Between the Grooves with Danny Gokey

Interview of Danny Gokey by James Kurtis & Drew Brown

Danny Gokey! He’s one of those blessed dudes who must be happy all the time thanks to his “perfect” life. He’s got a beautiful growing family, an incredible music career and even more businesses and foundations to his credit.

But behind the glare of those stage lights, Danny has battled depression and faced the all-too-real suffering that life can bring. In this interview James Kurtis & Drew Brown of Between the Grooves discuss with Danny,

  • The depression that Danny feels he’s been fighting most of his life
  • The danger of letting pain become louder than the voice of God
  • Danny’s vision for building the Kingdom through his business decisions
  • The advice he would give his younger self – prior to being a contestant on American Idol

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5 thoughts on “Between the Grooves with Danny Gokey

  1. Nice interview. It sounded like Danny was walking and talking. Maybe four children, and then adopt two. 🙂 I agree, that Danny looks good in glasses. He wouldn’t look the same without them. The photo above is one of my favorites..

  2. I’ve been wondering if Leyicet would want another pregnancy. Going on six years of marriage and already three babies… It’s a lot to put her body through… but it makes sense that Danny wants a HUGE family and they seem to make it work. He is sooo good with kids. <3 Of course, they haven't experienced the challenges of the teen years and their kids having their own interests and activities. #Hectic

  3. I agree, Jan. I remember Saturdays and all three of my children playing soccer. Driving all around to get them to their games. AND, that was only soccer. It was the best time, though.

    Is Leyicet a only child?

    Danny and Leyicet are so lucky to have her parents living with them and helping with the children.

    Gabriel is a cute. 🙂

  4. Hi Cindy. I believe Leyicet has a sibling. But I think he keeps a very low profile. Unlike some of Danny’s siblings — they are very friendly and they try to make it to his hometown shows.

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