Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/11 – 9/23/17

Danny Gokey in concert by Grace Fershee

Wonderful photos of Danny Gokey by Grace Fershee Photography

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Danny Gokey Band in Indy

Thanks, Grace!!  Follow her on TWITTER and Instagram to see more awesome photos!

97 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/11 – 9/23/17

  1. Ellen,
    I loved the movie. 🙂 It was interesting, funny, and sweet–all the things I asked for (in one movie!).
    Also, I liked the colors, the scenery, the lighting, and the music.


  2. I caught Danny performing two songs on the Facebook Live of Night of Hope. He finishes a few minutes ago. Now Natalie is on.


  3. Do we know what that means as far as #MostPlayedSong ?

    Randy Phillips‏ @RandyPCD 8m8 minutes ago
    honoured to win #MostPlayedSong “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” Proud of @matthewjwest “ASCAP Songwriter of the Year”. Ty @dannygokey


  4. Lurker, Danny shared the same French door on his Instagram. Its for the upcoming tour:

    dannygokeyShooting video for the #RiseOutOfTheDarkTour with @mandisaofficial @loveandtheoutcome & @jasminemurrayofficial ! It’s all starts Sept 28th!! Check the schedule for a city near you! http://www.dannygokeymusic.com
    dannygokey@mandisaofficial Song content video. :). Not a big shoot.


  5. Thanks, Jan,
    I’ve been looking at Danny’s videos and view counts. Lots of videos with views of million or more. This Spanish one about half a million.


  6. One of the comments from the video above:

    “Danny, Danny, Danny. How do you do it???? What an amazing gift from God to heal the broken hearted! Thank you..”


  7. My question on the most played song was more what they were measuring, or what timeframe. It’s good to hit that level for a song that (undeservedly imo) didn’t hit #1 on the main chart(s) as there was a different song hanging on when TYHTBA was peaking


  8. I read that Natalie Grant is having vocal surgery this fall? Wonder if that could impact the Christmas tour plans, although it seems to be timed so she will have a good chance to recover if all goes well.


  9. Someone on twitter was asking if the show for Natalie and Danny was still happening on the 30th. I think that is something that Natalie can’t give a definite answer to at this time.

    If she is planning to resume touring in December, then I would expect her plans would include the 30th. However, she can’t know at this time how events will happen. (None of us know at any time. The weather happening recently makes that fact feel vivid).

    That tour is probably still as planned. There may be alternate “what-if” planning going on, but she has to get through her surgery before she can make more decisions.


  10. I remember when Agnes Monica (agnesmo) and Danny did a pre-awards show together. At that time I looked at her twitter. She often had positive comments about Danny. I noticed and posted back then about how rapid her twitter followers were increasing. Her numbers were in the hundred thousands then. I also liked some of her videos and posted links.

    I just saw a link to a new video put up today on a tweet to Danny (tweeted by one of her fans). I would no longer put a link here. Too suggestive. The name of it is “As Long as I Get Paid.”

    Kind of disappointing to me, but her fans still love her. She has 16.9 followers now on twitter. The numbers are big on the video and fans are calling it “art.”


  11. Danny has two tours not started yet and a new one announced. (Is the new one near Ellen?)

    That’s similar to what I want for radio: two songs charting high and a third one released. Three top singles concurrently.

    When will he have time to iron his shirts?

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  12. It is pretty amazing to see how Danny’s career has BLOWN up these last 2 years….In 2014 , when HIFOM was released, he didn’t have tours to announce. Now with Rise in 2017 he has Casting Crowns, Mandisa, Natalie and now one of the biggest (arenas) with Toby Mac. And I like Toby’s entertaining way of spreading his faith and message. I am thrilled with where Danny has managed to go.


  13. I haven’t. I read twitter and here and haven’t seen anything.
    Danny is very busy. Maybe he will have more time between albums than he has had before?

    Does a label benefit from a tour, or will they need a new album out?


  14. I just looked at Danny’s registered songs. I don’t think he has anytrhing new registeres… but a lot of time they don’t register a song on an album until shortly before release. In fact one of the last registered songs is “If You Ain’t in It” fpr Danny.


  15. Yes, the new tour is near me. And it features Mandisa, too. But there is something really special about the “Rise Out of the Dark” tour. So I’m torn. I see that the Toby tour will be in Milwaukee, too.


  16. Yes, Ontario and San Diego. Marked my calendar. Hope I can make one of the shows.

    I agree. Danny is very busy. His star is rising..

    All the best for Natalie Grant.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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