Would the REAL Danny Gokey Please Stand Up

Three Danny Gokeys

Just what we always wanted, multiple Danny Gokeys!

Last Sunday Danny Gokey returned to central Wisconsin to perform for approximately 6,000 excited home-state fans.  After the concert, Danny signed autographs and he had the most unusual experience,  he was greeted by two mini-replicas of himself!  Danny loved it and so do we.

We reached out to the proud mom, Pamela, and she shared this story:

“My daughter Tessa and her friend Anna had so much fun “playing” Danny Gokey this past weekend at the Thrivent sponsored concert in Wausau, WI! Thrivent Member Network provided the photo booth and these awesome props. Thank you Danny for being amazing to these girls! You made thier day! As a mom, I am so thankful for the music you produce – you make a POSITIVE difference in people’s lives with the gifts God has given you!

But now, will the real Danny Gokey please stand up!”

Thank you, Pamela! It’s adorable ♡

Danny Gokey with Thrivent Jodi and Pamela

Pictured above: Jodi Berens, Marketing for Thrivent, Danny Gokey, Pamela Knezic, Thrivent Financial Associate.

Pamela shared with me,  “Jodi Berens works tirelessly to bring amazing Christian artists to the area to uplift and encourage our community.  She is a gift to Thrivent and to our entire region!”

To see more about the Thrivent/ 89Q Hope is Here concert you can check out:

Video:  WSAW TV with Danny Gokey Band  also some photos HERE.

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