Tell Your Heart to Beat Again – Angel Stadium

Danny Gokey sang his #1 song, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”, on the final day of Greg Laurie’s So Cal Harvest in Angel Stadium. Over 25,000 people gathered each night of the three night event in Anaheim to hear Pastor Laurie’s message.  Laurie is the senior pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Orange County…. The church hosts the SoCal Harvest, a three-day gathering that features food, testimonials and music performances by popular Christian artists.  Phil Wickham, Brennley Brown, Danny Gokey and Jordin Sparks performed Sunday night of the event.

Pastor Greg Laurie kicked off the three-day 2017 SoCal Harvest at Angel Stadium on Friday night with a strong anti-racist message, asking the crowd of 26,000 gathered to take the second chance given to all by God’s love and forgiveness.

Laurie’s message titled “A Second Chance for America,” addressed tough issues facing the nation, particularly the hate and violence witnessed in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, where a white nationalist protest and a counter-protest ended with a woman dead.

“Our country is divided,” Laurie said. “For a follower of Jesus Christ, there is no place for racism, bigotry or prejudice of any kind. I see these people carrying crosses, wearing swastikas, talking about white supremacy. There is no superior race. We are all part of the human race.”  

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Danny Gokey performs his hit song To Tell Your Heart to Beat Again at So Cal HarvestHearing the crowd in the stadium sing the chorus of TYHTBA in the above video is so awesome. (2:49). To hear the closing song “How Great is Our God” watch the video below.  Danny Gokey’s portion starts at ~4:55.  We are still hoping to locate a video of Danny singing “Chasing” with Jordin Sparks.

Our thanks for the videos to I-Jien Jane Kou

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