Need a Danny Gokey Mini-Concert? We got it!

Danny Gokey stares at his microphone - Summerfest

Why is Danny Gokey staring at his microphone?

Find out by watching this video and catch some of our favorite Danny songs and his fun banter with his hometown crowd!

Thanks 414MrMilwaukee for assembling this 11 minute video with some of the favorite parts of Danny’s Summerfest concert!

5 thoughts on “Need a Danny Gokey Mini-Concert? We got it!

  1. Very enjoyable. Gave me a taste of what Danny’s Summerfest concert was like.

  2. What an awesome way to start my Monday!! Thx Danny and the crew…thx Jan for sharing!!

  3. Ellen & Angelsnell, it was a really great concert. While Danny’s mIcrophone did cut out 3 times when he started one song, He had a great sense of humor about it. It was cute to watch him try to gently clap with it in his hand 😉

    The warmth between Danny & this hometown crowd was special.

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