Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 7/17- 7/30/17

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Just a few of the photos from WGTS‘ Tysons Corner Center concert

courtesy of  Vanessa Baioni Photography

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Danny Gokey with WGTS FM Radio

56 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 7/17- 7/30/17

  1. Love these photos! Big thanks to Vanessa Biaoni for granting us permission to repost them!

  2. Lol, I was trying to figure out where all the posts were, until I realized there was new thread.

  3. In the hope of jump-starting a conversation, I am cutting & pasting my last comment from the last thread:

    Just watched the Crossroads video of HIFOM. As a bonus, there was a similar video of MTYTIA.

    In both videos, Danny had that soft, sweet look in his eyes. Having followed Danny pretty closely during his post-Idol career, like most people, there are a number of different facets to his personality. There is that sweet, idealistic side. During the country era, there were times when Danny channeled his inner Adam (at Summerfest, during an event on one of the cruises, etc.) Danny snarkily teases his wife Leyicet (who can dish it back better than Danny can serve it up). And Danny’s fun-loving side, which transcends whatever genre he’s singing in (i.e., Christian as well as country as well as R&B/disco/blue-eyed soul, etc.).
    For all the encounters I’ve had with Danny, I would never profess to “know” him. Know some aspects of him, maybe. But he (like most of us) is a complex human being. I just don’t get those who like to label Danny, one way or the other.

    So, that is kind of a weird, contemplative post, but that is how the video struck me.

  4. And I’m also cutting & pasting Jan’s response, with which I concur wholeheartedly . . .

    Hi Ellen, I like that video, too. And I am pretty sure it is a lot older than April 2016– Danny still has braces on his teeth, LOL.

    I can relate to your comment of, “I would never profess to “know” him. Especially when it comes to public figures, like Danny.

    I have worked closely with Danny in a variety of different ways…. and I do think there’s some mutual friendship and warmth. However, do I consider him my friend? Yes, in a way…. but in the conventional sense, he is not.

    I’ve seen some call him their best friend and it always makes me sad. For them. How they can bestow this honor on someone in his line of work? Someone that they can’t call to talk about issues and problems they are working through? Or to celebrate with? I need people in my everyday life as my closest friends.

    I have worked for one of our family’s best friends. Our families go back together over 30 years. Through raising our children — practically — together. And I’d have to say that seeing this person in a business setting has shown me a side I never expected. People are complex.

    Danny’s ability to relate to his fans is a gift. I can’t imagine the juggling act he has to maintain to share but not to let it drain too much from him.

  5. Hi ELLEN.It is easier to label someone sepecially public figures and decide if you like or dislike them.It doesnt bothers me much if not in a hatred way.Like if someone labels Danny as a nerd cause he wears glasses.I certainly wouldnt agree but I dont think I will be upset.However it bugs me when someone constantly pose hatred comments about him or whoever else on sites like MJs based on whatever they think they know about him.

  6. JAN.It sure will be great if TC pick up speed a little bit.But having a song played on radio stations as much as TC during this between albums period.I dont think neither Danny or his team will be upset.

  7. I agree, Mr Bing. The spins are good. If it takes longer it probably means longer exposure… and if the station is like mine, the reason they are probably not starting TC is because Rise us/was their most popular song and the listeners aren’t ready to move on? Even thought I love watching a song zoom up a chart, this is all good 🙂

  8. Hi Mr. Bing! I agree. For example, that one reviewer called Danny’s dancing “corny.” I didn’t take offense. Everyone has a different view. But the outright hate, that is a different matter.

  9. I’m hoping “The Comeback” will start climbing the charts again for a different reason — I’m waiting for it to peak so that we can get to single #3. TC isn’t a bad song, but I worry that it neither has the religious nor inspirational content necessary to grab listeners, or maybe the music doesn’t fit with others songs played or what listeners might expect. I just have reservations, but I would love to see the song shoot up the charts regardless.

  10. Yes, he is.

    I am impressed by musicians. I don’t know how that drummet cam move his feet and hands so independent of each other…

  11. It was occurring to me this morning driving to my office, perhaps there is some thought to let TC have an extended run to peak in conjunction with the Mandisa tour. And then go with a holiday-oriented single or something else new?

    The clock is running for the 2017 charts, I guess.

    I heard More Than You Think I Am this morning, and TYHTBA this evening on WGTS, the D.C. station that sponsored the concert earlier this month.

    No TC – since they have Danny in regular rotation with multiple songs apparently (in addition to MTYTIA and TYHTBA today, have heard HIFOM and RISE each twice in the short number of days I’ve been listening on my 20 minute commutes), I’m thinking they are just waiting to add TC at a later point.

  12. ” perhaps there is some thought to let TC have an extended run to peak in conjunction with the Mandisa tour. ”

    Possibly. The tour name has RISE in it, so music from that album appears to be what they will be performing.

  13. I have no clue on the radio strategy. But Danny has a great team… so. I guess we will see what they are able to do.

  14. From MJs, I’ll check the other charts tonight 🙂

    Danny Gokey:
    “Hope in Front of Me”: Christian 49 (RE)
    “Rise” [Album]: Independent 36 (RE); Christian 25 (45)
    “Comeback”: Christian Airplay 12 (12); Christian Songs 14 (14); CAC 16 (19)

  15. Nice spin increase on the Christian Airplay chart:

    12 14 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 2155 +101 6.171 (12th week on the chart)

    Moved up to #16 from #19 on Christian AC (10th week on the chart)

    Stays at #11 on AC Indicator Chart. Remains at #8 on Hot AC chart.

  16. Two new monitored stations have just started playing TC:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    WBDX-FM Chattanooga Christian AC 13 13 4 1 4 2 2 0.008
    KKFS-FM Sacramento Christian AC 7 7 2 2 3 0.008

    How’s things in your area?

    It’s been stormy, wet and really humid…. and I’m heading to Chicago for a ladies weekend. Admin2, do you remember how hot it was when Erika came to visit and we tried to show her Chicago? Well, it’s not going to be THAT hot, but….

  17. Hello Everyone,

    Hope the weekend is going well. Still warm here in the mountains, but hopefully, we won’t have anymore fires. Boats are on the lake, and the chair is moving with bikers to ride the trails. Our town is busy during this time of year.

    Best wishes, Kelly.

    Have a great time, Jan.

    Hoping for a steady climb up for the Comeback.


  18. The new Mediabase CAC chart just refreshed for the week and TC moves up two spots to #15. Also good to see it is gaining spins, too.

    11 10 Up this week ELEVATION WORSHIP O Come To The Altar 1227 1114 113 8.032
    13 11 Up this week TAUREN WELLS Hills And Valleys 1085 1029 56 5.827
    14 12 Up this week MATTHEW WEST Broken Things 1022 967 55 5.763
    15 13 Up this week UNSPOKEN The Cure 947 862 85 5.876
    16 14 Up this week RYAN STEVENSON The Gospel 930 817 113 3.881
    17 15 Up this week DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 862 804 58 4.848

  19. Hi, Jan. Thank you for the video.

    Our ski slopes use the chairlift to take bikers to the top of the mountain, and then they ride their bikes down the mountain trails. 🙂

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  21. Oh. if this site reference is accurate I feel better. For the pygmy hippo, and the White House ushers.


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  22. Wiki has this on Billy the hippo. He apparently was, err, pretty frisky.

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  23. just to add some DG interest. I was driving back and forth to church yesterday, and the D.C. station played Rise on my short drive there. And TYHTBA as I was coming home 90 minutes or so later.

    Or I think they meant to play TYHTBA. They intro’ed that it was coming on, but all through the song it played with a different song superimposed over it from start to finish. Really weird type of un-intended duet I guess! The other song was something by Unspoken.

    So for our radio researcher Jan. Does this count as a spin for TYHTBA? For Unspoken? Do they both get credit? This could create whole new opportunities for radio promotion teams to get those spins bumped up 😉

  24. Hey, Steph. I don’t know whether the music monitoring could decipher TYHTBA in that situation, but considering it isn’t Danny’s current single o think I wont worry about that 😉

    If President Trump was to have a pet, what kind do you see him with? 🙂

  25. I missed hearing Madison debuting TC yesterday… my car is in the shop and I was driving Ed’s truck which is not set on CAC radio… They played it 5 times!

  26. From MJ’s:

    response on numbers: “If You Ain’t It” was released as a promotional single in November 2016 and “Better Than I Found It” in December of 2016. I guess I shouldn’t count them because they weren’t “official singles” sent to radio? Sometimes, the single count is a little murky. Thanks for the clarification.

    also: 3 adds

  27. ” 2h2 hours ago

    @dannygokey I just heard #TellYourHearttoBeatAgain on @KLOVERadio and totally fell in love with it! Went and bought the album!!!!!”

  28. Lurker, what did I say? (So I can do it again.) Or was that a general comment? Thank you. You made my day!

  29. So at MJs, one of the posters listed a few Idol-related Christian artists’ placement on the charts. The person lists “Hard Love” by Lauren Daigle at #6. I don’t think I’ve even heard the song — and I think I would recognize her voice, which is very distinctive.

    Never mind. I googled the song. It’s actually a NEEDTOBREATHE song that Lauren is featured on. I do think I’ve heard it on the radio, but I guess I never paid attention to the featured singer.

    I am not liking my local Christian radio stations lately (aside from the fact that they’re not really playing The Comeback). It’s just the same old (male) artists and songs ad nauseam. Maybe a month or so ago, I had Mandisa, Jasmine Murray, and sometimes Natalie Grant to break up the monotony.

  30. In fairness, one local station, associated with a Christian college, plays more women, including Hollyn and Blanca. There is more variety in musical styles too. More likely to get more current sounds.

  31. Hi, Ellen,
    It was a general comment. I have enjoyed your posts for a long time.

    You like many singers and buy from a long list. Currently, I buy only Danny’s. I don’t like everything he does and don’t listen to Christian radio (or any radio now–also gave away all my TV’s). I like Danny’s voice and I like Danny. Keeping up with him is entertaining.
    Your posts are very knowledgeable. I find them interesting.

  32. I don’t like when I do that. 🙁
    “That” as in using a word again I already used in a nearby sentence. Not a good sound. Redundant.
    In my thoughts, I am replacing the first “interesting” with “entertaining.” Redone version: “Keeping up with him is entertaining.”

  33. New article regarding Kingdom Bound Festival:

    Nothing really new, but:

    While “American Idol” allowed Christian artists to have a stage, songs and styles weren’t preachy. Nor did the show become a church service of any sort. Rather, musicians used their platform to encourage and inspire others (more than 25 million at the show’s peak).
    Gokey applied a similar philosophy when making his record, “Rise,” which debuted earlier this year.
    “Honestly, the album is eclectic. It’s got different sounds. It’s funky; it’s soulful; it’s very poppy. It’s very raw in dealing with real emotions. But the goal was to just – the goal was to bring hope. The goal was to bring entertainment. The goal was to bring good music, regardless of what people believed,” he said. “You know, because, one of the things since ‘American Idol,’ I did learn that there’s a lot of people out there. Some people don’t share the same faith that I have. I wanted them to be able to listen to my record and feel inspired by it.”

    Read the full article at:


  34. Billboard Chart News:
    Danny Gokey:
    “Rise” [Album]: Christian 42 (25)
    “The Comeback”: Christian Airplay 13 (12); Christian Songs 14 (14); CAC 16 (16)

    And The Comeback gets a Top 10 on the AC Indicator
    Its already #8 on Hot AC/CHR

  35. That seems like good news on the radio front.

    I forgot to answer Jan’s POTUS pet question yesterday. Somehow for the current first family I envision something like a Siamese cat. Good for previous city-dwellers often on the move?

  36. Admin, that seems like a good pet choice. But I could also see a pocket dog like a chihuahua poking it’s head out from a purse on Ivanka’s arm. Not sure if I could see it with POTUS.

    I heard TC on my local station at 5:30 pm yesterday as I drove into the city for a WordPress class 🙂 it sounded good. Danny’s background vocals and falsetto really popped as I drove in the rain.

    This album he uses a lot more falsetto. Think back to his first album, MBD, not much at all. I think he likes showing off his range/abilities 🙂

  37. SonomaChristianHome‏ @SonomaChristian 30m30 minutes ago
    Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade comes to #California August 18th! Featuring @JordinSparks @DannyGokey http://bit.ly/2tHNAka #Christian #God

  38. The CA event wirh Jordin & Danny would be pretty cool. Maybe we will get their first duet of Chasing at that concert?

    So, I jumped into my car this afternoon and my radio blasted The Comeback when I turned it on 🙂

    It’s already been played 15 times in 4 days in Madison. Unfortunately that means Rise has dropped from their 3rd most played song, to #10. TYHTBA is their 40th song on their chart.

    Truly embracing Danny’s music. It has been a really long time since he performed in Madison. 2010?

  39. In some of the last videos he has put up, is Danny’s hair darker or is it the lighting?

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