Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 7/30 -8/13/17

Wonderful photos of Danny Gokey

Thrivent Financial and 89Q hosted a concert “Hope on the 400 Block” in downtown Wausau and 6,000 showed up!

crowd for Danny Gokey in Wausau WI

Photo by Coy Sawyer, GM at 89Q Hope is Here

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TroyWL has been great at sharing his amazing photos and I’ll add them here when they become available!

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  1. What an amazing turnout for Danny in the central Wisconsin city of Wausau. I wanted to attend, but I was three hours away at a car show attended by many of my husbands family. <3 It was my husband's first extended trip and show entry for his 1936 Buick.

    The local TV station says they will have some features on the show. Here is their live Facebook video of the area before the concert:

  2. My radio station has been all IN when it comes to Danny (except for MTYTIA) They will be auto adding TC tomorrow:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    WNWC-FM Madison, WI Christian AC 31 31 7 5 7 5 7 0.045

  3. Am I the only one?
    I have mixed feelings when I see photos of people in public. I have a feeling of “Ugh” when I see a selfie, especially of celebrities who think they are so beautiful and sexy that they must show the world.
    The selfies that are taken to share with friends and family don’t make me feel the same. I would refuse to be part of one, but for people who choose to be I think technology is wonderful in allowing them that opportunity. Two views.

    I love seeing crowd scenes and videos from Danny’s concerts. It is exciting when he has a huge attendance.
    When I see some of the people individually in a crowd, though, I wonder if they feel an invasion of privacy when a photo or video of them is posted online. I would. Again, I have two views.

  4. I don’t disagree, Lurker. I also don’t like to be “tagged” in pictures on Facebook, and by and large, my friends don’t do that.

  5. I heard “The Comeback” between 3:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on the PDX Christian station while driving to an ophthalmologist appointment. Then I hear it again yesterday on the local Christian college station. So I am FINALLY starting to hear Danny’s new single on the radio.

  6. Weather . . . Yes, I need to talk about this.

    I’ve always bragged about our delightful summers here in OR, but no more. We’re just seeing more and more triple-digit temps. In late June, right before I left for a trip to the East Coast, it was 103°. It’s supposed to be 104° on Tuesday, 109° on Wednesday & Thursday, and 104° on Friday. (Originally they were predicting 110° for Wednesday.) When I first moved here, 15+ years ago, 100+ temps were very, very rare. Now they are not. At least I can say, “It’s a dry heat.” But this is supposed to be the PNW, not the Southwest!

    But wait, there is a Danny connection!

  7. Danny is supposed to perform in Roseburg on August 12th, at the Douglas County Fair. It’s supposed to hit 112° in Roseburg this Wednesday! Can you imagine an outdoor concert in that heat??? Luckily for Danny, it’s supposed to drop into the low 90s the following week. But who knows? It’s hard to predict that far out. I am not sure I could tolerate the heat for an outdoor concert, if temps got too high. I remember how sick I felt after Fish Fest a couple of years ago (although that was as much about the poor air quality from wildfires as anything). At least Danny is supposed to go on at 1:00 p.m., if the concert starts on time. It’s usually hottest between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. But with so many hot days preceding the concert, it may warm up faster than normal.

    Good luck, Danny!

  8. Lastly, re eclipse viewing . . .

    For anyone from other regions of the country who may be visiting OR for the eclipse viewing on August 21st, PLEASE be careful! This is our fire season. Especially if you are camping in central OR, please don’t start a wildfire. If you need an incentive to be careful, consider that we will see an influx of at least a quarter of the state’s population, meaning that any needed evacuation will be a nightmare as the roads are likely to be packed. (Where I live in supposed to double in size. People who can work from home are being asked to do so.)

  9. You’re right, Ellen. I thought up your way would be cooler. My daughter lives near San Francisco and her temps have been in the high 90’s. We’ve been in the 90’s, too. And, we’re up more than 7,000 feet. 🙁 Cloudy tonight. Expecting storms to come in the next few days. Another fire burning in our forest once again. Never do I remember so many fires. The rain will be nice. 🙂

    Hope it’s nice weather when Danny comes out your way..

  10. That does look like quite the crowd, I wasn’t sure when I read that article if they might be exaggerating a tad. But seems not!

  11. It is a great turnout. And Danny’s opener was a bouncie house 😉

    Two huge crowds in his homestate.

    I was really happy to see the huge crowd for Danny at Summerfest… originally I wondered if it was people getting seats for later acts, but it nearly cleared out when his set was over.

  12. I think this one is in Cresent City CA, I think it was a stormy night. Danny’s is singing, Rise in the video. Danny usually closes with The Comeback, so I don’t think the concert was over….

  13. Wisconsin holds a very special place in its heart for Danny Gokey. So, the crowds at Summerfest and at the 400 Block concert in Wausau will be spectacular. But I was beginning to think he was drawing great crowds everywhere when I saw some of the other concert photos. This one is a reality check. Sometimes the booking location and the weather don’t equal a big crowd.

  14. Oh my goodness. It was a reality check for me, too. I imagined large crowds at all Danny’s concerts.

    I remember many years ago, Reba McEntire and Alabama performing at one of our ski resorts. The crowd wasn’t large. Ricky Nelson performed at another resort, and it was a small crowd. I think location made a difference. I enjoyed the smaller crowds, actually. 🙂 I wonder what the performer thinks??

  15. Smaller crowds may be great for individual fans, but NOT for the artist — the economics will not work out for the venue, making it more difficult to book desirable venues in the future.

  16. When I went to the VA concert a few weeks back (which was packed, easily 2000 people at a guess in a very diverse crowd standing and sitting all over the confined outdoor mall gallery space plus more up along the adjoining building balconies) – RISE seemed to be toward the closing section of the set but not at the very end.

    It’s hard to gauge from that photo. Seems like a standing pit area with not a ton of people, and then however many seating areas behind that only one of which can be partially seen and has a decent number of people.

    Was this a ticketed concert, or part of a fair / walk-up traffic?

  17. Can’t vouch for the numbers, but according to a regular poster at MJs, Danny has 350,000 monthly listeners at Spotify. Have no context to evaluate that figure, assuming it is accurate.

  18. Hi Ellen, thanks for the info on monthly listeners for Danny. I saw the same number that was reported by Gg At mjs.

    I think Danny’s music resonates with a slightly older audience than Colton or even Citizen Way. Have you heard Bullet Proof? Catchy tune (reminds me of the style of TobyMac). Not a fan of the title, but it is the fastest climbing song I think they have had.

    Citizen Way has more monthly listeners than Danny, but their song is higher on the chart. As is Mandisa.

    I’ll admit, I bought Danny’s music so I listen to it on my iTouch. Seldom listen to Spotify….

  19. I found the first of Danny’s & Natalie’s Christmas shows: Joliet, IL on Sunday December 3rd.

    More to come 🙂

  20. “Danny’s not lazy.” I think seeing the concert dates and opportunities dry up after the first year with RCA was a very humbling (scary?) experience and this second opportunity is not being wasted by Danny. (Altho, the song “Slowdown” probably is a mantra he needs to repeat these days…)

    He said at Summerfest that he would have 140 concert dates this year. I haven’t counted them all, but a tour ends and a new one starts up….

    Of course I don’t mean to imply that Danny was “lazy” before RCA. He said he was driving full time and working as the Praise and Worship Leader most nights before “American Idol”. But he does love to sing….

    I found two more Christmas tour dates. I might wait a couple more days to see if I get a bigger batch before releasing my post.

    But Ft Wayne and Carrollton? You are in luck, too. 🙂

  21. I saw a picture of Carrie U. at MJ’s (headlines, 8/5) and thought she was Mariah Carey.

  22. I’m very happy for Danny’s success. It takes hard work to maintain it. With his career and family Danny is very busy. But, it’s going to be one of the best times of his life. 🙂

  23. I’m pretty sure this is a jump in stations playing The Comeback. Last week it had sunk from 40 stations to 39. Today’s chart shows 47!

    Artist Title Move Stations 7-Day Reports
    DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 30 47 Leaders Starters

    And these are the starters. Atlanta jumping on will help the AI. We wouldn’t mind if Klove, Way-FM increased the spins from 30+ either 🙂

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KGBI-FM Omaha Christian AC 18 18 5 1 4 4 4 0.028
    WFSH-FM Atlanta Christian AC 6 6 2 1 1 2 0.064
    KSGN-FM Riverside Christian AC 3 3 2 1 0.006
    KBIQ-FM Colorado Springs Christian AC 2 2 1 1 0.001

  24. Well, I was checking out the weather for Danny’s upcoming concert in Roseburg this weekend, and it is supposed to dip into the upper 80s (est. b/t 87-89). BUT, there is an air quality alert until further notice, and a fire weather watch.

  25. “Danny Gokey‏Verified account @dannygokey 54m54 minutes ago
    “Here Comes Your Comeback!!”
    (Full video release coming Thursday morning!!) Who’s ready for it?!”

    I wonder if it will go to itunes. They don’t seem to send many videos to itunes lately. I don’t know why.

  26. Hi Lurker, this is the official video that I wanted for The Comeback! It is such a high energy performance, I think it will help push the song up on iTunes and on the charts.

    I’ve been waiting for this…. just what I ordered 😉

  27. The Comeback is already back on the front page on Christian itunes at #15. I don’t know what it has been. I haven’t checked lately, except the front page. It hasn’t been on the front page the last several times I looked. It is now.

  28. “The Dove Awards‏ @GMADoveAwards 26m26 minutes ago
    Nominees for Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year. Congrats! #DoveAwards @castingcrowns @dannygokey @jordan_feliz @mercyme @zwilliamslive”

  29. MJ’s numbers:

    “Danny Gokey:
    “Hope in Front of Me”: Christian 36 (RE)
    “Rise” [Album]: Independent 49 (RE); Christian 23 (42)
    “Comeback”: Christian Airplay 11 (12); Christian Songs 13 (14); CAC 14 (17)”

  30. Its nice to see the nominations and the move of TC/Rise up the charts — even if just step-by-step.

  31. I’ve read some comments at MJ’s (and in articles) that many idols (from AI) don’t have a very mixed audience–that they mostly have mature women fans.

    Don’t know who that fits, but it isn’t Danny.

    “Jonathan Sena‏ @Jonathan_Sena 15m15 minutes ago
    Getting ready for the Danny Gokey concert! https://www.instagram.com/p/BXmE-dEl8rP/

  32. At the one concert I attended last month, it was mostly young families and teens & 20s/30s adults, with a mix of ages beyond that.

  33. Danny has always been good at an all ages audience, but moving to Christian music (and farther away from AI) has made his audience more family oriented and younger, IMO.


    Well, Danny has one mature woman fan… me. 🙂

  35. Cindy, Danny has a lot more than you as mature woman fans here 😉

    I just updated the TC post with the official video 🙂

    I really like it. Danny’s videos are the best (IMO) when they include real performance footage. This is high energy and fun!

  36. The Comeback is #13 on itunes Christian singles.

    I think the Comeback video should be played during beginning wait time (or intermission) when Danny is doing a show. Of course, he should sing it also later in the show.

  37. Back from Roseburg. Sorting through my stuff. May try to put together a recap.

  38. How Ellen. Glad to hear you went to the Fair. According to a tweet I saw, it may have been an intimate show. Looking forward to hearing about it 🙂

    TC has the highest spin crease again: 107.

  39. What a sad story. I hope Danny’s concert helped all those who are trying to cope with their loss. I’m sure it did. What a wonderful thing.

    AND, was Elaine, our very own Ellen from this site?? She was mentioned in the article, and by what I read it sounded like Ellen. 🙂

  40. Guilty as charged. But please forget you ever saw that article, Cindy3. I try to keep my real name and photo off the Internet. I wish I had come up with a better fake name, though. Sometimes it’s easy to slip up.

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