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  1. Matthew‏ @Matthew_Grob_16 7h7 hours ago
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    Yes! Front row seat, I recorded a lot of the concert so I could share to who couldn’t come tonight! Y’all rocked my world ❤️😭😭❤️ thank you

    Mandisa‏Verified account @mandisaofficial 7h7 hours ago
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    Omigosh! Was that you? Wearing a hat?

  2. It looks like none of my friends are coming.
    So I will buy my VIP ticket and attend. Once the worship starts my focus will be on the performance. That’s the beauty of these events. JOY FLOWS STRAIGHT TO MY SOUL.

  3. Donna, we know you will enjoy the concert. Please come back and tell us your favorite parts.

  4. Lurker, your video made me think of the fires in CA. Watching people dig through the ashes. My daughter in northern CA can smell smoke, and my son in southern CA can smell smoke. Loss of life, loss of homes.. so tragic, once again. There are no words for the heartache many have suffered this year. ♥

  5. Hi all! I’m back from my South Carolina trip and I have goodies that I will be posting 🙂

    Good to see that TC is staying steady on Billboard and Mediabase charts. Danny did allude to the fact that this single isn’t being embraced as easily as a Christian song….

  6. My home was flooded as a child. And although my neighborhood wasn’t flooded, I also lived through the great flood of 1993, when a big chunk of the Midwest was a vast, inland sea. (Among other things, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers merged at a place where they do not ordinarily meet.) Transportation was horribly affected, with major highways (and/or entrance/exit ramps) under water. And the smell! Ugh!

    So yeah, Lurker’s video brings back memories . . .

  7. Donna, you will have a good time, I am sure! Please come back and let us know how everything went.

  8. IdolsNow‏ @idolsnow 26m26 minutes ago
    DANNY GOKEY’s “Christmas Is Here” re-enters #Billboard’s Holiday Albums chart at #19. @dannygokey #Idol

  9. Cindy3, it’s absolutely chilling what is happening in California, with the wildfires consuming residential areas and moving so fast some people have not been able to get out alive. The whole State of California is in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Thank you, Ellen. My husband and I have traveled up to Napa and the surrounding areas being lost to the fires. Beautiful.. My daughter was driving home from work last evening and she said you could see haze in front of all the cars. She works in the San Jose area. The smoke is drifting that far. So many are missing. I can only imagine the fear. We’ve only had to evacuate once, but I remember that feeling. Some people only had moments to leave. It’s hard to find the words. When I see “silly” stuff in the news, it makes me mad. We need to focus on the people going through such heartache and loss. The fire in southern California should be contained on Saturday. I pray and hope for the northern fires to calm and be put out, too. ♥

  11. Whether it is fires, flooding or catastrophic storms it all is scary/depressing. My husband has a cousin that had to vacate her home it CA. It was not burned, but there is no power and water. So much disruption and loss…. I hope all our West Coast fans are safe.

  12. I know this is a Danny thread, but I don’t think he would mind us discussing the tragedies affecting Americans around the country. And he’d want us to do what we can to help. Plus, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the disasters and whatnot. But Danny is there to distract and entertain us, and remind us that this too shall pass . . .

  13. It’s easy to move from one tragedy to another, but it isn’t so easy for survivors to pick up the pieces of their lives (not to mention the lives that have been lost). So I’ll keep in my thoughts and prayers those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate; the mass shooting in Las Vegas; and the western wildfires, especially Oregon (because I live here), and California (because people are losing their lives as well as their homes). Also want to shine a spotlight on Puerto Rico, where relief and recovery efforts are hampered by the logistics of bringing in supplies by ship and plane, given its disconnection from the U.S. mainland.

    And, of course, if we go beyond the U.S., the Caribbean is pretty battered by hurricanes, Mexico has had multiple earthquakes, and I am sure there are other disasters farther afield. So maybe the best thing to do is just look around at who may need help in our vicinity . . . Or focus on the neediest among us . . . Okay, I admit I don’t have a clue . . .

  14. I agree, Ellen.

    I wish the best for your husband’s cousin, Jan.

    Fires along with all disasters leave scars. Driving to my son’s home we passed the first Canyon fire. Now, we will see the remains of this fire. There are scars on our mountains. Scars from earthquakes, flooding. But with time, scars fade. With hope emerges new growth. But, for lives lost, scars will remain forever. ♥

    Glad Natalie Grant’s surgery went well.

    Have a beautiful day, everyone…

  15. Sorry about first link. (: (It went to twitter mentions of Danny–not to band photo. Second link did work.)

  16. Job done. Just took four posts instead of one.

    (I have learned to celebrate little successes. 🙂 )

  17. I like Danny’s voice, his music, and his band. I hate the lights and the fog. I would not want to go to a concert.

  18. Hi everyone, just getting back from some travels and starting to catch up

    Glad TC is hanging in there. When was this comment, Jan? “Danny did allude to the fact that this single isn’t being embraced as easily as a Christian song….”

  19. RE Two Story Road ~

    Umm, Admin2, considering that country music rarely plays female voices anymore (although usually they are better about female voices in groups, like LBT), I’m not surprised. I’m slightly encouraged by the fact that the song is being reported by a country blog like The Boot. I don’t remember if that happened with their previous single, “Arson.” I thought “Arson” was a better song, but I suppose it may have been viewed as derivative of “Blown Away” (Carrie Underwood) or “Independence Day” (Martina McBride). Honestly, I liked what Two Story Road did on Danny’s third cruise the best. I feel like they are chasing fads, and I wish they’d just stay true to themselves. Country radio right now is not hospitable to those who are not young and male, with a current (country hiphop or otherwise) sound.

  20. I wish TSR great luck on this newest release. I’m not gravitating towards their new music, but I hope they find their niche and start to see increasing success in country music. Very cool that Hunter Hayes co-produced the song. Hunter hasn’t been active recently on radio charts, though, has he?

  21. I like TRS but not this song.
    Jamie has a one-of-a-kind, exquisite voice. This music does not show off the talent she has.

  22. From MJ’s:

    Danny Gokey:
    “Hope in Front of Me”: Christian 39 (RE)
    “Rise”: Christian 29 (28)
    “Comeback”: Christian Airplay 7 (7); Christian Songs 12 (14); CAC 10 (10)

  23. What is he saying?
    “camposalexBuscando buena música me encontré hace algunos días con este caballero y anoche tuve la oportunidad de compartir con el, sé que Dios puso algo especial en su vida para la comunidad latina. Si tienes oportunidad escucha su álbum La esperanza junto a mi. @dannygokey !me encanto!”

    Jan: From Google Translate:

    Alex Camposa: Looking for good music I met a few days ago with this gentleman and last night I had the opportunity to share with him, I know that God put something special in his life for the Latino community. If you have opportunity listen to album “Hope next to me” by @dannygokey! I love it! “

  24. Alex Campos – 842 thousand instagram followers?

    the comment from Danny’s instagram account is very nice: dannygokey: Last night I had the honor to meet @camposalex. He is a Grammy winning artist that has sold millions of records in Latin America. He has accomplished so much for the kingdom of God. I was floored when my manager told me he wanted to meet me and I was beyond honored when he told me how he randomly found my music and loved it. I hope to have the honor to work with him one day. Please check out his music.

  25. Congratulations to all the winners at the Dove Awards. And, to Danny and his Band for a great performance!!

  26. Alex Campos is very good. I also enjoyed the lighting in his concert video. The lights used helped me see him and his musicians clearly.

  27. I think we The Comeback may be on its final descent. It still has good AI (so it will stick around on Billboard) but if #11 passes Danny in spins, it will go recurrent on Mediabase AC (I think)

    8 7 JEREMY CAMP Word Of Life 1437 1324 113 8.223
    7 8 CASTING CROWNS Oh My Soul 1309 1338 -29 6.349
    10 9 CHRIS TOMLIN Home 1205 1266 -61 6.538
    9 10 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 1169 1277 -108 6.967
    12 11 MATT MAHER Your Love Defends Me 1035 957 78 4.111
    11 12 BRANDON HEATH Whole Heart 1017 995 22 5.007

    Interesting that Team Danny chose to sing TC instead of a new single? I guess we will see if a final push is possible or if it has hit its peak.

  28. Hmmmm…. interesting, two Fish stations are increasing spins. One of them LA the other Nashville. Who knows. It may not be done.

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 47 48 -1 12 8 9 8 10 2.927
    KSGN-FM Riverside Christian AC 47 46 1 11 8 10 7 11 0.102
    KKFS-FM Sacramento Christian AC 47 43 4 9 8 11 10 9 0.077
    KGBI-FM Omaha Christian AC 46 45 1 14 7 7 7 11 0.072
    KXOJ-FM Tulsa Christian AC 45 46 -1 11 6 9 9 10 0.162
    KFSH-FM Los Angeles Christian AC 44 26 18 9 8 9 8 10 0.227

    To go up 18 spins is remarkable. I wonder if DC will start playing it…

  29. That was a super cute video. Really enjoyed it.

    I heard Rascal Flatts singing “What Hurts the Most” today. I have to say, I like Danny’s version better. It might be the time and what Danny was going through that brings so much emotion.. but, it touches my heart every time I hear Danny sing it. ♥

  30. While Danny performed in the 2nd hour of the actual taping, they moved The Comeback up to be the second performer. Almost missed it!

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