63 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 7/03- 7/16/17

  1. Just watched the Crossroads video of HIFOM. As a bonus, there was a similar video of MTYTIA.

    In both videos, Danny had that soft, sweet look in his eyes. Having followed Danny pretty closely during his post-Idol career, like most people, there are a number of different facets to his personality. There is that sweet, idealistic side. During the country era, there were times when Danny channeled his inner Adam (at Summerfest, during an event on one of the cruises, etc.) Danny snarkily teases his wife Leyicet (who can dish it back better than Danny can serve it up). And Danny’s fun-loving side, which transcends whatever genre he’s singing in (i.e., Christian as well as country as well as R&B/disco/blue-eyed soul, etc.).
    For all the encounters I’ve had with Danny, I would never profess to “know” him. Know some aspects of him, maybe. But he (like most of us) is a complex human being. I just don’t get those who like to label Danny, one way or the other.

    So, that is kind of a weird, contemplative post, but that is how the video struck me.


  2. Hi Ellen, I like that video, too. And I am pretty sure it is a lot older than April 2016– Danny still has braces on his teeth, LOL.

    I can relate to your comment of, “I would never profess to “know” him. Especially when it comes to public figures, like Danny.

    I have worked closely with Danny in a variety of different ways…. and I do think there’s some mutual friendship and warmth. However, do I consider him my friend? Yes, in a way…. but in the conventional sense, he is not.

    I’ve seen some call him their best friend and it always makes me sad. For them. How they can bestow this honor on someone in his line of work? Someone that they can’t call to talk about issues and problems they are working through? Or to celebrate with? I need people in my everyday life as my closest friends.

    I have worked for one of our family’s best friends. Our families go back together over 30 years. Through raising our children — practically — together. And I’d have to say that seeing this person in a business setting has shown me a side I never expected. People are complex.

    Danny’s ability to relate to his fans is a gift. I can’t imagine the juggling act he has to maintain to share but not to let it drain too much from him.


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