Picture Worth a 1000 Words: Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey by Vena MediaIt’s not often I will do a post on one photo, but this one really grabbed me. I felt it captured the essence of Danny Gokey.  What is your reaction when you see this photo?

The photo was provided by Vena Media. I first saw it on Instagram and the photographer,  Lalven Sanga, graciously gave me permission to use it.

Lalven is a PhD candidate at Asbury Theological Seminary and works in the Communications department. He holds a Master’s degree in Communication, and has been active photographer and videographer for several years and bases out of central Kentucky, USA.

Lalven Sanga


12 thoughts on “Picture Worth a 1000 Words: Danny Gokey

  1. Danny in a quiet, reflective moment. And with a reflection!

    I just loved the serenity of this photo and the fact that there is so much to take in… So glad Vena Media shared it with us ❤

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  2. I don’t know Danny, so it’s hard to say. He may be thinking of past, present and future of his life. The words that comes to mind.. gratitude, appreciation, and love… and what’s for dinner. 😉

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  3. Many thanks to Lalven Sanga! Like most people, Danny has many moods and many sides his personality. Mr. Sanga caught Danny in a contemplative pose. Beautiful!

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  4. This is an AHHH-MAZING photo and we are so blessed to have his music 🎶 and talent in our lives to spread God’s word…it has certainly changed mine and even though I’ve been to 3 of his concerts this year…I haven’t been able to tell him how appreciative I am face to face…but someday I will!! #bucketlist#Gokeygroupie#yourmusicinspiresme

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  5. Angelsnell, I’ve met Danny many times, mostly when he was doing country music, but once at an outdoor Christian music festival. He is very approachable — warm and friendly. I am not sure how the opportunities for meet and greets at Christian concerts compare to his country music era. Maybe someone else who visits this site would know? I do believe that you will meet Danny someday.

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  6. Until the last two tours (Casting Crowns and ROOTD) Danny was commonly going out to sign merchandise after his shows. (Not everytime, but frequently.) During the summer festival season, he still did autograph signing times. There wasn’t always time for photos, though. (Like in upstate NY’s festival.)

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  7. I understand that his fan base is increasing by the day and yay for him…just want to check off my bucket list on meeting him face to face !! Hope is in front of me!!


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