Bernard Bell: Get to Know the Danny Gokey Band

Our featured artist is Bernard Bell, drummer for the Danny Gokey Band

Bernard graciously answered ALL of my questions!

Here are a few of Bernard’s anwers to our questions.  Make sure you check out the video for the complete interview!

1. When did you start playing music?  I’ve played the drums since I was about 6 years old. 

2. Where were you raised? Where do you call home? I was born in Chattanooga but raised near Nashville, Tennessee in Murfreesboro.  Bernard has four children and two grandchildren?!? Bernard and his wife, Liza live in Murfeesboro.

3. Name the musician or singer that you were the MOST excited to play with/for? While Bernard did mention his current boss, Danny Gokey, he was very excited to play drums for jazz singer and pianist, Frank McCombs when he came to the Nashville area. 

4. What would your band mates say will keep you from being thrown off the bus? Hmmm, well, they call me the pretty boy because I like to stay clean.

Danny Gokey and Bernard Bell at Summerfest 20175. What is your favorite song to perform from Danny? I really like playing “Hope in Front of Me” and “Rise”.

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Photos of Bernard’s family <3

Thanks to Bernard Bell for taking the time out of his touring schedule to meet with us — and for sharing most of these photos!

Bernard, do you miss getting up and dancing with the guys on songs like this? Well, you look like you are having an awesome time, too!

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Special thanks to Maria for videotaping this interview and to Anne Marie for the second photo from Bernard’s performance at “Worship in the Adirondacks” in Pottersville, NY.

6 thoughts on “Bernard Bell: Get to Know the Danny Gokey Band

  1. Bernard is a great guy and very talented. I enjoyed watching his interview.

  2. Hey Lurker, thanks for bringing over that tweet. I added the photo from it. 🙂

    Bernard is a great addition to Danny’s Band. I’m so glad they added him as the permanent drummer! Danny has surrounded himself (or was it Maestro that surrounded Danny?) with really quality players and great individuals. We had so much fun interviewing Bernard. Great sense of humor but it is clear he believes his mission is to be a Drummer for Christ.

  3. What a great interview and a nice way to get to know the backgrounds of both their talents and their families as well!! Hoping that you will do that with all the band members including the new brass section guys!! Thanks!!

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