Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/11 – 9/23/17

Danny Gokey in concert by Grace Fershee

Wonderful photos of Danny Gokey by Grace Fershee Photography

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Danny Gokey Band in Indy

Thanks, Grace!!  Follow her on TWITTER and Instagram to see more awesome photos!

97 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/11 – 9/23/17

  1. I think my favorite photo might be the band jamming out together in Grace’s last photo. They look like they are having so much fun <3

    But the one of Danny and Maestro in the air is pretty cool, too.

  2. All the photos are great! Thanks.

    The beauty destroyed by all the fires is heartbreaking.

    Hope by morning light the damage from Irma won’t be too devastating. And, loss of life doesn’t go up.

  3. I wrote about this before (maybe not in the same words). Perhaps the plan (Danny’s, his label’s, or his team’s) was to hold his single back and make it look as if it would have only moderate success. Then, when the Mango tour starts let it surge and become a big hit so that The Comeback is making a comeback. 😉
    If that was the plan and they make it happen, it will be good. If it wasn’t the “plan” and it still happens anyway, it will still be good. 🙂
    It is top ten now and that tour is promoting the current album, so it seems possible that the single might go higher when the tour is in progress.
    It would be better if the tour was starting right away. If the single goes higher now, that’s okay. Just don’t want it to fade before the tour gets going.

  4. I really doubt that Danny’s team could manipulate the charts. But it would be great if TC peaks with the ROOTD tour.

  5. Good morning! Everyone have a good weekend? I was pretty busy the last three days, so I didn’t spend much time here. We saw the musical “Wicked” with family/friends, the Packers won, my mom had multiple appointments and the weather has been PERFECT (IMO) here.

    After a rather fast start, TC has dawdled in the middle of the chart. Glad to have it in Top 10, but it does seems like this single is intended to stay on the regular chart (hopefully) until maybe a Christmas single? Mid November?

    Of course this is just my guess. It slows down, but thankfully its picked up again each time.

  6. Keep it going TC…

    Remember how spoiled we got wirh TYHTBA? That song sells! Of course you called it, Lurker.

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    Details, details, details, from Danny, Danny, Danny Gokey. See the new collection at VEW17 Match Eyewear 22065 #visionexpo #soufulstyle


    Remember when Danny performed with the Eye Doctors of Rock? Or something like that, at their show?

  8. This is in MJ’s numbers. Do you know why there is no top 5? Different chart? Different date?

    Danny Gokey:
    “Rise” [Album]: Christian 40 (43)
    “Comeback”: Christian Airplay 6 (6); Christian Songs 11 (11); CAC 10 (11)

  9. It is a different chart: The Christian A.C. Indicator. Normally I use the National Airplay Chart, but it’s #6 on that chart and I hadn’t posted a chart update in awhile. 🙂

  10. While TC is in no danger, I would prefer to see a higher spincrease… its a long way from the Top 5 on Mediabase CAC:

    4 6 CASTING CROWNS Oh My Soul 1544 1590 -46 7.168
    8 7 NEEDTOBREATHE Hard Love 1457 1438 19 8.711
    9 8 RYAN STEVENSON The Gospel 1455 1377 78 7.043
    7 9 CITIZEN WAY Bulletproof 1447 1490 -43 4.964
    10 10 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 1234 1217 17 7.114
    12 11 JEREMY CAMP Word Of Life 986 907 79 5.633

  11. Did the D.C. station WGTS ever start playing The Comeback? I was listening to something else recently but tuned it in a few times over the past few days. Have heard Rise twice and TYHTBA at least once, no Comeback and don’t recall HIFOM.

  12. Hi Admin, I just looked up WGTS 7 day chart. RISE is the #3 song at that station. No TC on the list…

  13. I’d love to see the “Rise Out of the Dark” tour, but it is nowhere near me, so I’d have to travel to take in the concert, and I’m not inclined to do that unless I met up with a fellow fan/friend somewhere. But that seems harder to do in this era.

  14. We don’t have a Wisconsin date for this tour, but it is coming relatively close to us. A few Wisconsin Gokey fans will make it to Rockford, Illinois. You could count on that, Ellen. 🙂

  15. Love seeing all the comments and updates on the DG blog…keeps me in the loop when I’m busy working #GokeyGroupie🎶🤓

  16. That is a VERY sad video, Ellen. Not really surprising that these young people were coerced to compete….but very tragic.

  17. Hi Admin, I just looked up WGTS 7 day chart. RISE is the #3 song at that station. No TC on the list…

    Interesting. Wonder if that means that they passed on this particular song while they seem very pro-DG otherwise. And promoted his summer concert with them extensively–plus the DG/Mandisa tour coming up

    Or, will they be a late adder to help it push toward whatever it’s chart peak turns out to be?

  18. Do any of you know any good movies I might rent on itunes? They don’t have to be new.

    Three I’ve rented there that I liked were Office Space (comedy), Age of Adalene (interesting), and Cop Car (B movie fun).

    I don’t like horror, violence, political, explicit, comic book, super hero sorts. I like comedies, sweet movies, and interesting movies.

  19. I think about things to post sometimes but often don’t because the posts are usually off-topic and maybe boring. I’m posting some now even if off-topic (and possibly boring).

  20. And this: Hugh Laurie plays the ignored and cheated on husband (maybe husband?) of Annie Lennox.

  21. One more and Jan is off the names showing. 😉
    Hugh and part of his band doing a song together. “Up a Lazy River”

  22. Lurker, I was wondering where you were! You inspire me to post unrelated comments and video when I don’t have anything new to say about Danny and his music. Which is why I posted the sad gymnastics story about Elena Mukhina above.

    “Walking on Broken Glass” is not one of my favorite Annie Lennox songs. But the video for it is wonderful! It tells a story and matches the song lyrics. And Hugh Laurie’s acting in it is superb. He has a very expressive face.

  23. Lurker, I am not much of a movie person. Have you ever tried “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” a comedy about what happens when a South African tribal village discover a Coca-Cola bottle?

  24. Thanks for linking the video for Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” Love that song. I remember my cousin’s children teaching it to their grandparents (my aunt and uncle). They were surprised to find they liked that “new-fangled music.” Lol. A long time ago!

    But it makes me remember that a lot of the solo artists and lead singers from bands in the day stood out not only because of the quality of their songs and music but also because their voices were distinctive and recognizable on the radio. Elvis, Elton John, Robert Plant, Steve Winwood, Stevie Nicks, Karen Carpenter, Phil Collins, the leads from Journey, Survivor, Foreigner, Queen, etc. etc.

    And that is what makes me a fan of Danny’s voice. It is unique and doesn’t sound like anyone else. And I can instantly recognize it on the radio. Lol, even if I didn’t already know his songs before they start climbing the charts.

  25. Ellen,
    I always look forward to your posts, and now you have made me feel better about mine. Thank you!
    I am downloading from itunes the movie you suggested (downloading as I type). It looks like one I would like–funny and interesting.

  26. “Lurker, I was wondering where you were!”

    I’ve been around but haven’t had anything interesting to write. I did write posts sometimes but deleted them without posting.
    Often, I post something anyway (interesting or not) because I want to keep the thread alive.

  27. Randy Phillips‏ @RandyPCD 8m8 minutes ago
    honoured to win #MostPlayedSong “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” Proud of @matthewjwest “ASCAP Songwriter of the Year”. Ty @dannygokey

  28. Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    honoured to win #MostPlayedSong “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” Proud of @matthewjwest “ASCAP Songwriter of the Year”. Ty @dannygokey.What’s the award?

  29. Here is some follow up info about the ASCAP awards:

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) honored the songwriters and publishers of Christian music’s most performed songs of the past year at the 39th annual ASCAP Christian Music Awards on Tuesday, September 19th, at the Franklin Theatre in downtown Franklin, Tennessee……

    West earned his second ASCAP Christian Music Songwriter of the Year award, having previously claimed the title in 2014. He also earned three ASCAP most-performed song awards for his own chart-topping single, “Mended,” as well as “One Step Away,” recorded by Casting Crowns and “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again,” recorded by Danny Gokey.

  30. Mr Bing, we all have that problem now and then 😉

    So interesting that TYHTBA became such a huge hit for Danny — a cover of the song released as a single by Phillips, Dean & Craig in 2013 (co wrote by Phillips and Matthew West) At the K-LOVE awards West joked that maybe he should have saved TYHTBA for himself…


    It was supposed to be Danny’s lead single, but PDC released it just weeks before Danny was ready to release his version. But…. it was used in America’s Got Talent and then Danny’s team agreed to use it as his third single. To huge success. I’m glad that Danny is at least on the award…. I wonder if he gets a copy of the award?

  31. One of the things I like about Hugh’s music is the mix of instruments. I like the sounds as they weave together. I like Hugh’s piano, but I like the other sounds, too, of the horns, drums, etc.
    This one is a still picture of the album cover with just the audio from the album. No video, no concert. It is mostly instrumental with a little singing at the end (one of his background singers, and then Hugh). It is “Saint Louis Blues” (sounding like a tango?). Also sounds a little like “Summer Time” in the introduction.

  32. ” West joked that maybe he should have saved TYHTBA for himself”

    It would not have been as much of a hit (in my opinion). The lyrics are outstanding, but it is Danny’s voice that makes the song live.
    I wrote above that one of the things I like about Hugh’s music is the mix of instruments. Well, what I like most about Danny’s music is his voice. It is unique. I agree with Ellen.

    I think TYHTBA was released by the writers, wasn’t it? Their version didn’t have Danny’s voice.

  33. Again, I was happy to have got to go to the SoCal Harvest. 🙂 Danny sounded beautiful..

    Ellen, all the singers my husband and I grew up with. I do love Elvis.. But, I’m a fan of Dean Martin, and Bing Crosby, too. 😉

    So much going on with the world today. I was surprised to see another earthquake hit Mexico. My heart goes out to them. Every once in a while I remember our 7.2 earthquake and hope the “big” one doesn’t come our way. Earthquakes are scary, but tornadoes scare me even more.

    My ♥ goes out to everyone in Maria’s path.

    Frank Sinatra’s music is good, too. Now, I’m not from Sinatra, Martin, or Crosby’s era, but I do enjoy some of their songs. 🙂

  34. Hi Cindy, Lurker and Mr Bing,

    TYHTBA was originally released by the group Phillip, Craig & Dean (preachers). Randy Phillip and Matthew West (and someone else?) co-wrote it.
    Very soft version. Definitely not with Danny’s emotional voice:


  35. Ellen,
    I loved the movie. 🙂 It was interesting, funny, and sweet–all the things I asked for (in one movie!).
    Also, I liked the colors, the scenery, the lighting, and the music.

  36. I caught Danny performing two songs on the Facebook Live of Night of Hope. He finishes a few minutes ago. Now Natalie is on.

  37. Do we know what that means as far as #MostPlayedSong ?

    Randy Phillips‏ @RandyPCD 8m8 minutes ago
    honoured to win #MostPlayedSong “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” Proud of @matthewjwest “ASCAP Songwriter of the Year”. Ty @dannygokey

  38. Thanks, Jan,
    I’ve been looking at Danny’s videos and view counts. Lots of videos with views of million or more. This Spanish one about half a million.

  39. One of the comments from the video above:

    “Danny, Danny, Danny. How do you do it???? What an amazing gift from God to heal the broken hearted! Thank you..”

  40. My question on the most played song was more what they were measuring, or what timeframe. It’s good to hit that level for a song that (undeservedly imo) didn’t hit #1 on the main chart(s) as there was a different song hanging on when TYHTBA was peaking

  41. I read that Natalie Grant is having vocal surgery this fall? Wonder if that could impact the Christmas tour plans, although it seems to be timed so she will have a good chance to recover if all goes well.

  42. Someone on twitter was asking if the show for Natalie and Danny was still happening on the 30th. I think that is something that Natalie can’t give a definite answer to at this time.

    If she is planning to resume touring in December, then I would expect her plans would include the 30th. However, she can’t know at this time how events will happen. (None of us know at any time. The weather happening recently makes that fact feel vivid).

    That tour is probably still as planned. There may be alternate “what-if” planning going on, but she has to get through her surgery before she can make more decisions.

  43. I remember when Agnes Monica (agnesmo) and Danny did a pre-awards show together. At that time I looked at her twitter. She often had positive comments about Danny. I noticed and posted back then about how rapid her twitter followers were increasing. Her numbers were in the hundred thousands then. I also liked some of her videos and posted links.

    I just saw a link to a new video put up today on a tweet to Danny (tweeted by one of her fans). I would no longer put a link here. Too suggestive. The name of it is “As Long as I Get Paid.”

    Kind of disappointing to me, but her fans still love her. She has 16.9 followers now on twitter. The numbers are big on the video and fans are calling it “art.”

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