Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 10/23 -11/5/17

Close up of Danny gokeyWonderful photos of the Danny Gokey Band performing on the

Rise Out of the Dark Tour

Danny Gokey Band perfomring in Rockford IL

Photo by Troy L of the Danny Gokey

join the discussion (350x102)

TroyWL  Thanks!  for sharing your talents with us!

69 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 10/23 -11/5/17

  1. Hi Lurker and Cindy3, Can you believe Danny’s Christmas tour starts in 4 weeks? And still no sign of a new Christmas song. I’m still on the search.
    Fun preview of the tour:

    Casting Crowns, Toby Mac, and Lauren Daigle all put out Christmas albums or EPs.


  2. Sometimes I think of lyrics or words I’ve heard from songs I don’t know. Often I can find and identify the song when I check youtube.
    From somewhere I’ve heard a couple of phrases but did not know this song. I found it. It is done by a grandmother for her grandchild. She has a pleasant voice.


  3. Cindy, Natalie starting vocal exercises last week. She also got the test results. It was cancer, but the doctor says it was fully contained in the nodules. So, no need for radiation, etc?


  4. Very sad, Jan. Nothing seems to be sacred. I don’t understand how human life can be taken so freely and often in this country… My heart goes out to Sutherland Springs, Texas. ♥

    I saw a video of little Gabriel. He’s so cute. Looks so much like Victoria and Daniel. What a beautiful family.

    The leaves are blowing all around today. A blustery Autumn day.


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