Lea County Fair with Danny Gokey – New Mexico

danny gokey to perform at the Lea County fair in Lovington NM“Lea County Fair, Stirrup Some Fun!”
Danny Gokey will perform on Wednesday, August 9th for the Fair’s Faith and Family Night
AUGUST 4 – AUGUST 12, 2017
101 S. Commercial
Lovington, NM 88260
Come enjoy the arts & crafts showcase, carnival, concerts, Xtreme Bull Event, PRCA Rodeo, Livestock Shows, Commercial Vendors, and enjoy some of the best fair food in the area!
FREE ADMISSION until 1:00pm
Free Sunday & Monday All Day!
Adults (age 13 & Older) – $10.00
Children (age 6-12) – $5.00
Children 5 & Under – FREE

6 thoughts on “Lea County Fair with Danny Gokey – New Mexico

  1. Danny’s keeping good company with Trace Adkins, and Gretchen Wilson. Loved New Mexico when we took the family years ago.

    Getting close to the baby being born. Danny has a lot going on. Will he be taking some time off in a few weeks? I thought he was.

    Thank you for all the updates.

  2. Hi Cindy. Other than what looks like this weekend off, Danny had something scheduled for at least a day on every weekend for… a longtime. Gokey baby #3 will have to be born during the week! And Danny & Leyicet won’t have the time together like they did with Dsnielito!

    Did you watch their live Facebook video on Thursday night? I get the impression that false labor (Braxton Hicks contractions) is tough on Danny, LOL. Just let him know when the baby is really coming 😉

  3. Life is like that. I remember how tired my husband was driving to the hospital off the mountain, in between working. But, it all works out.

    No, I didn’t watch their live Facebook video. I can look it up and watch sometimes. They make it hard for you unless, you are a member.

    Busy family the Gokeys. I miss all those busy times when our children were young. It goes by so quickly.

    Have a wonderful day..

  4. Jan, I was able to watch the video. It sounded like they said, “hi” to your Ed, and to you. They called him Santa Claus. Cute video… Just a little scary when they are driving.

  5. Santa Claus? They think I am married to Santa Claus? Well Danny thinks that, but Leyicet knows better 😉

  6. Yes, I think Danny said Ed looked like Santa, but Leyicet said that he didn’t. 🙂

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