and then some other parts of the valley will have their power on. Could be for a couple of days. 🙁 Back in the day we lived in a very quiet valley.. Now it seems like we always have something going on. Too many fires. Very sad for the animals. Better get some things done before the lights go out again.

    Wished our radio station would play a Danny Gokey song. 😉

  18. … I’ve had to listen to the radio station to hear news about the fire today. No electricity to watch TV.

  19. From the BMI press release:
    The invitation-only event featured special performances, including “Thy Will” by Emily Weisband and Bernie Herms, “Big Enough” by Joseph Habedank, “Fight For You” by Grayson & Reed and “I Am Not Alone” by Kari Jobe. The Song of the Year title went to “Good Good Father,”

    The Songwriter of the Year award went to Bernie Herms, who wrote “Christ In Me,” “Just Be Held,” “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” and “Thy Will.” –

    See more at: https://www.bmi.com/news/entry/2017-bmi-christian-awards#sthash.UXXl6kz2.dpuf

    I bet Bernie and the preachers didn’t mind that Danny took TYHTBA all the way to #1 <3

  20. I think Danny might receive a performer award since TYHTBA was honored by BMI as one of the top 25 songs played on Christian radio during the past year. But maybe only the writers do? I know he won for HIFOM, but he was a co-writer…
    (NOTE: Danny confirmed in his video that only songwriters get recognition st the BMI event. He seemed disappointed..)


    Tell Your Heart to Beat Again Bernie Herms G650 Music Pure Note Music Songs of Universal, Inc.

  21. I am so sorry about what is going on in your neck of the woods, Cindy3. Take care!

  22. Nice to see Danny is thinking about his next CD 🙂

    He told a fan on instagram that the follow up album should come next year..

    Of course release dates get delayes, but I like the idea if another album is in the planning stage 🙂

    Leyicet told him she wanted a romantic ballad dedicated to her this time.

  23. BMI may only be for songwriters (?). It seemed to be it was based on sales data, but I may be mixing it up with another recognition.

  24. Thank you, Ellen. Rolling blackouts again. Took some time to stop by while I can.

    I like the photo of Leyicet and Danny. I wonder what she had to improve on. They always look great!

    All the best..

  25. Praying for you, Cindy3. These fires are so dangerous in so many ways, and they create very bad air pollution that is a real hazard to health. It’s just June and the summer has barely begun. Not sure when the fire season normally starts down there, but it feels like it keeps starting earlier and earlier.

  26. Thank you, all. The fire is almost out. They’ve done a great job! The lights haven’t gone out so far today.

    That was a funny post from Leyicet. Danny looked very nice, and sounded good.

    Thank you for always posting all the information everyone. AND, for all your kindness..

  27. I’m glad to hear things have stabilized Cindy.

    Quiet here, but when admin-Jan returns I bet she will have some stories to tell.

  28. Stories? Me? I thought I was the quiet one of this team… yeah, no one is believing that, LOL.

    My traveling partners of Toni and Anne Marie did go to the Danny set at the Worship in the Adirondacks. We did a band member interview and had a bit of fun with Danny & his band. Stories to share… but I am still in NY. You all will need to give me a bit of time 🙂

  29. Mandisa‏Verified account @mandisaofficial 11m11 minutes ago
    Mandisa Retweeted Mandisa
    I discovered that the #RiseOutOfTheDarkTour promoters are referring to @dannygokey & me as #Mango! 😂 🍐 #WheresTheMangoEmojiWhenYouNeedIt

  30. I’ve found the first concert announcement for the Mango Tour 🙂

    Rise Out Of The Dark Tour
    Mandisa, Danny Gokey, Love & The Outcome, Jasmine Murray
    Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 7:00 pm
    Doors at 6:10 pm
    Mt. Zion
    4900 Maybee Road
    Clarkston, MI 48348 US

    It also says the presale is July 2nd (not sure if it is just for this MI show?)

    I learned from some good sources that Wisconsin fans won’t have to travel too far to catch this next tour. Its coming to Rockford, IL on Sunday, October 15th. I also suspect that Danny is coming back to WI for the Christmas Tour (with Natalie.)

  31. On the Billboard Christian Airplay Chart TC moves up to 13 (14)
    Billboard Hot Christian Songs moves up to 15 (17)
    Billboard Christian Albums Rise is at 35 (40)

  32. Lots of updates to the new tour announcement. I’ve added the five additional cities and the presale code.

  33. I want stuff. <3.
    1. "This is What Love Can Do" to be a single. Don't care that it is a cover. TYHTBA was a cover. (Danny sings it well. It is soothing. I like soothing.)
    2. RISE album in Spanish.
    3. A new album.
    4. A world tour (most of the world)
    5. An expanded Christmas album. (Songs added to the last one including "The Prayer." "The Prayer" somewhere else if not here.)
    6. 14 TV appearances

    Danny might want stuff too.
    1. A clone
    2. More time to sleep.
    3. A bunch more awards, etc. 🙂

  34. I like your list, Lurker. I really think Danny has to record “The Prayer”. And of course 3 & 5 are high on my list 🙂

  35. LURKER

    Having a clone was my childhood dream.Sometimes you just wish you could deplicate yourself when things get crazy. And I barely work as hard as Danny.For that I am grateful about my 9 to 5 job.

    Why is Mandisa & Danny tour referred as mango?Is there a story?

  36. Hi Mr Bing. We tried to combine their names (in fun) and suggested Dandisa, or Mandokey, but Mandisa said the promoters were coming up with Mango –Man(disa) and Go(key)

  37. itunes

    The Comeback: #8
    TYHTBA: #37
    Rise: #85
    HIFOM: #140

    RISE: #17
    HIFOM: #44

  38. Lurker! That is Michael Jackson / Jackson Five 😳 I think Danny’s done it before occasionally.

    I am happy fashions have changed.

  39. from some years ago – maybe Danny is thinking to bring this back for Summerfest coming up?

  40. I felt sure you would notice that Jan. I wish you much Motown in the upcoming Summerfest show 😉

  41. I don’t mind a good horn backed Motown song — but I hope Danny unveils some NEW cover songs….

  42. “Danny Gokey News @dannygokeynewz
    \0/ RT @Lewks1973: New releases today: @CalvinHarris @dannygokey… #IndieRecordShop #NewMusicFriday #DownhamMarket http://bit.ly/2ttuYa4

    What does this mean? Did Danny have a song go to radio? To itunes?

  43. I think it means his album, RISE, is now available in England. I was glad to see his name right next to Calvin Harris 🙂

    I wondered if he will still be going to Germany and England? They originally indicated he would go in May, but those plans changed.

  44. I have a problem when I include a Danny event in my vacations. I come back with material that I should do something with…. and here he is heading to my home state, too….

    A good problem to have. I just wanted you all to know that I do have a story or two to tell, some photos, short video and material to work on for a band feature.

    But, my life is a little too busy right now. It will happen, just not sure WHEN.


  45. It appears Danny’s music went to pop instead of Christian in the UK. Single and album both pop or just the single?

    “cameronjamesmusicofficialCongrats @dannygokey for officially crossing over and expanding your territory to the pop market in the U.K.! 💪🏻 So excited this encouraging song (that I had the honor of cowriting) is reaching new ears”

  46. I’m don’t do Facebook, but I can visit Danny’s Facebook page, and watch his videos once in a while. Oh my goodness.. The video Danny and Leyicet posted is so funny. That said, I’m very happy everything is okay with the baby. Many, many years ago I was born at 4 lbs. 13 oz. I was early, and at the time there was no hospital. I was born in a small doctor’s office, and happy to say everything was okay. You’ll understand why I just said that if you watch their video. Leyicet is so funny. Danny’s face is priceless. What a cute couple they are…

  47. Hello everyone!

    CIndy Im into FB a lot and been following Danny there! Im always entertained by the couple’s funny antics! they are both funny and witty!!

  48. Hello, Des. So Happy to see you post. Hope things are well with you and your beautiful family.

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