Video: Danny Gokey Talks About Sophia’s Heart

Danny Gokey Talks with Nicole C. Mullins

for CCM Magazine

It’s been a while since we’ve heard Danny Gokey talk about his charitable organization, Sophia’s Heart.  In this interview at the GMA Dove Awards with CCM Magazine‘s Nicole Mullen, we learn that SHF is in the midst of a refocusing and developing a strategic new direction.  The operations are closed in Nashville (and in Milwaukee?  We don’t know.) but they have been supporting other organizations that are building wells, churches, etc.

Aileen Nicole Coleman-Mullen, known professionally as Nicole C. Mullen, (born January 3, 1967)[1] is an American singer, songwriter, and choreographer. She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is a multi-Dove award winner and a Grammy nominee from her music (1998 – 2005).

11 thoughts on “Video: Danny Gokey Talks About Sophia’s Heart

  1. That could be a good direction. Sophia’s Heart could still do a lot of good by partnering with other charitable organizations. What it wouldn’t have to do is worry about a baseline of ongoing expenses and overhead. But it sounds like the future path isn’t quite clear yet. So we shall see.

  2. Cindy and Jan…..PRAY for Danny Gokey to have direction from the Holy Spirit…..the brothers life has changed with 3 babies in less than 10 years!!! We must learn to adjust with the family God entrust to us!!!

  3. Hi MassageMade4U

    Actually its 3 babies in 5 years! We will definitely pray for wisdom for Danny!

  4. Thanks Jan, I wasn’t sure if the oldest boy was in school yet which would have made 4-6 years of age….Danny wants a quiver for sure, lol

  5. Tammy, I think little Danny is in 4K. He will be 5 in January.

    Victoria turns 3 in November, (Doesn’t she look older than 2?!? )

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