Videos: Celebrate Freedom with Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey performs at Celebrate Freedom FestivalWe want to thank Paul McAdams for sharing her photos and her video of Danny peforming at Celebrate Freedom in Marietta, GA.

Paula’s video contains four of Danny’s songs:  If You Ain’t In It, Hope in Front of Me, Rise, &  The Comeback via Paula’s Furbabies

Danny Gokey, Eric Ramey, Kevin G perform at Celebrate Freedom 2017

We also are pleased to share these videos from the same event by Mick Boucher

5 thoughts on “Videos: Celebrate Freedom with Danny Gokey

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Danny’s performance. I don’t get to his concerts this year so I really enjoy listening to these videos from his fans.

  2. The video of the band isn’t too clear. Was someone sub’ing for Maestro, or did he cut his amazing hair?

  3. Thank you. Danny is always great, but I’m liking the growth of the band. Are they adding new members?

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