Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/6 -11/19/17

Rise Out of the Dark Tour

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69 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/6 -11/19/17

  1. Not enthused by that choice. Have no idea how it will do. I would have preferred one of the duets. At least Mandisa’s song “Unfinished” is off the charts now, right? Because that song had a similar theme:

    “But I picked myself back up
    And I started telling me
    No, my God’s not done
    Making me a masterpiece
    He’s still working on me”

    Of course, Mandisa’s song was uptempo, and Danny’s is not. But I have no idea what will resonate with the average Christian audience. Maybe the decision-makers thought “Better Than I Found It” might overlap too much thematically with Mandisa’s “Bleed Red.” But dang, BTIFI is lyrically very appropriate to our current dysfunctional environment. And then there’s “Chasing.” The song is very quiet, and possibly wouldn’t fit with other programming. But IMO that would make the song stand out more.



  2. Oh, i would love a new album… but #Rise just came out in January of this year!!

    I bet he hasn’t started writing the new songs, yet!

    In one of his recent interviews he talks about pulling back so that he has more personal reserves. I am wondering if that is why he isnt signing after shows, lately? Or is he not going ti do as many tours?

    I can see Danny & Leyicet doing more youtube or Facebook events to reach his fans and to grow his following.

    I also think therevis a 3 way collaboration with T Social Misfits on “Chasing” coming up on their new album based on tweets from Jordin & TSM.


  3. Danny can sing so many different kinds of songs. I would love for him to spread his wings more.

    In 2010 when my daughter and I saw Danny it was a very small venue. There was something special about that. Even though, I’m sure Danny was waiting for the moments he’s living now. Although, after hearing some of his stories I can see why he might be pulling away some. Fans can be a little crazy.

    Maybe Danny and Leyicet’s reality show is in the works. 🙂


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