Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/28 – 9/10/17

Danny gokey Band performs at the Indiana State FairMiguel Perez, Danny Gokey & Eric Ramey at the Indiana State Fair

Click on each photo to enlarge them.  Courtesy of  Brittenay Johnson Photography

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Our thanks to Brittenay Johnson for the use of her awesome photos!

106 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/28 – 9/10/17

  1. MJ posted the information from the People article about Gabriel. Her post was respectful and kind. Much better than it used to be. Not many comments on the post, though.
    She has been posting Danny’s concerts but not lately. I wonder if it is because she has been checking for information on the hacked site.
    I was hoping to see a headlines thread with Danny and Gabriel as the featured picture (one of my two favorites). Maybe she didn’t choose to do that because she had already done a baby post? Or perhaps she didn’t see them. Those two pictures are beautiful and sweet. One of my two favorites was the one in the baby thread here with Gabriel on his stomach in Danny’s hand. The other favorite (posted by Leyicet) is the one with Gabriel on his back looking into Danny’s eyes.

  2. Nice. Should I say this… Danny has a “sexy” looking band. 🙂 (fixed/jf)

    Beautiful photos of Daddy and Gabriel.

    Looks like a good crowd.

  3. I feel bad for the whole country. While I was on vacation in Alaska (we had beautiful weather), the rest of the country was suffering through many weather-related tragedies. There was hurricane Harvey, and now hurricane Irma.

    And here in Oregon, some idiot teenage boy used fireworks in a forested area and started a devastating wildfire in Eagle Creek along Oregon’s premier Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. This is a national jewel. A historic tunnel has been destroyed, as has the Angel’s Rest Trail, a well-known hiking trail.

    I was worried about the influx of outsiders during the eclipse, but we got through that just fine. And now this. Almost 150 hikers got trapped by the fire, which came within 300 yards of them. They had to shelter in place overnight, and no one even stirred when a bear came into their camp. The hikers were able to be led out safely, thank God. But 40 miles of a major interstate is closed, houses have burned and communities evacuated, a watershed that provides water to 1 in 5 Oregonians is threatened, tourist attractions have been destroyed and more are threatened, the air quality is abysmal, etc.

    The Eagle Creek fire has merged with the Indian Creek fire, and it is not expected to be contained until the end of the month. It isn’t the biggest fire Oregon has ever had, but because of its location, it is devastating.

    Be glad that you and Toni (and Lori and Darla) saw the Columbia River Gorge when you did, Jan.

  4. Not surprised to see Danny joining in to try to help with Harvey Relief, by the way . . .

  5. I wish there was a “fix it” button. I meant to say “band.” :/

    Hope you had a great time in Alaska, Ellen.

    I’ve been reading about the fires. There are no words. So very, very sad. It does bring you to tears.

    My heart goes out to everyone being touched my mother nature. ♥

  6. I feel bad for those suffered natural disasters as Tornadoes, Fires, Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes.Espesially many parts of our world have been struck by hurricanes and tornadoes this year.They say global warming has some effect on it.I wish we could do more to avoid disasters from happening.

  7. Danny did perform in Orlanda tonight. Very dark skies, smallish crowd in a huge venue (ESPN). Hopefully the bus is gassed up and they are headed to Nashville….

  8. Danny is watching TobyMac perform. He just Instagram Storied about it 8 minutes ago.

    Update: their bus is rolling towards Nashville. Hopefully they will get their safely and as quickly as possible.

  9. I didn’t know Danny was in Florida. (I’m not caught up on anything yet.) So yeah, I hope Danny has gas for the bus and that he and his band will get out of Dodge ASAP. Does Leyicet have relatives in Florida in harm’s way?

  10. Mr. Bing, I wish I had a magic wand. Lots of natural disasters in the U.S. right now (Harvey, Irma, western wildfires, etc.). Also so many Caribbean islands have been devastated by Hurricane Irma, and are bracing for Hurricane José. Mexico has had a large earthquake. And that’s just a sampling from the Western Hemisphere!

    What kind of natural disasters do you get in China, Mr. Bing? I know China has earthquakes. And flooding, I think.

  11. ELLEN.There are hurricanes and earthquakes.I saw thick trees blown down by wind just a few days ago.It was horrible.

  12. Sorry to hear about the death of Troy Gentry of the duo Montgomery Gentry. Saw them twice — once when Danny was the main opener during his country era.

  13. Ouch. Sorry to hear about the hurricanes, Mr. Bing. We certainly know what that is like here in the U.S.!

    I know China has had devastating earthquakes in the past. Really hope scientists can improve on earthquakes predictions so that people can prepare and minimize loss of life. We are at risk here in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. from the Cascadia fault line off the coast of Oregon.

    Also wish that, if these natural disasters are unavoidable, people would come together, ignoring whatever divisions might separate them, and work to help each other out.

  14. I liked Danny’s piece for his upcoming Harvey benefit. Very upbeat.

    So much going on in the country right now.. ♥

  15. Watching what is going on in FL right now. Have cousins in NW FL. They did not leave the state, but moved inland to the east near Orlando. Their brother & I think they are nuts for staying, when they had the lead time and the means to evacuate. But at least they are in what is probably a safer part of the state.

    Here in OR, the Eagle Creek fire is expected to double in size. They don’t know whether the fire breaks will hold. They are doing level 1 evacuations at Hood River (windsurfing capital of the world). Not good to be in an area noted for its winds when there is a fire nearby . . .

    Hope those who pray will do so and those who don’t will send positive thoughts to areas of the country (and the world) in need.

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