Featured Fan: #1 Danny Gokey Fan, Colleen

#GokeyGroupie: an enthusiastic supporter or follower of Danny Gokey

Colleen sent in a photo of the shirt she wore to a recent Danny Gokey concert and she shares this insight into why she is one of Danny Gokey’s #1 fans:

My husband and I have had a lot of loss in the past 18 months-9 people to be exact—including my Dad–which will be 10 months yesterday, cousin and Mother-in-law …Danny’s songs TYHTBA , HIFOM, Rise and Comeback ,his book HIFOM, along with Contemporary Christian Music itself has brought me back to life, given me stronger faith and proved to me that with God all things are possible and that even in my darkest moments. He is always there…..even getting through loss and depression from personal struggles with family has helped me be stronger than ever.

What a joy and blessing it was to meet Danny and actually talk personally to Miguel was a highlight at WITA. Which is why I’m traveling over 5 hours in November to see him and Mandisa at the Rise Out of the Dark /Mango tour.

2 thoughts on “Featured Fan: #1 Danny Gokey Fan, Colleen

  1. God bless u Colleen. I am so sorry for your losses. I can’t imagine. I am so glad u and your husband found Danny and his music. You are right he is truly an inspiration with his amazing songs and his inspiring story. He has touched millions of people’s lives with his amazing voice and testimony. Keep your head up and never give up Colleen. God is with I always and loves u.

  2. Thank you Kellie for your kinds words…maybe we will meet each other at one of Danny’s events!! God bless you 🙏🏽

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