American Idol Parody With Our Faves!

Mandisa, Jasmine Murray and Danny Gokey AI Parody

On their “Rise Out of the Dark Tour” there are THREE American Idol alumni! In this short parody we have our favorites becoming the judges as Mandisa portrays Randy Jackson, Jasmine Murray is Paula Abdul and Danny Gokey plays against character as Simon Cowell — or is Danny really this mean, LOL!  We love how much Mandisa and Danny get into their roles and accents — and Jasmine?  She’s appropriately sweet as Paula.

Enjoy this short clip from the tour!

9 thoughts on “American Idol Parody With Our Faves!

  1. Glad you thought it as funny as I did, Cindy3 and Kelly. I was hoping to get the full lead up to the judging, but I had a fail on my recording skills. Thankfully I got this much 🙂

  2. Its lot of fun to watch.Thanks for sharing.Speaking of Simon.He sure had said some not so nice things about Danny’s dancing moves.I dont see whats wrong with his dance skills and I would say he didnt change the way he moves much based on videos from his performance on DOVE awards.

  3. Hi MrBing,

    I think Danny hasn’t changed his moves all that much, but he knows WHEN to incorporate them. When he was on Idol, he tried to put it all in motion without a ton of rehearsal time and he ended up coming across a little frantic instead of the fun/entertainining he generally achieves now. I remember his mom defending him after Idol on his dance moves. Its all about execution when it comes to dance, in my opinion.
    As far as Simon, like, “Clumsy and amateurish” as Simon says about this performance?

  4. Do Not Agree!! Love this song. One of my favorites from high school. Was so excited when Danny performed it. Great job!!

  5. Cute clip. I don’t recognize the woman, but the auditioning gentleman is Mandisa’s background vocalist isn’t he?

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