Danny Gokey as #MANGO Dancer?

It is a tradition to prank the other artists on the last day of a tour.  Danny’s and his band decided to wear custom MANGO shirts and go on stage during Mandisa’s set. They joined her dancers with their own stylings.  I’m waiting for a video of that prank to surface…. but in the meanwhile, this is Danny backstage checking out his MANGO shirt.

Thanks to Perlyshell, Watch Danny’s Dance Moves! Update: 11-21-17

What do you think of the DG Band’s moves?  I’d say they gave it their all!  Too bad they didn’t sell MANGO shirts for charity. I think they are pretty cool!

Our thanks to Diego Brawn for giving us a glimpse of the shenanigans at the last “Rise Out of the Dark” show in Bel Air, Maryland and Perlyshell for sharing her video.

At the very end of this video by Perlyshell, you can see Danny and his band came back on stage in their MANGO shirts for the final set of the ROOTD Tour.

3 thoughts on “Danny Gokey as #MANGO Dancer?

  1. I really enjoyed watching all the dancers…Danny was enjoying himself as well.

  2. Hi Peggy! Everyone looked liked they were having so much fun! It was a great tour. I talked to Danny’s road manager and he said it was one of his favorite tours. And he’s been on a LOT!

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