Leyicet & Danny Gokey Welcome Son Gabriel

Leyicet Gokey and baby Gabriel GokeyCongratulations are pouring in for the third addition to the Danny & Leyicet Gokey family!

The Gokeys welcome their third child and second son, Gabriel Daniel Gokey.  He joins big brother Daniel Emmanuel and sister Victoria Isabella in their family. Leyicet is glowing and apparently doing well in the unique first picture of the happy parents and new baby Gabriel!

Gabriel Daniel was able to arrive between concert and appearance committments of his dad, Danny Gokey.  Danny reported on his social media:

“This picture may seem funny but our baby came just in time for me to see him be born, hold him and love him and then I had to run and catch a flight,” Gokey captioned the photo of the new mom cradling both her newborn and a phone.

“The thing is, I forgot to get a picture of me, him and my wife @leyicet together. So I called back on FaceTime to get this sweet pic!! I can’t wait to get back home tomorrow to hold him even more. So thankful I got to be with him at birth!!”

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Danny will be appearing on Facebook Live tomorrow morning at 8:15 EST from Melbourne, Florida with Christian Care Ministry – the sponsor for the Celebrate Christmas Tour. We’re so glad that baby Gabriel had such perfect timing that he came EARLY and while his busy dad was still home!

Join us in congratulating the Gokeys!

17 thoughts on “Leyicet & Danny Gokey Welcome Son Gabriel

  1. Hi Rebecca, we can’t wait to see more of the happy family! Like all of the Gokey babies, he is beautiful!

    And doesn’t Leyicet look wonderful? I’m pretty sure I didn’t look anywhere near that pretty and fresh after giving birth!

  2. Congrats Danny & Leyicet
    What an adorable boy. Glad Danny was able to be there. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the proud parents and their sweet baby boy.

  3. Agreed! Meeting him will be amazing! SI impressed with the Gokeys in general! One blessed family for sure! And we are as blessed to be fans of them. 🙂

  4. I really don’t know how little Gabriel was able to squeeze his birth into Danny’s incredibly busy schedule.

    He’s in Florida on Wednesday, Georgia on Saturday and back to Florida for the Momentum/CCM Radio conference/Night of Joy events by the middle of next week! Thank goodness Leyicet has her parents and lots of friends in Nashville to help her out.


  5. CONGRATULATIONS, LEYICET AND DANNY! It’s been so much fun following Danny’s career, but also watching his and Leyicet’s precious children growing up. Little Danny is a sweetheart, while precious Victoria makes you smile every time you watch a video of her. How lucky Gabriel is to have such a special brother and sister, and of course wonderful parents. All the best for this beautiful family. ♥

  6. Welcome Patricia, Grace, Lupe, and Christina. Thanks for joining us in congratulating Danny & Leyicet.

    From now on your comments will show immediately.

  7. Many blessings to all!! It just confirms that God works in mysterious ways…that Danny was able to witness the birth of baby #3 before scooting off to spread His word through his music 🎶 and inspiring words. Leyicet looks amazing and should be commended for her role as an incredible wife and mother!! Daniel and Victoria have a blessed family to grow up in and can help pave the way for their new sweet brother. Congratulations to all!!! 💙💕💙💕💙

  8. So so many congratulations from Robin Bearden and daughter Madison McGrew from no other than New Glarus Wisconsin… many blessings and love from our family to yours !!!

  9. Hi Robin. I have been at Danny’s concerts in your city park. That was so fun. Such a nice community event.

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