Video: Shure presents RISE by Danny Gokey

Video of Rise by Danny Gokey with musicians Miguel Perez and Bernard Bell– presented by Shure.

MOTIV Sessions features Shure Artist Endorsers in unique locations recorded exclusively with MOTIV™ products and iOS devices. This session was recorded with an MV88 at Danny Gokey’s Brentwood Bed & Breakfast in Brentwood, TN.

Nice bio of Danny on the SHURE site.

9 thoughts on “Video: Shure presents RISE by Danny Gokey

  1. Danny and Leyicet’s Bed and Breakfast is so pretty and inviting. Very comfortable looking. Danny sounded pretty good. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you.

  2. Always love an acoustical version of one of Danny’s songs…being a band geek back in the day I truly appreciate these special renditions!! Thanks Danny, Miguel and Bernard!!💙🎶💙🎶💙

  3. Hi Cindy & Angelsnell, this one got out before I was really finished wirh my post..I will add more background after dinner. I accidentally released it while working on the post on my phone, LOL!

  4. No worries, Angelsnell, I just wanted to link/credit Shure and explain a little more about it. All done. Just needed a little bit more info 🙂

    Creating a post on my phone gets a little dicey, and normally I wait until I can get to my computer, but….. I gave it a try.

  5. I’m pretty “Shure” that Shure (🤣🤣) got their credit….they all should get credit for an amazing job!! Thx again!!

  6. Love the acoustical version, Danny! I also like the clarity add being able to head must the words. To many artists are drowned out by the instruments. I have stopped listening to most modern music dueto that. Give me a capellla any day.

  7. Hi Linda. Thanks for sHaring your comment. I love hearing Danny’s voice, front and center, too!

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