Recap: Danny Gokey at Worship in the Adirondacks

Danny Gokey Speaking PottersvilleThe Worship in the Adirondacks is a two day Christian Music Festival at the Word of Life Ranch in rural Pottersville, New York.  It was also the reunion spot for three longtime Danny Gokey fans:  Maria, Anne Marie and Jan.  While it had been years since we’d all been together (a Carribean Sophia’s Heart cruise?), our friendship was renewed over a Danny Gokey concert — and a good, old fashioned summertime drenching!

On Friday, June 23rd we journeyed to the little town of Pottersville in Upstate New York to attend the Worship in the Adirondacks Christian Festival. We were looking forward to seeing Jasmine Murray, Ryan Stevenson, Unspoken, Steven Curtis Chapman and our fave, Danny Gokey for the 1st day line-up.

Skies were threatening and turned into a full deluge as we had to pull off the highway to wait for better visibility. Fortunately it soon cleared and we arrived at the large, but soggy, festival area.

We unpacked our camp chairs, rain coats and set up for a great night of music. Unfortunately, as we entered the music festival grounds we were told that Jasmine was not going to perform and Unspoken was moved to Day Two. Bummer.  But it could be worse; what if the Danny Gokey Band didn’t make it either?

Fortunately we soon ran into Danny’s guitarist, Miguel Perez and we were assured our trip was not wasted. Just then Danny passed us in a golf cart and he waved back at us as we stood chatting with road manager, Tony Palacios and drummer, Bernard Bell. (Maestro and Eric were keeping a low profile.)

We set up an interview time and place with Bernard Bell for an upcoming feature of “Meet the Danny Gokey Band”!  Sitting down by the lake and interviewing Bernard was so much fun!  (I’ll link the video here once I complete the editing and publish the post.)


As we stepped into the soggy grounds, we thought about our feet getting wet…  But that soon became the least of our worries.  A full fledge downpour occurred during Ryan Stevenson’s set.  While we were wearing raincoats or a poncho, I could feel the rain as it ran down the side of my friend’s umbrella and it landed on the arm of my raincoat.  It was pooling in the center of my camp chair, under my butt.  Yes, soaked all the way through.  And it was still 3 hours until Danny was scheduled to perform.

Danny Gokey on stage in Adirondacks


I’m glad to report that the wait for Danny was well worth the wet clothes!  In fact by the end of his set of  HIFOM, RISE, The Comeback, MTYTIA, What Love Can Do, Better Than Gold, If You Ain’t In It, Chasing, Long Train Running and TYHTBA  our clothes were dry!

After the show Danny had a REALLY long line with fans waited to meet him and get an autograph.  We were told that there wasn’t time to take pictures with Danny — but of course we waited in line to say, “Hi”.  I asked Danny to sign his photo and make it out to my husband, Ed:

and we got this photo of Maria, Me, Tony and Anne Marie.  Another awesome Gokey Adventure.  You meet the nicest people when you are a DG fan <3

Photo with Tony Palacio

For some more videos of Danny’s performance, check out David Deihl‘s videos below:

10 thoughts on “Recap: Danny Gokey at Worship in the Adirondacks

  1. It was an amazing first experience at Worship in the Adirondacks… and my second time at a Danny Gokey concert…and yes the line was very long and I was not able to get a picture WITH Danny but understand completely. I was however able to get a picture and talk one-on-one with Miguel as he remembered me from the Amherst, MA concert so that was a thrill!! I did get Danny to sign his HIFOM book and hoping to get a picture at the next Rise Out Of The Dark Tour…. here’s hoping!!!!!

  2. I am sorry we didn’t get to meet! I didn’t know about your special tshirt to find you until after the show. SO glad the rained held off for Danny’s set!

  3. It sure is a treat to read about you ladies’ journey.I am glad the rain didnt kill all the fun for you guys.

    ANGELSNELL.Hopefully you will get a picture with Danny next time.

  4. Jan…I can email you a picture if you want… I know that one of the photographers there at Worship in the Adirondacks took a pic of it.. maybe not in your group?? LMK…. I’d be glad to have it included… Danny and Miguel did make comments on it…Colleen

    Editor note: I’ve attached your shirt photo, Colleen 🙂

    Gokey Groupie Shirt

  5. MRBING I hope so because next concert venue is 5 hours away 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Yes, Angelsnell, please send the photo to me at! I will add it to this post 🙂

    Thanks Me Bing. I have met some wonderful people through Danny’s music. Friends I hope to have forever ♡

  7. Thank you, Jan. I agree with MRBING. I love hearing about your adventures when attending a Danny Gokey concert. It looked beautiful. I’m glad you had a wonderful time.

  8. It was amazing and a great time with Jan and AnnMarie at another memorable Gokey Adventure. Rain and all our spirits were high, very Thankful skies were clear when Danny came on stage. No picture with Danny this time but I managed a semi hug and our picture with friendly Tony is awesome. Great job recapping the day. So long until we meet again. Maria

  9. Hello everyone!
    Always happy to see Jan and Maria together in a Danny concert!
    Jan your recap is always a treat to read!
    So happy with all Danny has achieved just a tad sad I couldnt keep up with all the wonderful news about him!
    Hi Jan, MrBing,Cindy,Maria and Angelsnell

  10. Awwww… its so good to see longtime fans like Des and Toni (Marie) come back to add a comment! Glad you enjoyed the recap.

    I’ll agree with Toni, we were in our element. No matter how wet we were, I don’t think anyone breathed a word about calling it quits! Such positive (and crazy) people! <3

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