Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/6 -11/19/17

Rise Out of the Dark Tour

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69 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/6 -11/19/17

  1. I think so too, Jan. Little Danny does have Danny’s “happy” eyes. All their children are so cute.

    Listened to the story of the dog biting Danny on the lip. Yikes!

  2. Hello Mr.Gokey. My name is Eugene PXXXX And I’m a good friend of your Drummer, Bernard Bell.And I play for my church, Church of the Way. I was just wondering Do you want or need a Percussion added to your band? I love your music. pXXXXXeugene22@gmail.com

  3. Danny sounds great!! It gives me chills when I hear Natalie and Danny sing The Prayer..

  4. To me, the current tour would be more exciting with new songs. Danny is good about singing a song as though it is still new to him. I, though, eventually want to hear something new.
    I liked the K-Love video of TC. By the time the Dove video of the song was done, I was not as interested.

  5. In one of today’s instagram live stories, Danny was rehearsing “This Christmas”. Makes me think it could be the Christmas single…. but that would mean no new song. But likely a new recording? If it is the song Maestro was working on…

  6. Interview of Danny from September:


    The project that Maestro was leading is described as gospel… may not be for Danny:

    Had a blast last night tracking horns with this great 5-piece horn section for an upcoming gospel project! Shout out to Maestro Lightford for a killer horn arrangement and leading the session! #musiciangrind #recordingstudio #sessionwork #livehorns #hornsinthestudio #gospel #nashville

  7. Me, too. Not sure we would see it get a ton of play on Christian radio, but….. I really don’t know if we will see a Christmas song pushed to radio this time. I hope we do. Preferably a new song or cover….

    Not a ton to report when Danny is winding down a long tour.

    Its coldish here in WI. Not expected to reach 40 degrees…. I carried my exterior paints down to our basement, dug up my cannas bulbs and put away the porch furniture. Time for me to start to get our house ready for Thanksgiving.

    I am not a fan of housework.

    But hosting makes me do the things I’d rather ignore: washing the cabinets, organizing our mudroom, etc, etc…..

    I’d rather cook and entertain — and have a housekeeper 🙂

  8. I previously posted an interview where Jayar asked Danny if he missed having a “normal, 9 to 5 life?” Danny said that wasn’t the life he was meant to have. Great attitude, probably shaped by Danny working at a lot of no futuee jobs, a music career that he didn’t think would take off and now feeling the support of all those people when he is on stage.

    Also, he gets to spend time with his tour mates doing things like this:

    playing basketball

    the basketball photo

  9. “I’d rather cook and entertain — and have a housekeeper ”

    I just want to lie on my sofa. 🙂

  10. Lurker 🙂

    So, i posted the basketball picture on our Facebook. Danny must have liked it. He posted the same photo 🙁

    He does that sometimes. I don’t like him duplicating our posts 🙁

    Yes, it is a picture that he is in…. but…

  11. Yes. Danny sometimes uses things without giving credit. I think he doesn’t realize he is supposed to. Remember when he used to tweet quotes and also jokes as though they were his original thoughts?
    There are some things about people, life, situations, etc., (I am thinking mostly of a friend who has likes I don’t share) that I have to sift out. I think of holding my hands out, palms up and fingers apart. The things I don’t like I try to imagine falling through my fingers. The things I do like I imagine holding in my palms. (This usually helps me feel more peaceful. Not always.)

  12. Nice idea of how to let go of things we don’t like or agree with, Lurker.

    I know Danny copies things from other sources…suppose I could look at it as him agreeing/confirming that I picked a good picture/article/video to share 😉

  13. “I am not a fan of housework.

    But hosting makes me do the things I’d rather ignore: washing the cabinets, organizing our mudroom, etc, etc…..

    I’d rather cook and entertain — and have a housekeeper”

    I am with you, Jan. And I am doing something about it. Housework not only steals precious free time, but often causes me pain. So I have hired a cleaning service to help out once a month. So worth the money!

  14. Jan,
    You might find this interesting. I was looking at my list of purchases on itunes and noticed again these identifications.
    “Christian & …” is after each song from HIFOM.
    “Contempor…” is after each song from the Spanish HIFOM.
    “Gospel” is after each song from RISE.

  15. I can understand “RISE” being a gospel song. It’s one of my favorites off Danny’s Christmas Album.

    Little Danny and Victoria are adorable. They are growing up so fast. I remember when Little Danny was born. Baby Gabriel looks just like them. Most important, the children look like they get along and have a lot of love for each other. Now, I only see photos, but you can feel the love. 🙂

  16. Cindy, I don’t think you mean Rise. Its not on the Christmas Album…. Give Me Jesus, Better Than I Found It, and What Love Can Do seem the most gospel-like songs that Danny has sung, to me.

  17. Oh my gosh, Jan. Your are right. I’m not sure how I confused that. I’ve been listening to Danny’s Christmas album early this year. The song I meant to say was, ” Lift Up Your Eyes.” To me it’s a good “church” song. One of my favorites. 🙂

  18. “Kel-Nicole‏
    16m16 minutes ago

    @dannygokey Kel Nicole hoping for a comeback at America’s Got Talent”

    I wonder if she is a contestant and if she plans to sing Danny’s song.

  19. Looks like some winter (snow) weather is heading into MN, WI and then heading towards the East Coast this weekend. I’m hoping it blows away 🙂

  20. itunes (Christian & Gospel)

    T CB: #42
    TYHTBA: #44
    Rise: #154

    HIFOM: #61
    CIH: #81

    RISE (album) not showing. I assume it fell out of the top 200. Unless it got lost in a shuffle and will show up again later?

  21. Danny Gokey‏Verified account
    10h10 hours ago

    Replying to @LynseyStepan @xonichollexo
    That’s cool! Thanks for sharing it!

  22. NHL‏Verified account
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    Keeping spirits high is hugely important when you’re in treatment, so @xonichollexo shares her go-to positive energy playlist. #HockeyFightsCancer

  23. I don’t really get why Danny’s newest album is the lowest selling…

    Maybe new fans bought Rise, and now tbey are picking up the older material?


  24. I think RISE dropped because Christmas albums moved up. The mystery to me is what caused the surge to TYHTBA. I wondered if NHL fans or fans who read the blog of the NHL wife with cancer did some buying when they saw her list.

  25. I am a bit concerned that “The Comeback” is charting about as well as TYHTBA. And even more concerned that Danny’s newest album is charting significantly behind his first two albums (not counting the Spanish album). That makes me wonder if Danny’s more uptempo, pop, retro-current sound is not resonating with the Christian audience? I think it means my favorites will never see the light of day as singles. I’m thinking maybe they ought to go with a ballad or midtempo song next? Maybe “Chasing” or “Better Than I Found It?” Or even *gulp* “Materpiece?” Or maybe “What Love Can Do” can pull a leaf out of TYHTBA’s book? Both songs were release by other artists.

  26. I hope you are right, Jan, that fans who were introduced to Danny with the “Rise” album are now picking up his earlier albums. But I’m not convinced that is the case. Do we have any sales numbers to compare the two main Christian albums? I’d expect HIFOM to have better numbers because it has been released for a longer time period, but how big a difference there is in sales might say something about the popularity of the album Rise.

  27. RISE (album) has consistently been ahead of TYHTBA for quite a while. I think the overall numbers for TYHTBA would be higher than the RISE album though. I don’t know. I’m guessing (because of the popularity of singles from TYHTBA).

    When I checked itunes today, I was at first surprised because TYHTBA was much higher than it has been in a long time plus I couldn’t find RISE. Later I saw that RISE was back at #184.

    I just checked again. RISE is continuing to move back up. It is now at #96.

    The chart is filling up with Christmas albums. When I realized that, I was less surprised that RISE was down. My surprise continues to be with TYHTBA and why it is up (#52 now).

  28. “Maybe “Chasing” or “Better Than I Found It?” Or even *gulp* “Masterpiece?” Or maybe “What Love Can Do”

    I like “Chasing” and WLCD–not the other two.

  29. I’m sorry. I think I typed TYHTBA a few times when I meant to type HIFOM. 🙁

    The NHL star’s wife blog listed HIFOM.

  30. I think my posts at 1:58 and 3:15 are the ones where I typed TYHTBA as the album instead of HIFOM.

  31. I’m not sure it would take a lot to shift things in the charts outside the top 50 or so?

    “Looks like some winter (snow) weather”

  32. I have been kinda busy…. and with not a lot of things happening in Danny-land, I’ve not been trying too hard to find content to post.

    I keep looking for a new Christmas single. Nothing showing up, yet.

  33. Has anyone ever released a single from a previous album instead of the current album?

  34. And because this video always makes me cry ~

    (I’m pretty sure I’ve posted it before. According to the comments, at least two of the cancer patients have survived, but it sounds like one died.)


  35. I like Kelly’s “Stronger” and Danny’s and Mandisa’s, too.

    I can’t imagine being strong enough to work in a children’s hospital…

    My daughter works at an inpatient mental health facility for children. I don’t know how she does that either… I’d be a crying all the time.

  36. Really nice photo. I wonder if it’s Diego Brawn’s? Even if he is Danny’s employee, I wish they would credit him. And if it isn’t his, they really need to credit it…..

  37. itunes (Christian & Gospel)

    T CB: #52
    TYHTBA: #56
    Rise: #152

    CIH: #58
    RISE: #74
    HIFOM: #101

  38. Not enthused by that choice. Have no idea how it will do. I would have preferred one of the duets. At least Mandisa’s song “Unfinished” is off the charts now, right? Because that song had a similar theme:

    “But I picked myself back up
    And I started telling me
    No, my God’s not done
    Making me a masterpiece
    He’s still working on me”

    Of course, Mandisa’s song was uptempo, and Danny’s is not. But I have no idea what will resonate with the average Christian audience. Maybe the decision-makers thought “Better Than I Found It” might overlap too much thematically with Mandisa’s “Bleed Red.” But dang, BTIFI is lyrically very appropriate to our current dysfunctional environment. And then there’s “Chasing.” The song is very quiet, and possibly wouldn’t fit with other programming. But IMO that would make the song stand out more.


  39. Oh, i would love a new album… but #Rise just came out in January of this year!!

    I bet he hasn’t started writing the new songs, yet!

    In one of his recent interviews he talks about pulling back so that he has more personal reserves. I am wondering if that is why he isnt signing after shows, lately? Or is he not going ti do as many tours?

    I can see Danny & Leyicet doing more youtube or Facebook events to reach his fans and to grow his following.

    I also think therevis a 3 way collaboration with T Social Misfits on “Chasing” coming up on their new album based on tweets from Jordin & TSM.

  40. Danny can sing so many different kinds of songs. I would love for him to spread his wings more.

    In 2010 when my daughter and I saw Danny it was a very small venue. There was something special about that. Even though, I’m sure Danny was waiting for the moments he’s living now. Although, after hearing some of his stories I can see why he might be pulling away some. Fans can be a little crazy.

    Maybe Danny and Leyicet’s reality show is in the works. 🙂

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