Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 8/28 – 9/10/17

Danny gokey Band performs at the Indiana State FairMiguel Perez, Danny Gokey & Eric Ramey at the Indiana State Fair

Click on each photo to enlarge them.  Courtesy of  Brittenay Johnson Photography

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Our thanks to Brittenay Johnson for the use of her awesome photos!

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  1. My thanks to Brittenay Johnson Photography for sharing her talents so generously with us! <3

  2. Things are looking good for The Comeback to move up to #11 on the weekly Medidabase CAC chart tonight 🙂

  3. What a good looking group of young men.

    Thank you, Brittenay.

    Hoping for #1 for The Comeback.

  4. Hoping The Comeback makes a “rise” right to #1!!! Go Danny and crew!! #GokeyGroupie

  5. Mandisa’s song Unfinished went recurrent, Danny’s song TC is moving up:
    3 5 CHRIS TOMLIN Home 1609 1710 -101 7.655
    5 6 CITIZEN WAY Bulletproof 1530 1582 -52 6.523
    9 7 Up this week MATTHEW WEST Broken Things 1430 1290 140 8.352
    11 8 Up this week NEEDTOBREATHE Hard Love 1283 1208 75 8.504
    8 9 HILLSONG WORSHIP What A Beautiful Name 1277 1365 -88 6.411
    10 10 Up this week RYAN STEVENSON The Gospel 1261 1248 13 6.299
    12 11 Up this week DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 1179 1099 80 6.78

    The audience impression for TC is greater than three of the songs above it. A good sign. And the only song in this subgroup with a larger spincrease is Matthew West’s song. All positive signs. 46 of 52 of this group of monitored stations playing TC.

  6. Team Danny is still having trouble with their website. They say it’s been down for 12 days….

    So, they have posted this:

    Hey guys! If you go to my website & get this screen, it’s because my site has been hacked. If you’re looking for tour dates & info, go to the Danny Gokey News fan site for now. They have all the #RiseOutOfTheDark tour dates AND #CelebrateChristmas tour dates that were just announced last week. Waiting for someone at GoDaddy to help us resolve the issue. Unfortunately it’s been a slow, frustrating process. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    For now? Always 😉

    I wish they had given the web address instead of the Facebook link…. but still good to see.

  7. TC is doing so well.Hopefully it will go all the way to the top.

    My city had been through some horrible storms the past few days.Times like this just remind you of the power of mother nature.

  8. We hope you stay safe, Mr Bing. We have been watching the flooding of the Texas city of Houston from Hurricane Harvey.

  9. I wonder if team DG could just move the site to a different hosting company if they have it backed up.

    Stay safe mr bing and anyone near the TX flood areas

  10. Hi Admin2. Considering that it has been down for 12 days…. and this:

    Danny Gokey‏Verified account @dannygokey 13h13 hours ago
    Replying to @GoDaddyHelp
    We’ve explained our situation & provided everything we can. No one will actually problem solve on your end. It’s not a standard situation. ,

    I’ve been wondering if it isn’t backed up properly? Otherwise, you would think they could reload the website. But perhaps the website was compromised too much by the hackers? Here is the message and some info on cgi-bin below.

    Index of /
    Name Last modified Size Description
    cgi-bin/ 2017-08-06 05:29

    CGI stands for common gateway interface, it is a script that you can run a webserver to do certain things. Because these scripts need to be executed, they are done, but in a scripts folder (cgi-bin). The reason people talk about this folder, is because there are many times that there are passwords in those scripts, for example to connect to a database, a script may contain a username and password. So now, you can see the importance of keeping the cgi-bin secure

  11. CONGRATULATIONS, LEYICET AND DANNY!!! I thought it might be a boy. Same order that I have. Boy, girl, boy. So happy for them. Must have been all the walking Leyicet was doing. There was a cute post of Danny and Leyicet walking to the mall. I bet Daniel and Victoria are so excited…

  12. Jan, I don’t know. In my amateur blogging endeavors and in my real life work, usually you’d want to have things backed up somewhere with multiple copies so if one gets messed up you can revert to the last known good copy. You might lose some of the latest/greatest tweaks or news updates, but you’d get back to an operable version in theory.

    Could be more complicated than that, I’m surprised if team DG doesn’t have a tech person to work this for them. Or at least GoDaddy have someone on staff who can work through it either in their help process, or an additional fee if it requires security expertise or intensive time.

    ps – if team DG isn’t in touch with someone from their hosting company to troubleshoot, I wonder how they are positive it’s hacked vs. just a regular old IT type of problem.

    ETA: This makes it sound like part of the issue may be verifying / reestablishing identity credentials before regaining access to the account

    GoDaddy Help‏ / Verified account @GoDaddyHelp Aug 28
    You’ve been working with our teams to access your account. You’ll need to provide them with the requested Docs to continue. ^G

  13. Congratulations Leyicet and Danny !!! Welcome baby boy Gabriel Daniel Gokey !!!
    Today is my husband birthday 🙂 baby Gabriel was born today <3
    I'm very happy for Gokey family ! <3

  14. Hi everybody! I just put up a special post since Danny & Leyicet’s baby is special news for all of us, right?


    I’m so happy that Danny has the growing family he always wanted. I remember watching him with babies when he first went out on tour with MBD and I thinking that he was a natural with babies. And that Danny will make a great father if he ever gets that opportunity… Well, three babies and counting!!

    Admin2, I can’t believe that dannygokey.com is still down. Very unusual that they haven’t been able to restore it. Supposedly GoDaddy.com told them it was hacked when they couldn’t access it anymore. Two weeks ago?

  15. slightly OT on an evening of new baby news. But Danny’s former label-mate Chris Young was just invited to join the Grand Ole Opry after his 78th (!!) appearance. Seems very well-deserved, I don’t recall who the last invitee was. Was there anyone since Little Big Town?

  16. I’ve not been tracking the charts, but it looks like The Comeback reached top 10 on at least one of the charts for both Billboard and Mediabase? Good news. I’m not sure how far this song will go, top 5 would be great.

  17. Wonderful! Danny is so busy.. I was waiting for something like this for the people of Texas. I don’t do Facebook, so I won’t be able to watch or donate??

    I’m very happy that my niece was spared the terrible flooding. It came close. She lives in Richmond. Her and her neighbors had a plan if the water came up too close. My heart goes out to everyone in this beautiful state. ♥

  18. Jan,
    Could Danny just have his official website merge with DGN (and pay DGN the fee Go… has been getting)?
    You and Admin2 do a better job than his official site. 🙂

  19. I wonder if Danny will have lots of sons and name them all after himself? (I think George Foreman did that.)
    Or maybe Danny’s sons are not named after Danny. Perhaps Danny’s father and grandfather were both named Daniel. Then Danny might have named one son for each of them.

    Reminds me of a line from an old TV show. “This is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl.”

  20. Danny’s dad’s name is Charles. Danny’s older brother is also named Charles. I wonder why Danny’s middle name isn’t Charles? 😉

    His grandfather may have been named Charles. I don’t know….

    Thanks for the vote of confidence on our website, Lurker 😊

  21. How do I do that, Jan? If I look up a Facebook site I get a band running across the screen asking if I would like to join. Is there somewhere else to watch?

  22. Well, Cindy, we will share the concert here after the fact… but you could create a little fake Facebook account…. and then you could follow along. You don’t have to upload any photos or use your real name. Facebook live is becoming more and more popular.

    I thought you didn’t have to sign in… but since I have multiple accounts I manage, I may be wrong about that….

  23. My husband told me to do that. I did it on our ipad, but it didn’t work. I’ll try again. Thank you.

    In the mean time, I donated to Convoy of Hope on their site. It’s where tonight’s concert donations will go.

    If I don’t succeed, I’ll look forward to the concert here. I wonder if Danny will perform.. Hope In Front of Me, and Rise??

    Thank you.

  24. Cindy,
    Sometimes someone puts up a tweet with a link to a blocked site. I have watched some things live through links I found on twitter. At times I have not been able to see the entire screen, but I could see most. Other times I could see it all.

  25. Thank you, Lurker. I’ve been able to do that sometimes, too. I don’t think Danny is doing that, is he? Oh well, I’ll just watch it later. 🙂

  26. Cindy,
    I got there by clicking on Mandisa’s twitter name in the tweet below. Then I clicked on the link on her page.

    @dannygokey @mandisaofficial @ConvoyofHope truly enjoying your Facebook live concert! #PrayForHouston #PrayersforTexas

  27. Convoy of Hope has raised $105,889.

    Convoy of Hope has raised $108,544

    I like watching the total change.

    Convoy of Hope has raised $111,237.

  28. Hi Lurker,

    Here is the link. Danny did a beautiful acoustic version of TYHTBA around the 1 hour 32 minute mark. He really fills up that studio with his voice.

    He said they brought baby Gabriel home from the hospital today.

    PS. Nice job on posting the link, Lurker 🙂 We had company just as the concert was getting going. But I found Danny’s song performance after they left on the video. I’d like to see more of it on a different day. What were your favorites?

  29. Jan,
    I liked Danny’s TYHTBA (with Spanish) best. It was really good. I’ve been trying to remember if he had any music playing while he sang, but I don’t remember. I don’t know if he sang after that. When he ended that song, I thought he was finished.
    I went back later to check on the amount raised (over $218,000 near end). I saw Danny again but don’t know if he just walked in front of the camera or if he sang again.
    Two who performed near the end had long songs. I stayed waiting for them to finish, but no more from Danny other than Danny, Natalie and a few others standing behind the two (doing a little background at one time).
    I’m glad you posted the time Danny sang. It will make it easier to listen again.
    I heard a couple of men (before Danny) with good voices but don’t remember their names or what they sang.

  30. “Danny did a beautiful acoustic version”

    Answer to one of the things I was wondering about. 🙂

  31. Thank you. My means to set up a fake account didn’t work. My niece who is a fan of Danny’s sent me the concert in an email. I was able to watch it that way. 🙂 I liked the cozy setting. Everyone did a great job for a good cause. I was wrong about which song Danny would sing. TYHTBA was perfect. Hope Danny will able to spend time with the new baby and family. Busy time for him, but joyous.

  32. Glad you had help to watch the concert, Cindy.

    Danny is performing in Georgia at the Celebrate Freedom Fest on Saturday… and then he has to go to Orlando by midweek to go to the Christian Broadcasters Convention and perform at Night of Hope.

    He said their goal was for him to be at the birth. They miraculously did that. I think the rest will be stolen moments. But I am sure he remembers the dearth of opportunities when little Danny was born and he appreciates the career he has….

  33. I’ve added Medi-Share’s photos and a description of the interview to the My Christian Care post 🙂

  34. Hey Everyone!
    It’s been an eventful month in Danny Gokey World! The band and I have been traveling non-stop, my website was hacked twice and in the middle of all of that my sweet son, Gabriel Daniel Gokey arrived this week! Kind of a crazy August! I’ll be posting LOTS of pictures of the new arrival on my social media, so if you’re curious go check him out, he’s precious!
    I wanted to give you an update on my website hack – the first time they tried, we were able to get it back up and going, but the hackers were persistent the 2nd time and took us down & locked us out of our domain. It’s been a really frustrating process trying to get it resolved! HOWEVER, we decided (after almost 2 weeks down) that we would go a temporary route while we get things back up and running. So, my site is now active at http://www.dannygokeymusic.com. It won’t be our permanent address, but for now it allows us to keep things going until we get it resolved.
    In honor of the new address, we are offering at 10% discount on everything in the webstore on the site for the ENTIRE LABOR DAY WEEKEND! So, find your favorite new item and grab it at a discount!
    Also, I wanted to remind you that we are ramping up for the Rise Out Of The Dark Tour with Mandisa, Love & The Outcome and Jasmine Murray! I can’t tell you how much fun this tour is going to be. We have some very special things planned and I can’t wait to share the evening with all of you! We have two shows that are close to selling out, so don’t wait to get your tickets! All the ticket links are available on the site! See you all soon!
    Love you guys!
    P.S. If you didn’t see the FB Live event last night for hurricane relief in Texas, go check it out on my page. You can still donate. It was an amazing event! #TogetherforTexas

  35. Lurker it works for me. But it didn’t work for me when I clicked the link in the original email. Just the shopping cart, LOL.

    But when i typed in the new name it worked. Must be having some hiccups.

  36. I didn’t try clicking it in the email from the DG mailing list.

    As to why it didn’t initially work for Lurker here, I have absolutely no idea. No idea at all.


  37. Jan, perhaps the Dg team intentionally is routing visitors from the email to the store page as they are offering a discount on items while working to get the primary domain back up?

  38. Well, it’s working now. Success!

    It seems like just yesterday I suggested this–because it was! 😉 You do fast work.

    “Could Danny just have his official website merge with DGN …
    You and Admin2 do a better job than his official site.”

  39. “Is is possible the link was fixed after Lurker reported a problem??”

    So I get credit for the idea and the fix? 😉 As long as I don’t have to do any work, I’m good.

    I wish I could make a funnier face.

  40. Lurker, Danny did come back to sing For Texasbackground with Matt Maher, Natalie, Mandisa and someone I don’t know

  41. It looks like Danny has taken Vicky & Danielito to Atlanta with him on the bus for his set tonight.

    Hopefully Leyicet is getting a bit of rest in Nashville with Gabriel.

  42. That’s nice. How long of a drive is Nashville to Atlanta? Do we call Victoria, Vicky and Daniel, Danny.. Danielito? I think I’m getting confused. :/

  43. Cindy, I’ve heard Danny call Victoria “Vicky” so I took the fewer characters… It takes so long to type “Little Danny”, so I’m going with Danielito — and that is how Danny introduced his son on Wednesday. 🙂

  44. Urban Dictionary: Danielito
    Top definition. Danielito. A very attractive, quick-witted guy with an incredible personality, and ideas that would blow your mind off your shoulders.

  45. So…. the menu button doesn’t work on Danny’s new site to go to his store. I replied to fans mentioning it and provided a new link on Facebook. Then I tried to add a general statement with the correct link and my comment was marked as “SPAM”. What the heck?

  46. When I get email in my spam folder, I have an option to change it to not spam. Does someone
    somewhere have an option to correct your link so that it is not labeled spam?

  47. Well, most of our helpful DGN comments have been wiped away on Danny’s Facebook page, but at 2PM they did post on Danny’s Facebook page that the link now works. They say, “Apparently it took some time for the site to populate all the new changes on the mobile version” Ummm, excuse me, but the computer version wasn’t working EITHER.

    No explanation or reply was given to me. I have raised this issue to Danny’s management.

  48. Danny Gokey‏Verified account @dannygokey 2m2 minutes ago

    Replying to @ATeacherMomma
    I may be coming to Canada next Spring! Stay tuned. 🤓

  49. I think Danny is doing a radio interview tomorrow

    @betweengrooves: Happy long weekend everybody! But hold onto your glasses…we’ve got @dannygokey as our guest Monday for an all new podcast! #DANNYGOKEY

  50. Top 10 on the the CAC Mediabase Chart!

    lw: Aug 22 – Aug 28 TW: Aug 29 – Sep 4
    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 ZACH WILLIAMS Old Church Choir 1904 1884 20 10.915
    2 2 MERCYME Even If 1795 1874 -79 8.609
    4 3 ELEVATION WORSHIP O Come To The Altar 1677 1617 60 10.037
    3 4 CASTING CROWNS Oh My Soul 1605 1729 -124 7.682
    5 5 CHRIS TOMLIN Home 1552 1598 -46 7.725
    6 6 CITIZEN WAY Bulletproof 1488 1545 -57 4.972
    7 7 MATTHEW WEST Broken Things 1486 1461 25 8.703
    8 8 NEEDTOBREATHE Hard Love 1411 1317 94 8.792
    9 9 RYAN STEVENSON The Gospel 1362 1270 92 6.793
    11 10 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 1223 1163 60 7.036

  51. Real close to Top 5 on the big Billboard Christian airplay chart per Mjs
    Danny Gokey:
    “Rise” [Album]: Christian 43 (43)
    “Comeback”: Christian Airplay 6 (9); Christian Songs 11 (13); CAC 11 (12)

  52. 1 21
    ZACH WILLIAMS Old Church Choir
    3616 +150 10.394 1

    4 16 MATTHEW WEST Broken Things
    2931 +33 8.584 2

    5 36 ELEVATION WORSHIP O Come To The Altar
    2866 +187 8.538 3

    6 30 NEEDTOBREATHE Hard Love
    2871 +188 7.972 4

    2 32 MERCYME Even If
    2533 -671 7.125 5

    9 20 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback
    2422 +44 6.755 6

    3 29 CASTING CROWNS Oh My Soul
    2214 -718 6.483 7

    7 31 CHRIS TOMLIN Home
    2036 +5 6.198 8

  53. Sorry,Lurker. I forgot to paste it in…. It was for an upcoming music festival….

    I’ve added the video. Not loving the first screen they choose for starting the promo. Who’s going to click on a brown image. Obviously me.. 😉

  54. Hi everyone. Looks like there has been a lot of activity in the past few weeks, with the newest Gokey baby making his entrance into the world, and “The Comeback” grinding its way further up the charts.

  55. Welcome back Ellen. We love Gokey baby news. The world seems to love Gokey baby news…. Well maybe not MJs…

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