Howell Benefit Concert – Danny Gokey in Roseburg OR

Danny Gokey at charity concert by Wendy Reeves

“Christian singer Danny Gokey shared messages of inspiration Saturday during a benefit concert at the Douglas County Fair for the Howell family, which lost a mother and five children in a Riddle house fire March 1.  “When I heard about this cause for our Christian brother Jimmy Howell (the father), I was touched,” Gokey said to the crowd during the concert.

“We are here to lift him up, and we are here to bring strength, and we are here to get behind him and to get underneath him while he’s walking through this situation,” Gokey said. “God has grace for every battle that we walk through.”The concert was hosted by the Umpqua Valley Youth for Christ in partnership with A Day of Grace, a Christian-based concert promotional company that funds the needs of families enduring hardships.  The Gokey concert is the first Christian concert to be held at the Douglas County Fair in more than 20 years.”

The read the full article click GOKEY at DOUGLAS FAIR

Wendy Reeves photo of Danny Gokey in RosebergOur thanks to Wendy Reeves for her photos from the concert.  Great job, Wendy!  This collage is cool, too.  To follow her:  Twitter: WendyNReeves   Instagram: wnrreeves   Facebook: Wendy Reeves

A bit more about Wendy from here Instagram post:

9 thoughts on “Howell Benefit Concert – Danny Gokey in Roseburg OR

  1. So is Ms. Reeves associated with the local newspaper, like Ms. Westbrook? Or just someone who was there and took great pictures and turned them into a cool collage?

    (P.S.) I looked at the audience photos but didn’t see myself, which is a relief!

  2. Hi Ellen, from her angle of photos, she clearly had backstage access. Not sure her role with the fair.

    Maybe Wendy will stop in and tell us?

    I am so appreciative of her generously sharing her work with us!

  3. I agree. Very cool. So creative. What a great looking band! They look like they have a good time. Best Wishes for the Howell Family.

  4. Well, for what it’s worth, Jan, I did mention Danny’s fansite, Danny Gokey News, to Ms. Westbrook and a few other people.

  5. Awww that was sweet of you, but I suspect they thought it was Danny’s website you were referencing 🙂

  6. I love love Danny Gokey. He is so down to earth as a person & you can feel his true passion & where his heart truly is for others & with Jesus, it shows through all his music that is so Insprirstional to me.& so many others ” the come back” & Tell your heart to beat again” my personal favorites loved Danny live in phila pa, I didn’t want to leave I wish I could of have met him afterwards 😥 Danny please Keep pressing forward for what God has called you to do. You are so encouraging & inspiring. I love all your music & your heart ❤️😇God bless you always

  7. Hi Dawn, we hope you get a chance to meet Danny at the next concert you attend. Thanks for your support of his music. We agree, he is a special guy with a BIG heart for others.

  8. Danny Gokey’s music has been inspirational to help me move through very painful and tragic events in my life tasing my 6 children as a single dad.

  9. Hi Kelly, thank you for sharing how Danny’s music has impacted you. And your SIX children!

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