Video Flashback: Danny Gokey Sings O Holy Night

Danny Gokey performs a Christmas Classic – O Holy Night

This video goes back to 2011 when Danny Gokey was performing for at the Power Balance Pavillion for a country radio station’s Christmas concert in Sacramento, Wisconsin.  We thank longtime fan, Maria for this video.  You can check out more of her videos at her youtube channel HERE.

4 thoughts on “Video Flashback: Danny Gokey Sings O Holy Night

  1. What an amazing performance and one of my favorite Christmas songs also…thx for sharing!! 👍🎅🏻⛄️🎄#GokeyGroupie

  2. I was there! I recognized the outfit immediately. So glad Lori talked me into going! I wasn’t sure by the description of the event whether it would be worth it — didn’t want to travel if Danny was only going to sing a song or two. But it was SO worth it! Danny sang a nice-sized set with a full band. And best of all was being there with a small group of fellow Danny fans, including Maria.

    And honestly, it may be the best concert I ever attended. At least it ranks up there. There were five country acts, and it was a full evening of music — concert went from something like 7:00 p.m. to about 11:00 p.m. or so. Very full evening! Five country acts. The JaneDear Girls, a local Sacramento act whose name I don’t recall — maybe Atwater? — Craig Campbell, Danny Gokey, and headliners Montgomery Gentry. Those of us who had meet and greet passes to see Danny missed seeing Atwater perform, but we could still hear the music. Craig was very good, and Montgomery Gentry — rest in peace, Troy Gentry! — was outstanding. And I loved seeing all the hardcore country fans enjoying Danny’s set along with me!

  3. This isn’t Danny’s best version of O Holy Night — voice was a bit strained on that song. Not sure if it’s possible to post the Sony version; that is iconic. But you can find it by googling “Sony version of Danny Gokey singing ‘O Holy Night.'” I highly recommended that you do so, if you haven’t heard this version yet!

  4. I remember reading about this concert, Ellen, and I knew I had missed a good one… but i had tickets to take my son to a Packer game, and I couldn’t miss that!

    This morning I was trying to think of something to freshen up DGNews content and this came to me 🙂

    And Maria gave me permission to excerpt a bit on Facebook. I cant do that eith the Sony video..

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