Video: The Comeback – Danny Gokey at the 48th Annual Doves

Great video courtesy of TBN and the GMA Dove Awards of Danny Gokey performing his single, “The Comeback” at the 48th Annual Dove Awards in Nashville Tennessee – October, 2017.

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7 thoughts on “Video: The Comeback – Danny Gokey at the 48th Annual Doves

  1. Not my favorite performance of “The Comeback” by Danny. For one, I hate when Danny (or any other artist) interrupts their own singing with talking. “Shut up and sing!” And two, Danny’s ad libs did not quite work for me. Danny rarely sings a song the same way twice. Which is why it’s possible to attend multiple concerts and never be bored. But on this occasion, Danny’s voice sounded tired. Danny tours a lot, so I hope he takes good care of his voice.


  2. Hi Ellen, I think would be hard for Danny to top his performance from the K-LOVE Awards or the exhilaration of performing on “Harry”. I do hear a strain in his voice at the top notes — I think that is why he is talking as much as he is and some of the ab libs (he always knows when he hasn’t hit his best note — well, except when he can’t hear himself, like on “Dream On” on Idol, LOL).

    But I love the staging, the extra musicians, etc. I think Danny’s team is trying to make his performances big and memorable. And he is driven to improve his concerts, too.

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  3. Always love Danny’s performances no matter what song or where…live or on tv…him and his team of talented musicians never disappoint!! Just got back from the ROOTDtour and traveled over 5 hours to see them…quite a trip and well worth every moment!!

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  4. I am glad you enjoyed the ROOT tour, Angelsnell. I wanted to attend, but the tour came nowhere even remotely near me. But I will get to see Danny and Mandisa (but not Jasmine Murray, sadly) on Toby Mac’s Deep Hits tour.

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