Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/24 – 10/8/17

Danny Gokey performing Better Than I Found It

Wonderful photos of Danny Gokey by Brittenay Johnson Photography

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71 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 9/24 – 10/8/17

  1. Welcome to new tour week! Starting Thursday, Danny, Mandisa, Love & the Outcome and Jasmine travel to MO, TX and LA. Hopefully we will see lots of social media posts – or a fan telling us about the tour- as they new tour rolls out.

    I’m curious to see if there are some new duets between these artists.

  2. I read this on twitter: “In the left side of his brain, there’s nothing right. In the right side, there’s nothing left.”

  3. My post above was not about Danny, in case I wasn’t clear. It was just someone making a joke about left brain/right brain.

  4. Danny’s tweet with video of Gabriel has 1.3 thousand likes. Is that a record number of likes for one of his tweets –one of Danny’s own tweets (not a retweet of someone else’s tweet)?

    “Danny Gokey‏Verified account @dannygokey Sep 13
    He’s already sticking his tongue out at me😂😂

  5. I put this in the Toby tour thread, but thought I’d bring it over here as well:

    Looks like the “Rise Out of the Dark” co-headlining tour with Danny and Mandisa is covering the Midwest and part of the East Coast, and Toby’s “Deep Hits” tour featuring Danny and Mandisa will cover the West Coast, with a few scattered dates in the Midwest and East Coast. But both tours miss the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions of the country. Boo to that! I would have preferred the co-headlining tour to come near me, as I am not sure whether Danny and Mandisa will get the same amount of time to perform (or at least a reasonable amount of time) with Toby as the headliner.

  6. We have some hints on the Rise Out of the Dark tour from Instagram Stories.

    They are rehearsing today and Mandisa, Jasmine and Danny will be on stage together (it appears) for a song or two?

    Mandisa is heard singing a hymn I actually know. We sing this one at my church. It looked like all three had the lyrics on Instagram.


    By Our Love

    Plus, they both may be joining Danny on Better Than I Found It. (Or maybe they all have microphones in this rehearsal.) We will see…

  7. The video with fewer lights is easier for me to see. The overdone brightness turns the people into shadows.
    I am partially blind. Too much light makes it worse.

  8. Lurker, i agree the clarity of the church video is excellent.

    IF they don’t have an effective spotlight on the artist, it will be very difficult to see them clearly. And that is a lot of strobe lights. Some fans can’t handle are on lights….

    I remember how bad the videos were from one of his bigger tours in 2015/16.

  9. In that BrienAndrews snippet, it looks like they are amping up the production for the DG-Mandisa tour quite a bit.

    And is it my wishful thinking, or are there background vocals somewhere hiding from the camera? It sounds like it in a couple of places but I didn’t see them. Maybe it’s just a more stripped down track than we’re used to in favor of more band, which even there would be a good step.

    I didn’t catch it initially, but I see Brien is Mandisa’s drummer.

  10. Looks like Mandisa and Danny will intertwine their songs

    @dannygokey: @Justafan2015 We’re mixing it up, so you’ll see us all before you have to leave! 🤓

    I tried listening to see if I could hear new BG vocals… nothing stood out to me, Admin.

  11. Christian itunes:

    The Comeback: #23
    TYHTBA: #69
    Rise: #130

    Rise: #35
    HIFOM: #63

    The front page has changed. Now the top ten singles and albums (not top 15) are listed. There is no list of videos.

  12. The Comeback is either “resting” on the charts right now…. or it may have hit its top. I’m still thinking it may have a little more life, but I tend to be overly optimistic. 🙂

  13. What is TC’s highest radio chart placement so far?

    I see it got to #8 on at least one MB chart
    Christian Audience Published
    8 9 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 1529 1527 2 7.915

    and #6 on a Billboard chart?
    6 23 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback BMG 2214 -116 6.379 7

  14. good article with joint interview for the new tour


    Gokey’s was a recipient of a Dove Award and honored as a two-time KLOVE Male Artist of the Year winner. His latest album, “Rise,” features chart-topping hit anthem “The Comeback” and the inspirational “Stronger Than We Think.”

    I wonder if this article mentioning “Stronger” might suggest that as a third RISE album single? I think it would be a good choice. I would have picked it before The Comeback to be honest.

  15. I agree with you, Admin2. I just worry about releasing two uptempo songs in a row. But “Stronger Than We Think” has a very current sound to it. The Bryan Todd remix reminds me a little bit of Sia’s “Cheap Thrills.”

  16. Hi All,
    I’ve been a little MIA since I’ve had a busy week. I enjoyed a win by our Packers at Lambeau Field last night. I didn’t get home until about 2 AM. I’m feeling a little out of it today. But I have to rest up for a date with my granddaughter tonight <3

    I like STWT, but I was looking on Spotify to see which of Danny's other songs are most popular. BTIFI beats STWT by about 25%. I really don't know which direction they will go with the next single. I know Danny wanted to do Masterpiece…. hopefully they will pick a solid song that can work for radio.

    I've checked Mediabase. TC is down 24 spins. BUT I see some big increases by Madison, Dallas, Cincinnati and Jacksonville. So… It might be resting on some stations, as others put it into higher rotation for another push? I guess we will see if this tour pushes it back up. Lauren Daigle's new song already has 31 of the 52 stations playing it. It will continue to climb quickly. Right now #20.

  17. I couldn’t start directly at 10:00 a.m. because I was working out with my trainer, but I can’t get ANY tickets to come up on the TobyMac Deep Hits tour.

  18. Okay, I THINK I have a ticket. Row 2. But I also bought a parking pass, which did not show up.

  19. I saw some videos and pics of rise from the dark tour.Mandisa and Danny were great.The crowd were having fun.

  20. Actually, it IS a Danny topic. Danny admires Katy Perry and was inspired by her. Her success wasn’t instantaneous; she was turned down for record deals on multiple occasions. Danny took hope from that. He said as much in his interview with LuLu. Remember?

    But . . .

  21. I had forgotten about that, Ellen. I may have that interview deep in my store of Danny trivia….

    As American Idol rolls out, I may have to dig around to see if I do have it 🙂

  22. No individual is worth $25 million as a judge. No one. The judges say things like they are excited for the opportunity to discover and help new artists. But that is just so much bunk. The judges and Ryan have sucked up so much $$$ that there isn’t any money left over to spend on the contestants. And money for that purpose can provide the contestants with first-class vocal coaches and others who can help them hone their craft and develop an image/create a lane for themselves, stylists and wardrobe, etc. etc.

    And how about a jackpot actually worth winning? Like a million dollars (a tiny fragment of what the judges are getting), and letting the contestant get to choose whether to take it in a lump sum or in an annuity? (A lump sum is enough to record a quality album and shop it around, albeit not to push it to radio; an annuity lets the artist plug away at their craft and industry, while providing a cushion so they don’t need a day job to support themselves or their family.)

    The record label thing doesn’t seem to be working as well anymore, because the artist who wins may not fit in well with that label’s roster. (I’m thinking, e.g., of Scott Borchetta pushing Trent Harmon into a straight and already-overcrowded country lane, rather than exploring soul country, country blues, or R&B.) Perhaps instead of a major label deal, Idol could offer something more along the lines of what Danny has with BMG? Some sort of distribution deal? It would be a crapshoot, for sure, but might work with an artist who was popular enough and had a defined lane.

    Anyway, them’s my two cents, lol!

  23. If you don’t have it, Jan, I should still have the raw footage. LuLu had edited it and cleaned up some of the annoying effects from the bad lighting. (My fault; I didn’t know to adjust my camera settings for the lighting.)

  24. Ellen, I am trying to put all the negative comments (at MJs about the upcoming AI season) in a box and not react to thr perception that Katie has ruined the new show by being over priced, a diva etc.

    ABC is in the business if producing entertainment. I am wishing them a successful launch and good tv viewing for the public.

  25. Danny sure struggled finding his “lane” after American Idol. I am glad he had a second chance to pursue a music career and define his sound and style.

  26. Ellen I am with you.It is ridiculous to spend so much $ on judges. Quality should be paramount of a show and that is where the money should be spent.

  27. Jan Danny struggled with finding his way even during the show.There were not a week when people thought it is his zone,rock,country or whatever the theme is for the week.He sure will do well if there were a gospel week.

  28. Probably won’t happen, but I still wish “Chasing” would be released as a single.
    A plus, I think, is that two fan groups would be buying.
    Another one I like is “This is What Love Can Do.”
    I also like “Stronger Than We Think.” The one I like is not the remix, though. The remix sounds too noisy for me.
    That makes me remember when “The Comeback” came out I thought it was too noisy, but the video with the cheer squad made me like it.
    Danny makes his songs more special the more often he sings them. Some that I don’t like, he makes me like anyway when he does them in concert. Something he is good at is putting himself inside a song and staying in character (acting the part). He still puts emotion in a song that a person would think he has done so many times that he would be tired of it. He never slights a song that I’ve heard. He still seems as involved the 400th time as much as the first time.

    I’m tired of this post, so I’m just going to stop. I can’t spell, type, think of words, etc. I keep having to correct something.

  29. Hi Lurker and Mr Bing,

    I think Danny really enhances a song the more he lives with it. I love how he changes up some of his older songs. The embellishments are beautiful and usually strengthen the song, IMO. He needs 6 months of singing a song before he records it…. 😉

    I remember watching him sing IWNSGB (and What Hurts the Most) and wondered how he could pour his heart into it each time. I think it must be a form of acting. Being able to immerse yourself in the meaning of a song as a singer? Its a gift. And then there is that soulful voice (a voice that can express emotion…) <3

  30. Just woke up to the news of the worse mass murder in US history. Tragic. My husband and I have stayed at Mandalay Bay many times. What goes through a person’s mind to wake up and decide to kill innocent people. Why? My heart goes out to everyone. ♥

  31. Eilonwy on MJ’s has created a video of Idol alums covering the songs of the new Idol judges. She has Danny at featured singing Lionel Ritchie’s “Endless Love.”

  32. “He needs 6 months of singing a song before he records it…. 😉”

    Couldn’t agree more!

  33. I like Danny’s cover of “Hello” that he did before introducing Lionel for their duet. I had never liked that song but liked it when Danny sang it.

  34. Not a lot of good news out there today… but it looks to me that support for TC might still be out there. Its back in the positive spins on Mediabase CAC.

    This is the 1st time I’ve seen the top stations all spinning it 30 or more times:
    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    WBSN-FM New Orleans Christian AC 60 58 2 16 7 13 10 14 0.066
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 48 48 12 8 10 8 10 3.03
    KLTY-FM Dallas Christian AC 46 33 13 10 8 9 7 12 0.624
    WAKW-FM Cincinnati Christian AC 45 43 2 11 7 11 8 8 0.204
    KFIS-FM Portland, OR Christian AC 45 45 11 6 11 7 10 0.138
    KGBI-FM Omaha Christian AC 44 44 12 7 8 8 9 0.074
    WDJC-FM Birmingham Christian AC 41 40 1 14 4 7 6 10 0.12
    WLAB-FM Ft. Wayne, IN Christian AC 41 41 12 2 10 8 9 0.044
    X032-FM >SiriusXM Christian AC 38 39 -1 10 7 6 7 8 0
    WNWC-FM Madison, WI Christian AC 37 22 15 9 6 8 6 8 0.053
    WAFJ-FM Augusta, GA Christian AC 36 36 9 5 8 7 7 0.066
    WAY-FM >WAY-FM Network Christian AC 36 37 -1 9 6 7 5 9 0.295
    WFSH-FM Atlanta Christian AC 35 36 -1 10 2 8 11 4 0.526
    WCSG-FM Grand Rapids Christian AC 35 43 -8 8 7 7 6 7 0.142
    WJIE-FM Louisville Christian AC 33 36 -3 7 5 8 7 6 0.039
    WBDX-FM Chattanooga Christian AC 33 30 3 7 7 7 5 7 0.023
    KVMV-FM McAllen Christian AC 32 23 9 8 6 8 5 5 0.267
    WSOS-FM Jacksonville Christian AC 32 22 10 7 5 7 6 7 0.006
    KBIQ-FM Colorado Springs Christian AC 31 32 -1 8 3 8 6 6 0.045
    KKFS-FM Sacramento Christian AC 30 28 2 8 2 7 6 7 0.043

  35. Did “The Comeback” drop all the way from #6 to #10, or are they different charts? And/or am nuts and I’m remembering wrong about the charts?

  36. It is different charts and different tracking companies. The #6 is a Billboard Nat Airplay. The info I just posted is from Mediabase Christian AC.

    I forgot to label the source. Thanks for the reminder.

  37. Nice to see Mediabase CAC showing some love to TC:

    5 7 NEEDTOBREATHE Hard Love 1460 1510 -50 8.809
    7 8 CHRIS TOMLIN Home 1394 1501 -107 7.156
    9 9 CITIZEN WAY Bulletproof 1311 1408 -97 4.37
    10 10 Up this week DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 1255 1214 41 7.496
    11 11 Up this week JEREMY CAMP Word Of Life 1175 1100 75 7.496

  38. From MJ’s BB numbers today:

    Danny Gokey:
    “Rise”: Christian 28 [47]
    “Comeback”: Christian Airplay 7 (7); Christian Songs 13 (14); CAC 10 (10)

  39. I really enjoyed reading the review of the Rise Out of the Dark tour.

    Several comments struck me as interesting or thought-provoking. The review author, for example, noted that “Mandisa shared * * * how she is learning how God loves us, even when we can’t explain the dark times that still come, and how we must trust His character, not the circumstances we are experiencing.”

    That statement — “we must trust His character” — really resonates with me.

  40. I also liked this:

    “The three artists turned the closing numbers into songs of racial reconciliation and unity * * *. It was refreshing to see artists and musicians filling the stage from various ethnic backgrounds modeling the America we can be if we choose to unite instead of divide ourselves along lines of hatred.”

  41. Finally, it was great to learn that the crowd size was about 2,000, and that $20,000 was raised for Hurricane Harvey relief.

  42. Great song by an classic artist (Phil Collins) with a distinctive, unique voice. Just like “our” Danny. Good find, Lurker.

  43. Phil Collins has a unique tone that reminds many of us of Danny. I think Danny had a greatrr range… but zphil can play the drums. 😉

  44. I enjoyed the songs, Lurker. ♫♪♪♫♫ I can hear Danny singing the song from Restless Heart. Good find. 🙂

  45. If “The Comeback” is not going up much more, when might a next single go to radio?

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