Video: The Comeback by Danny Gokey

“Here Comes Your Comeback!!” Who’s ready for it?

— Danny Gokey (@dannygokey) August 8

The official video of “The Comeback” is now available! You may recognize it from Danny Gokey’s performance at the K-LOVE Fan Awards in late May. At the awards show Danny won Male Artist of the Year!  See the full post HERE. Or you can view his acceptance of the award below:

Danny performed it with the Blackman Cheerleading Squad.  We think its just whats needed to push “The Comeback” to the top of the charts.

Note:  We will update this post with the full video on Thursday!

11 thoughts on “Video: The Comeback by Danny Gokey

  1. Did you notice the “nerdy” boy with the glasses? I asked Danny this:

    Hey @dannygokey, the video featured boy with the glasses, was he made to look like you as a kid?? #DannyGokeyEyewear #GoDannyGo

    Danny Gokey‏ @dannygokey 36m36 minutes ago
    Replying to @jannworth
    Yep! The back of the jersey says GOKEY. 🤓

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m more than ready for the video….bring it on!!

  3. oh fun, look forward to watching the video. I was actually thinking as I drove to office this morning after seeing the teaser, that a video from the awards performance with the cheer team might be a good idea.

  4. Did the other singers at the award show have performances as complicated (spectacular) as Danny’s?

  5. Mandisa had dancers and she changed her costume, but Danny’s was definitely more elaborate.

    I like the editing. It shows the band members in addition to the cheer squad -‘ and Danny.

    They clearly went for it and spent the time to produce an awesome performance and video. Very impressive!

  6. I just watched the video. GREAT!! The Comeback means different things to different people. BUT, I always thought it would make for a great sports anthem. Back in the “old” days our squad did not perform such elaborate routines. A little something…. when Danny was on American Idol he performed “Get Ready.” Well, that was one of our favorite songs to perform to. 🙂

    Hope this video pushes The Comeback even closer to the top of the charts!!

  7. Testing out my new phone. I forgot how much work it was to transfer all my pasawoeds…

  8. New phone sounds fun. But yeah, dealing with all the passwords isn’t.

    I finally broke down last month to try a password manager app after one of my credit card accounts got hacked and I needed to change passwords and various other things on my online accounts. Scary how many accounts that really is, I’m up to over 60 and haven’t really even made a list of them all between social media, online shopping, medical/insurance, financial, aaaack.

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