Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/14 – 8/27/17

Grace Fershee Photography photo of Danny Gokey performing in concert.

Wonderful photo of Danny Gokeyย by Grace Fershee Photography

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113 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/14 – 8/27/17

  1. Good Morning.. Anaheim is close to Disneyland. LA is a little farther away… It holds about 45,000. I told my husband that I was afraid of that. They had cleaned up Danny’s section where he preformed, and were in the process of cleaning the other bands side. So many were on the field we didn’t think there was anything left except the fireworks. I thought everyone may come back on stage. Since we had a couple hours trip home, and I had to go to the lady’s room, we took a chance and left. There were many leaving. We saw the fireworks on the freeway. Knew we should have stay a little longer. Brennley Brown only sang two songs. She was very good, and so young. Phil Wickham performed four or five songs. In the beginning, and then later in the show. He was good, too. I bet it was pretty moving to be on the field. I’m glad that I went, but hopefully one day I will be able to see Danny in a smaller venue.


  2. I wouldn’t have wanted to get caught in that traffic, Cindy. Good move ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t know Southern California at all. I have only been to Northern .CA.

    Glad you got to go, but I do hope he comes to your area for a full show:)


  3. You are right, Jan. I’m pretty sure Danny is on the our right on the stage, and I do hear his voice. :/ I’m so sad we missed that. We were on the higher level. Nice view of the stage. Happy for the large screens to see more clear. Very upset now we didn’t stay…


  4. When we got home last night I couldn’t sleep right away. I was up more than a couple of hours before I wrote my post. I get that way sometimes. Especially, after a busy day. I’m feeling it now. Don’t want to miss the eclipse.

    Northern CA is very pretty. Southern CA has some pretty beaches, and the water is warmer. Beach Boys, and the Eagles. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy the eclipse, everyone. Think I will take a short nap..


  5. Sorry, for all the posts. I forgot to read the prior posts..

    Thank you, Ellen. We stopped at some stores before heading up the mountain. No luck with finding glasses. Guess, I will use the pin-hole way.

    Our temperatures have gotten warmer gradually in the summer. Glad for no humidity. We went to Dollywood once in TN. Yikes, it was so hot and humid. Other than that, we had a nice time.

    It’s getting close for Leyicet. Looks like Danny will be closer with his schedule. How exciting for them.

    Okay, now for a short nap…


  6. Okay, too late to take a nap now. Don’t think I’ve posted so often in one day. I found – Fireworks at SoCal Harvest – on Youtube. Close shot of Danny and everyone singing. :/ Very sorry we did not stay.

    Jan, did you watch all of the show? You will know if I missed anything. You are better at your reviews than I. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. We had perfect weather for the eclipse. So nice to see all the neighbors outside watching the spectacle. How convenient that I live right in the path of the totality.


  8. starts around 4:50 with Danny singing a bit of it in Spanish? nice and clear video but beware when they swing the camera up to the fireworks

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  9. Thank you, ADMIN2. I’m glad I can see what I missed through videos. We’ve seen the fireworks at baseball games, and of course at Disneyland. But, I would have liked to have watched all the performers singing together at the end.

    Well, instead of using the pin-hole way to watch the eclipse, I used a cereal box. It may have looked funny, but it worked. ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. DannyGokey.com has been down since Friday. Here is Danny’s response (Penny?) to their asking about his website:

    Thank you. It was hacked, so we’re having to wait on security things to get put back in place. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  11. good news on the radio front, TC has a strong spincrease (+96) and KLOVE has significantly increased the spins. Kelly this news is for YOU ๐Ÿ™‚

    WBSN-FM New Orleans Christian AC 61 60 1 19 8 10 10 14 0.065
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 48 34 14 13 7 10 8 10 2.962
    KJNW-FM Kansas City Christian AC 47 47 11 8 10 8 10 0.098
    WLAB-FM Ft. Wayne, IN Christian AC 43 40 3 11 8 9 8 7 0.053

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  12. I couldn’t get the site with eclipse pics to come up, but love the embedded one, which looks like it might have been taken on a plane over the Oregon Coast.

    I will be interested to hear how the actuality stacked up against predictions, re eclipse visitors to Oregon. I heard not as many people as expected arrived in Salem or the Oregon Coast, but there were a fair number in Central Oregon. That’s what happens when you predict doom and gloom re traffic jams, etc. (Same thing happened in St. Louis in 1999 during the Pope’s visit. The media went on and on about expected crowds, so there were none, lol.)

    I think the state still saw a good uptick in tourist traffic, and benefited indirectly (given that we don’t have a sales tax). I read in the L.A. Times that just as totality arrived in Nashville, a cloud moved across the moon to cover the event. If true, how unfortunate. I know the weather wasn’t supposed to cooperate in Carbondale, Illinois. I am just glad that Oregon had its share of scientists here to study the eclipse.

    Sorry about going on and on!


  13. Nashville did get to see the eclipse, Jan, it’s just that the time of the full totality was shortened by a cloud — or so I read.

    So now that the eclipse is over, has any video of Danny and Jordin singing “Chasing” emerged?


  14. I was too high up to record or take good photos, but Danny and Jordin sounded beautiful. It’s too bad that they couldn’t show case this song and their lovely voices more.

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  15. 10 more comments (or 9 minus this one ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) to 7500!

    And Jan is getting very very close to 4000 followers on the DGN Facebook which is amazing.

    This site is approaching two years old in a few weeks.

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  16. It just occurred to me if I let out the spam queue that would gain us 5 comments. But … that would be cheating, so no

    Time for this guy again?

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  17. Woohoo!

    Yes close to 4,000 followers on Facebook and over 1,000 each on Twitter and Instagram.

    Thanks for joining the discussion, everyone!

    Plus. I will have some special news for Wisconsinites tomorrow morning ๐Ÿ™‚


  18. I dont know if we have ever had the opportunity to watch Danny get his wardrobe ready in his dressing rooom before a show…. this one is from Shatner CA in late June ?

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  19. That was a cute video. Though I’m not sure how Danny managed to spend soooooo much time trying to steam that one shirt during the interview …

    (one more is it!)

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  20. OK, I’ll bite. Yeah, I thought it took Danny quite a while to (steam) iron one shirt. And then he decided he didn’t want to wear it, lol. That’s why you try it on first, Danny, before you bother laundering or ironing it.

    It is a cute video.

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  21. And I am comment 7,501!! Thanks for playing along Ellen and Cindy. Admin2, you were the instigator.

    I agreed with Ellen, why iron until you’ve tried it on? But I also think the blue jacket looked so much better. The white shirt was very tent-like.

    Danny does like to look good — for a nerdy kid from Milwaukee ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  22. Comment #7502 has arrived….and I’m a #1 fan as well!! Doesn’t matter what Danny wears, he’s always stylish but the Navigator shirts seem to be the most tailored for him. The blue jacket would have been my choice too as it’s my fav color!! Love the live videos …they crack me up!!

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  23. Really nice video of Danny singing TYHTBA and the crowd joining in at Angel Stadium. I would love to hear Danny describe the feeling when the crowd sings his song back to him.


    TC is doing very well on the Mediabase chart #12 and the 4th highest spincrease.

    Its also made #9 (highest position) on the big Billboard Christian Airplay Chart. (up from #12).

    Here is what Kristen posted at MJs:

    Danny Gokey
    โ€œHope in Front of Meโ€: Christian 42 (36)
    โ€œRiseโ€ [Album]: Christian 30 (25)
    โ€œComebackโ€: Christian Airplay 9 (12); Christian Songs 12 (13); CAC 12 (14)

    So good to see that Danny is one of the 7 “American Idol” alum on this week’s Billboard music charts. Hopefully Billboard will put out an update of the number of charts the alumni have been on when American Idol relaunches. I think Danny is doing great.

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  24. How I wish that Natalie Grant and Danny Gokey would perform out this way. Can you imagine in the Angel Stadium. It would be packed!!

    You probably could see from the photos that half the stadium wasn’t used at the SoCal Harvest. That was so the people would be facing the stage. We sat directly in front of Danny, but up high. Sound is always different within the stadium. I couldn’t hear everyone singing back as loudly as Danny could in the video posted. I bet it made Danny happy to hear all the clapping and singing.

    Congratulations, Danny Gokey News!! Thank you for all your hard work. ๐Ÿ™‚


  25. We have almost all of the Celebrate Christmas dates now announced in the special post. TX, LA and the Midwest are the winners for this tour.


  26. @dannygokey: Hey @GoDaddy my website has been hacked & down for a week. Fans are wondering what’s up! Nobody on the cust. service line can help. HELP!!

    I am pretty sure this is Penny, not Danny tweeting this…. geez. Not good when you have to tweet your website host. Bummmer.


  27. Hi, I was wondering how Sophia’s Heart Foundation is doing? I looked on their site and it’s so different. Thank you.


  28. Hi Cindy, I don’t know what is happening with Sophia’s Heart. Last year I was working with the director on the SHF Milwaukee Gala. No word on it this year.

    When Danny was between labels, it was a major focus of his attention. Now he has such an active career. My impression is that it is now acting as a foundation and granting funds to other charities to help with causes like wells, schools, etc.


  29. Thank you, Jan. Didn’t Danny say they bought that beautiful property? I haven’t heard him mention SHF in a while. Yes, Danny is very busy…


  30. This is what we shared a while back. https://dannygokeynews.com/2016/03/21/danny-gokeys-sophias-heart-plans-transitional-housing-equestrian-therapy-community-garden/

    I’m not seen an update on the timeline.

    A Nashville-based nonprofit foundation founded by “American Idol” alumni and contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter Danny Gokey has paid $1.4 million for 59.3 acres in Antioch with plans to eventually build a transitional housing complex.

    Sophiaโ€™s Heart Foundation plans to use an existing building on the property at 4157 Moss Road for an information and referral program for homeless families. An equestrian therapy program and a community garden also are planned for adjacent land.

    Construction plans are being drawn up for the transitional housing facility, which would house up to 30 families, said Lakesha Jones, CEO of Sophiaโ€™s Heart Foundation. That complex is expected to be completed in late 2017.

    โ€œItโ€™s a beautiful oasis that gives us the opportunity to enter into the next phase of our mission,โ€ Jones said about the property. โ€œFamilies wonโ€™t just find a place to stay, but a place of serenity, a place of peace, a place of healing, a place of hope and a place to start a new life as they walk with God.โ€

    Sophia’s Heart Foundation used some of $5.9 million in proceeds from selling its former transitional housing facility at 1034 W. Eastland Ave. in East Nashville to Birmingham, Ala.-based LIV Development LLC to buy the 59.3-acre Antioch site. Multifamily developer LIV is building The Cleo, a 291-unit apartment community, on that 4.66-acre site where the former Nashville Rehabilitation Hospital building once stood.

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  31. We hope you are doing something fun, Ellen.

    Danny and Leyicet are getting impatient for that new baby. I tried to remember that “in womb” was the easiest way to carry and feed a baby… no extra gear to carry… When I was waiting for our kids to be ready to be born.


  32. Yes, Ellen. Have a wonderful time where ever you are..

    So excited for Danny and Leyicet. I wonder… boy or girl? Little Danny might be a big brother to two little sisters. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ..or, to a little brother. ๐Ÿ™‚


  33. Hi Cindy, we were on another little trip. Just got home in time to watch the Green Bay Packers on our own big screen. #GoPackGo


  34. Sounds like fun, Jan. We have an Air Show this weekend, so planes are flying all over the valley.

    A new “big screen.” How nice. ๐Ÿ™‚


  35. Okay, I think I read your post wrong, Jan. You came home to watch the game on your own big screen. :/

    My niece lives in Richmond, Texas. It’s been raining non-stop since yesterday. Hope the best for everyone in Texas.


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