Danny Gokey Feels Like the Misfit….

All of us feel out of our comfort zone now and then.  We give Danny Gokey huge props for talking about his own personal “fail” when it happens.  Like the time he confused famous rock bands on “American Idol”, or in this case, how to not look cool with the Social Club Misfits!

“Meet the #legends of socialclubmisfits. We’re on the same management team & I’ve wanted to meet them for a while. Probably the most memorable part of meeting them was when we took this pic. I did what I always do, placed my huggable Christian arms around them and smiled nice and big like a good obedient church boy. They immediately went into their #swag positions, straight faces, heads tilted, hands down by side and the optional one hand throwing up a peace sign. I immediately panicked because it was too late to change my stance, and even if I could’ve changed it, I wouldn’t have known what to do. I felt like a failure and like the uncool dad who high fives all the young kids while wearing a fanny pack humming ‘what do you mean’ by Justin Bieber. I couldn’t wait for the pic to be over so I could get in front of my body mirror on my bus and mimic exactly what they did for future pics while the humiliation wore off. I fear I may have scared them away with my first impression. 😂😂😂. Seriously tho, I can’t wait to work with these guys and promise to never do them like that again.”  #nerd #dadliferocks#dontjudgeme

What advice do you have for Danny?

9 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Feels Like the Misfit….

  1. We all live in a world of “misfit toys”… it’s what makes up unique!!💙🎶💙

  2. I think this story is adorable. But I also think it may be a little bit tongue in cheek. Danny may not have seen the photo until I returned it this afternoon and he decided to tell us a geek/dad story about it?

    I was trying to remember the time on “American Idol” when Danny went up to a musician and named the wrong band…. I think it may have been Slash, and he thought he heard Slash was with Metallica but instead Slash was the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses. (Someone played a prank on Danny and told him the wrong band?) There’s no time hard rock has ever been mentioned as one of Danny’s musical influences…

    And we all remember the grief Danny got for the extended scream on Steven Tyler/Aerosmith’s “Dream On”.

  3. I like Danny’s photos with a smile, not sullen. It is a cute story, though. 🙂

    You know, I found nothing wrong with Danny’s performance of Dream On. ♫♪♪♫♫ 😉

  4. I love the smile! I love your music. I find myself on my knees praying when I hear your songs. I believe God sent you on this path, to bring those of us, like me, to stop and spend time with Him. You are all being who you are, and that is how we are made to be. It can be hard when a majority does something differently, but it doesn’t make you wrong. One architect (God), some supervisors, and many builders, with different talents. That is how His house is built. Go Danny!

  5. Thanks for sharing how Danny inspires you, Carolyn. His gifts help others ♡

  6. Ouch. Maybe that is why Slash made the comment that suggested Danny would have failed to “pull off” the song “Dream On” unless he nailed the scream. LOl, “Dream On” is the song that reeled me in as a fan. I had no idea that the scream was “wrong.” It sounded like a scream to me!

  7. My 2 cents are as follows:
    I say you do fine with the band that you’re working with. Let the Holy Spirit create a “swag” that cannot be erased or copied. Consider yourself God’s “diamond in the rough” among other singers and allow him to work through you and be a blessing to us! I SEE HOPE IN FRONT OF ME!!

  8. Hi MassageMade4U, I appreciate your comments. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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