Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 11/20 – 12/03/17

Annette Holloway photo of Danny Gokey at the ROOTDtour

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Annette Holloway photo of Danny Gokey, Mandisa, Jasmine

While the “Rise Out of the Dark Tour” is a wrap – after 32 cities – we thank Danny for this Facebook Live event:

63 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 11/20 – 12/03/17

  1. This tour was amazing! The lighting was designed by Chris Spears who was trained by Jason Norris – TobyMac’s lighting designer. It adds so much to the show… awesome!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Annette! And thanks for the photos and info.

    I think the lighting was so much better than the Casting Crowns tour lighting. In that tour, the flow of the artists was really fast, but they often weren’t in the best lighting. ROOTD looked like it was VERY professionally ran in so many ways!

    I got the impression that Mandisa has a good idea of how she likes her tours to go. Danny implied he can be more lay back since they didn’t need two leaders 😉

  3. PS. I love the expression on Danny’s face in this lead photo. Thanks for capturing it Annette!

  4. itunes (Christian & Gospel)

    TYHTBA: #77
    T CB: #78
    Rise: #130
    Mary, Did You Know: #200

    CIH: #35
    RISE: #65
    HIFOM: #95

  5. Can you tell that Danny sang MDYK last night? 🙂

    I’d like the four singles higher on the sales chart, but four songs and three albums is very good! Thanks, Lurker

  6. I was thinking that some of the Idols who have recorded music have been given song-writing credit without doing a lot of the writing. They add a thought, change some words, etc., and get songwriting credit. Some even come to believe they are great writers when maybe if they had to write a song alone, they might miss the contributions of the other songwriters involved.
    Thinking about that led me to search for some singers who had hits they didn’t write. I found singers such as Kenny Rogers, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra.

    Kenny Rogers:
    On choosing to be a vocalist, rather than a songwriter:
    “I take great pride in not writing hits. I write from time to time, but I think great writers have a need to write, and I don’t really have that need.”

    Three hits from Kenny:
    “Lucille” is a song written by Roger Bowling and Hal Bynum.
    “The Gambler” is a song written by Don Schlitz.
    “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town was written by Mel Tillis.

    Elvis Presley:
    Despite his talent as a singer and his passion for music, Presley was not a songwriter himself. However, many of his greatest hits were originally billed with Presley as a co-writer. This was due to…assigning a songwriting credit to the singer in order to collect royalties on the composition they made famous (Presley’s manager, Colonel Parker, was notorious for finding ways to make a buck). The lyricist of “Love Me Tender,” Ken Darby, was so frustrated with the practice that he credited his wife as Presley’s supposed collaborator, noting, “She didn’t write it either.”

    Frank Sinatra:
    Most of his hits were written by a variety of songwriters.

  7. The way that artists get paid for music, I can see why a songwriting credit is a necessity. There is such a large move away from buying the music by the public….

  8. “Ken Darby, was so frustrated with the practice that he credited his wife as Presley’s supposed collaborator, noting, “She didn’t write it either.””

    Ha. Hadn’t heard that one but I can understand it. It seems to take very minimal contribution for an artist to get songwriting credit so long as the more professional songwriters will go along with it.

    Not saying in Danny’s case or anyone in particular it is not truly collaborative. But I do see cases sometimes where it really strains my credibility to think Artist X had much to do with a given song.

  9. I can think of a few examples that are a clear STRETCH for a singer adding significantly to a song’s writing credits. That’s all I’m going to say right now…

    Perlyshell, who has shared concert videos with us in the past, has provided us with the Danny Gokey Band pranking Mandisa by joining the dance party on Mandisa’s “Out of the Dark” performance on Sunday night!


  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    That interview Jan posted is interesting. The host almost sounds like a computer-generated voice.

  11. Wow, Admin2! You are right! I assume that was a human being interviewing Danny — unless the computer’s name is Jim! Because that does indeed sound like a computer trying to mimic the cadence of a human voice.

  12. Gonna paste this here too ~

    I was there! I recognized the outfit immediately. So glad Lori talked me into going! I wasn’t sure by the description of the event whether it would be worth it — didn’t want to travel if Danny was only going to sing a song or two. But it was SO worth it! Danny sang a nice-sized set with a full band. And best of all was being there with a small group of fellow Danny fans, including Maria.

    And honestly, it may be the best concert I ever attended. At least it ranks up there. There were five country acts, and it was a full evening of music — concert went from something like 7:00 p.m. to about 11:00 p.m. or so. Very full evening! Five country acts. The JaneDear Girls, a local Sacramento act whose name I don’t recall — maybe Atwater? — Craig Campbell, Danny Gokey, and headliners Montgomery Gentry. Those of us who had meet and greet passes to see Danny missed seeing Atwater perform, but we could still hear the music. Craig was very good, and Montgomery Gentry — rest in peace, Troy Gentry! — was outstanding. And I loved seeing all the hardcore country fans enjoying Danny’s set along with me!

  13. I LOVE the Sony version of Danny singing “O Holy Night!” Unfortunately for Danny and everyone else, it is the standard by which I now measure iterations of this classic Christmas carol.

  14. itunes (Christian & Gospel)

    Mary, Did You Know: #60
    T CB: #64
    TYHTBA: #65
    LUYE: #164
    Rise: #177

    CIH: #36
    HIFOM: #149

  15. itunes (Christian & Gospel)

    TYHTBA: #56
    Mary, Did You Know: #58
    T CB: #75
    HIFOM: #171
    LUYE: #182

    CIH: #30
    HIFOM: #133

  16. Danny nominated for a Grammy?

    Category 39 – Best Contemporary Christian Music Album

    (This award is given to the artist(s) and any producer(s) or engineer(s) responsible for at least 51% playing time of an album containing at least 51% playing time of newly recorded, vocal, contemporary Christian music, including pop, rap/hip-hop, or rock recordings. (Subject to eligibility criteria))

    • Rise

    Danny Gokey

    • Echoes (Deluxe Edition)

    Matt Maher

    • Lifer


    • Hills And Valleys

    Tauren Wells

    • Chain Breaker

    Zach Williams

  17. It helps to be in the front of the alphabet on these kind of announcements…. 🙂

    Danny was so excited he said he was having a hard time fighting back the tears — but he was at the gym so he had to be more manly 😉

  18. I’m so excited for Danny!!! He deserves those tears of joy. Thank you Lurker, and Jan. Wonderful news!!

  19. This has nothing to do with anything but as I was posting in the RISE award nom thread, it just felt like this guy had to make a re-appearance

  20. Speaking of wondering (I was), I wonder how people in stories or movies are so easily able to rip petticoats or shirts to make strips for bandages.
    I have never had any material I would be strong enough to rip!

  21. Goodness, how has Lurker and Admin2 hidden from the world of the movie “Frozen”?? It is the snowman sidekick of the princess.

  22. Created from Elsa’s magical powers, Olaf is by far the friendliest snowman in Arendelle. … Olaf may be a bit naive, but his sincerity and good-natured temperament make him a true friend to Anna and Elsa. … Frozen’s ‘In Summer’ Anthem – Behind the Scenes.


    I took my 20 something daughter to see it when it came out 😉


  23. how people in stories or movies are so easily able to rip petticoats or shirts to make strips for bandages

    I rip cotton bedding, shirts when I want to create cleaning rags for windows, etc.

    Generally it has to be well worn (lots of washing) and you have to go with the grain.

    In showing my age, my home economics teacher required us to even the salvages of the fabric by ripping the edge straight before cutting out a pattern when sewing.

  24. Just read the news, and I have the BIGGEST smile on my face! I don’t know whether Danny will win a Grammy (although I know that is one of his goals), but just being nominated is such an honor! 😀

  25. What an adorable video. Happy Birthday, Victoria.

    Before ripping I have to start by using a pair of scissors. My teeth aren’t strong enough. 😉

    My cleaning rags are a bag of cloth diapers. Which are hard to find these days..

  26. Hi Ellen, i was very happy to get the news yesterday. MJ put up a post and even congratulated Kelly and Danny. Crazy to think his first nomination comes 8 years after American Idol. Danny always said he was a late bloomer 😉

  27. I didn’t see Frozen with my granddaughter…. I saw it with my adult daughter, LOL. We like Disney movies/musicals….

  28. Kids flew in and we’re all heading to Disneyland tomorrow. Maybe I’ll see Olaf. 😉

  29. I don’t go to movies anymore.
    Sometimes I rent a movie on itunes. I loved the one Ellen told me about.

  30. I have seen the picture before. I wish a different picture had been chosen for a nomination mention.
    Is that Kimberly Locke behind Danny?

    I see snow! 🙂 🙂

  31. Danny Gokey


    Planning to catch the recently-Grammy nominated Danny Gokey on the road soon? Here’s a summary of what you can expect along the way, as reported from his set on the Philadelphia stop of the Rise Out of the Dark tour. The Artist: One of American Idol’s most cherished gifts to CCM……..

    The Verdict: Danny Gokey is one of the most accessible singers in CCM, boasting a sound that is both heartfelt and relatable. It’s easy to like the guy just from seeing his live show and fans of all kinds should find his show one of strong artistic merit. 

  32. Hey Admin2, did you turn the snow back on? Or does it automatically go on December 1? NICE!

  33. Ed just became our 5,000 “like” on Facebook.

    I am really surprised by the fast growth in thr last year!

  34. What a great performance, Jan. One of the best I’ve heard.

    Love the snow, ADMIN2.

    Jim Nabors sings The Impossible Dream better than anyone else I’ve ever heard, Lurker.

    Who will be going to Danny and Natalie’s Christmas Show? Wish it had been closer, but maybe next time…

    Have a beautiful day, everyone.

  35. I’m not sure I’d feel ready for a full concert of Christmas music but glad to see MDYK is back. Perhaps some surprises with the new tour?

    Forgot to say, big congratulations to Jan (with a tiny assist from Ed) for reaching 5000 followers on Facebook. That’s awesome and well above any social media presence we ever had as IDHG even when Danny’s season was on national television.

    This guy is really scary 😮

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