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Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant Celebrate ChristmasThe Celebrate Christmas Tour

I feel very fortunate that we could attend the Celebrate Christmas Tour for a second year in a row.  Wisconsinites are very lucky that Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant returned to Green Bay, Wisconsin this year (and added Kenosha) for their second annual Christmas tour. If you can’t attend this limited run show, we will do our best to share!  I will be posting more photos and short videos from the show.  Stay tuned!

Danny Gokey performs in Green Bay

Much of the set list is the same – with favorites like “Mary Did You Know”, “Give Me Jesus”, and “Christmas is Here”.  This year Danny added his singles “The Comeback” and “Lift Up Your Eyes”.  And they did a medley that included, “Christmas Time is Here”.  Do you remember that song from the Charlie Brown Christmas special?

Danny and Natalie opened and closed the show together. The opening and closing song of the concert is “O Come Let Us Adore Him”.  (Video below!) They returned for an encore with their very beautiful version of the “The Prayer”.  Stay tuned for the new videos and lots of photos!

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Danny and Natalie

75 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 12/04 -12/17/17

  1. Wonderful together. Great sound!!!!..wish I could have been there to hear it all!!!!

  2. Sorry you missed it, Peggy. They really have beautiful voices.

    Gosh I like this snow falling on our posts this time of year. Especially when its been 50 degrees here in Wisconsin.

  3. I love the snow on the pictures. Danny & Natalie have beautiful voices. I would love if they recorded a song together. 😊🎅⛄

  4. Pretty funny watching the snow fall on your sunset, Jan! Interesting info about the sun being lower in winter (which makes driving more difficult as a result) and setting at a more oblique and longer angle, along with the addition of higher clouds so the sun can reflect upwards and illuminate the clouds with pretty colors.

  5. They sound great together, i wished i could have been there. Hopefully they will come back next year and i can get there.

  6. Natalie sounds so strong. Very happy that she’s doing well. Danny of course, sounds great! Lucky you, to be able to see these two wonderful performers on their Christmas Tour.

    Beautiful photo. Are those silos in the background? I remember on our travels in the Midwest seeing all the silos. Never see those in my neck of the woods. 😉 Enjoyed our time all those years ago.. Now, I might be wrong, and those are not silos. :/

  7. Yes, Cindy, in the Midwest we needed silos to store chopped hay or silage to feed our cattle or cows — because of our shorter growing season! We now see more land storage (huge plastic storage bags and big round bales) for storing feed.

    I am very lucky Danny returns to perform regularly in our area. But then, he is a Wisconsin native <3

  8. I don’t know if anyone else has been waiting for their pledgemusic.com Danny Gokey Rise Vinyl LP, but after much delay….

    Danny’s manager has reported it is mailing out on December 6th. Supposedly they had three pressings to get an acceptable version.

    I will let you know if I receive mine…. 😉

  9. I had the impression listening to the clip of The Prayer over the weekend, that they lowered the key a bit – to accommodate Natalie perhaps? Was curious if that seemed possible from what you heard with their full sets in the live show.

    Not sure what I think of the Gumby hair style 😮

    I haven’t had the local CCM station on much the past much, more country radio. But too many doses of Sam Hunt crooning about his gal’s “backroad” had me tuning back into the D.C. Christian radio where I heard Danny loud & strong yesterday with Mary Did You Know.

  10. Admin2, I can’t say I noticed a key change for The Prayer. I do think Danny’s strengthening his lower register and he does even better on the night of our show. (And I loved last year….)

    Ed called Danny’s hair a pompadour. I think that’s pretty accurate:

    Key to creating the perfect pompadour is getting the right cut in the first place. Like having enough hair, having the right amount of hair in the right places is equally important.

    A clean-shaven face might have historically been the pompadour’s preferred partner, but as has been proved by many beard-loyal blokes in recent years, this hairstyle looks just as good with a face full of fuzz.
    Also worth noting is that – while there’s nothing exactly wrong with a classic long-on-the-sides pompadour teamed with a beard – a sleeker, more modern and overall less Wolverine-y look can be achieved by opting for a disconnected pompadour with the hair clipped short at the back and sides. This will create some much-needed contrast between the volume of the pompadour itself and that of your beard.



  11. Danny having many tours scheduled is good. Having them almost back-to-back doesn’t leave much time for recording new music (unless he is doing it secretly).
    Does he just keep singing the same songs on each tour (except for Christmas)?
    If he doesn’t have time for an album, is an EP a possibility? Maybe just four songs to get something new and interesting out for fans?

  12. Lurker, we hope Danny’s management is fitting in time for him to be in Nashville to start writing and recording songs. I really don’t think he has secretly started to work on a new album. We watch him way too close for us not to pick up a few cues. But I will go out to see if any new songs are registered at BMI….

    Meanwhile, I’ve picked up info on a new Comeback Tour. Danny is doing a solo tour (might just be spot dates as they get booked?) But two are already listed, NY and MA. iTickets list the tour starting March 30 through May 30, but these dates are in July.


  13. Danny is smart to tour all he can right now and sock away his earnings for leaner times. Most artists nowadays have relatively short shelf lives. Also, touring will get more difficult when the children are school age. It won’t be as easy for Leyicet and the children to travel or meet up with Danny. It’s possible he’ll want to do less touring then. So I’m willing to wait a bit longer for the next album. Or at least I’d rather wait for a full album than for an EP.

  14. I am not much of a Christmas music person (especially compared to Jan). I tend to like the standards by Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby. Not generally a fan of Christmas albums, and Danny’s is my least favorite of all the albums he has put out. (Haven’t listened to the Spanish album, though.) I was massively disappointed with what he did with “O Holy Night.” Granted, he was never gonna top the Sony version, but I really dislike the version that is on his album. On the other hand, “Mary Did You Know?” is a jewel. But on the whole? I really never play Danny’s Christmas album. Maybe if I listened more, I would warm up to it.

  15. I tried to post a comment, Jan, but it didn’t go through. Now the site is telling me it is a duplicate comment, and won’t let me re-try to post it. 🙁

  16. Ellen, I see three comments posted from you. Have you tried refreshing your browser? I think WordPress is correct that your comments have posted.

  17. “Danny is smart to tour all he can right now and sock away his earnings for leaner times. ”

    Makes sense.

  18. As long as he doesn’t exhaust himself or destroy his family time. ~ 130 shows in 2017 was a LOT.

  19. I like the standards too, Ellen. I listen to Danny’s Christmas Album all the time. I love Lift Up Your Eyes. But, no one can sing Christmas songs like Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, and others. 🙂

    I hope Danny’s career keeps going for a long while. He is smart to do the most he can right now. I remember Nicole Kidman saying that once about acting.

    At least nine fires burning in Southern California. Very sad. There is so much damage from the last few years of this kind of destruction. Going down the mountain yesterday, we saw one of the fires. This is what happens when the Santa Ana’s blow. We’re cold up here and the ski slopes are blowing snow. Plan to open this weekend. I don’t remember all these fires burning in December before. ♥

    Now, only my opinion but…. I wish Danny would wear his hair a little shorter on top like he did a few years ago. I’m afraid I find myself looking at the top of his head to see how high his hair is when I look at photos of him now. :/

  20. I should have said.. I don’t remember such a bad fire season in December before.

  21. “Now, only my opinion but…. I wish Danny would wear his hair a little shorter on top like he did a few years ago. ”

    My opinion, too!

  22. Sorry to see the news about the fires still burning in your part of CA, Cindy. Just horrible images.

    As far as Danny’s pompadour. I kind of like it. As long as he doesn’t just pull it up. They are suppose to be pushed forward to soften the look. Not into the troll look. 😉

    FINALLY. They are promoting ALL of Danny’s Christmas album at Playmp3.com They had already pushed MDYK and LUYE.

    Now they are doing all of the songs:


    Published December 5, 2017
    Labels: BMG
    Number of Tracks: 10
    Total Time: 37:28
    Formats: Christian, Christian CHR, Christian AC, Christian Inspo, Christmas, Christian Specialty, Christian Praise & Worship, Christian Top 40, Christian Hot AC
    Available Date & Time: December 5, 2017 03:13 PM ET
    Country: USA


  23. Saw some photos of the fires in Southern California, Cindy3. My mind boggles. I’m worried that there will be precious little respite. It is December now, and you know there will be another fire season waiting next summer. Oregon gets fire seasons, too, and this year was particularly rough in part because of the location of some of the fires in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. We lost state and national treasures this year.

    Prayers to you and your region, Cindy3. The Columbia Gorge fire was declared 100% contained just six days ago (it started in early September). Oregon firefighters are now going to California to help fight the fires there. The story doesn’t say exactly where, but since it mentions Southern California, I’m guessing our firefighters are heading to your region, Cindy3. Blessings to all. May God keep everyone safe.

  24. Whoops! I guess I should read more carefully! It is disaster relief responders who are headed to California from Washington State; I don’t know whether Washington is sending any firefighters.

  25. Thank you, Ellen. Hopefully, after the next couple of days the winds will die down. One of the fires burned to the ocean. I remember something similar with the Malibu Fire years ago. My thoughts are with all the people involved and the furry little creatures, too. ♥

  26. I really don’t know how significant the “New Release Today” Christian Music awards are, but I like that Danny was nominated among his peers.

    If you care to vote for Danny a few times:


    Also, The Social Club Misfits released an album in January 2017 on the same day as Danny released his album, Rise. They are reporting their next (!!!) album is coming out in February 2018. They are also managed by Maximum Artists and they are using Danny & Jordin’s “Chasing” in their song YuTo on this new album:

    2.9.18 (Preorder Next Week) 🔦



  27. According to MJ’s thread on Billboard Year End stats, Danny’s “Rise” album was number #34 on the Independent Album chart for the year, slightly ahead of Lindsey Stirling at #38. The #1 independent album was by Metallica.

  28. Ellen,
    Also these (listed in a comment):

    Top Christian Artists:
    #3 Lauren Daigle
    #16 Danny Gokey
    #22 Mandisa
    #47 Tori Kelly
    #48 Home Free
    #50 Colton Dixon

    Top Artists:
    #1 Lauren Daigle “How Can It Be”
    #2 Reba McEntire Songs of Faith & Hope
    #7 Various Artists “WOW Hits 2017” (Danny Gokey, Colton Dixon, Lauren Daigle)
    #21 Lauren Daigle “Behold: A Christmas Collection”
    #28 Danny Gokey “Rise”
    #39 Home Free “Full of (Even More) Cheer”
    #42 Mandisa “Out of the Dark”

    Hot Christian Songs:
    #3 Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly “I’ll Find You”
    #15 Mandisa “Unfinished”
    #21 Danny Gokey “The Comeback”
    #25 Danny Gokey “Rise”
    #28 Lauren Daigle “Come Alive (Dry Bones)”
    #30 Reba McEntire & Lauren Daigle “Back To God”
    #40 Jasmine Murray “Fearless”
    #48 Colton Dixon “All That Matters”
    #68 Mandisa ft. tobyMac “Bleed the Same”
    #82 Sundance Head “Me and Jesus”
    #99 Lindsey Stirling “Hallelujah”

    Hot Christian Songs Artists:
    #9 Lauren Daigle
    #12 Danny Gokey
    #18 Mandisa

    Top Artists:
    #10 Danny Gokey “Rise”
    #15 Mandisa “Unfinished”
    #16 Danny Gokey “The Comeback”
    #24 Jasmine Murray “Fearless”
    #28 Lauren Daigle “Come Alive (Dry Bones)”
    #38 Lauren Daigle “O’Lord”
    #39 Colton Dixon “All That Matters”

    Christian Airplay Artists:
    #5 Danny Gokey

    Christian Digital Songs:
    #5 Lauren Daigle “Trust In You”
    #8 Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly “I’ll Find You”
    #15 Reba McEntire & Lauren Daigle “Back To God”
    #22 Sundance Head “Me and Jesus”
    #23 Lauren Daigle “Come Alive (Dry Bones)”
    #29 Mandisa “Unfinished”
    #32 Danny Gokey “The Comeback”
    #34 Danny Gokey “Rise”
    #37 Christian Cuevas “To Worship You I Live”
    #38 Jasmine Murray “Fearless”
    #43 Aaliyah Moulden “I Can Only Imagine”
    #48 Lauren Daigle “O’Lord”

    Christian Streaming Songs:
    #7 Lauren Daigle “Trust In You”
    #8 Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly “I’ll Find You”
    #18 Lauren Daigle “How Can It Be”
    #28 Carrie Underwood “Jesus, Take the Wheel”
    #43 Danny Gokey “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again”
    #45 Reba McEntire & Lauren Daigle “Back To God”
    #46 Lauren Daigle “Come Alive (Dry Bones)”
    #48 Lindsey Stirling “Hallelujah”

  29. Christian Airplay Artist at #5? That is awesome. That means Danny’s older songs, with his new songs, are making him the 5th most played Christian artist in his genre? Very Cool!

  30. In Mj’s numbers thread today, there is a Billboard part 2. I think the list from the comment I pasted above is included plus more, including this:

    “Christian AC Indicator Artist (10):
    3. Danny Gokey”

    Danny’s RISE cover is the front page picture. I tried to count the number of times his name was listed, but I lost count–maybe 25, 26, or 27. I didn’t want to count over.

    I am pleased Danny is being recognized for his success.

  31. 10 days until Christmas! This is the first year that I’ve had the entire month of December off. (Except the year I had surgery and I was off from work for 4 weeks….not the same, LOL.)

    Its a lot less stressful. I made two kinds of Christmas treats, booked a rental car for a trip, had time for an hour walk AND it was still only 3 in the afternoon!

  32. I found an article that talked about performer’s fees at the Indy State Fair and the special riders in their contract.

    Here is what it said about Danny:

    Danny Gokey
    When: Aug. 13.

    Payment: $25,000.

    Noteworthy backstage requests: This former “American Idol” competitor requested an after-show meal that “could be something like wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, appetizers from P.F. Chang’s” or pizza or chicken tenders from a local restaurant.

  33. Ellen, have you tried refreshing your screen? It works fine as far as I can tell, plus Cindy and Angelsnell have seen it…

  34. Finally saw the Santa video. That was a good joke Ed made about Mercy Me and the Grammy. Still cannot believe Mercy Me has never won a Grammy. That’s just scandalous.

  35. Cheer up, Jan. Not releasing a new album until 2019 actually makes sense. It could take half a year for Danny’s new single to climb up and down the chart. By then (assuming they don’t want to try to release a fourth single), they’ll most likely release the lead single for the new album later in 2018, which hopefully will peak in time for an EARLY 2019 release of Danny’s newest album.

    Anyway, that’s my rationale. I am just relieved that at least Danny has turned his attention to writing for the next album. It’s all good, Jan! 😀

  36. Hey Ellen, I know the timing makes sense for an EARLY 2019 album release. And that would only be 2 years between albums….(Rise was just this year in January).

    I would happily take a new Christmas album, but I know they come out less frequently… but Danny had talked about a deluxe Christmas album and that didn’t materialize.

    But it is great that he is starting to write. Glad to hear it. 🙂

  37. The new single cover art is available

    And it lists that there is a second track being released. I wonder what it is? Altho, Masterpiece is listed as 4:14 long. And no other song on Danny’s album is that long. So, two versions of it available?

    Labels: BMG
    Number of Tracks: 2
    Total Time: 8:28
    Formats: Christian, Christian AC, Christian Inspo, Christian Specialty, Christian Hot AC
    Available Date & Time: December 13, 2017 03:36 PM ET
    Impact Date: January 12, 2018
    Country: USA



  38. That’s an interesting choice as a single cover ~

    Maybe they did a new cut of Masterpiece for radio? Though doesn’t seem it would be shorter than the original. Idk.

  39. I’m not a fan of the approach in that last radio interview to have the interviewer and interviewee competing with random electronic music track behind them. Weird.

  40. I could understand a soft playing of the artist song in the background (to remind casual listeners of who the interviewee is?) but agree, background music isn’t needed or wanted.

    I wish I could have removed the bus noise out of the little video of Danny and Santa, but I’m not that talented. And when it came to video location, it was DARK out in that parking lot and I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to see OR hear Danny….

  41. Two tracks? One in English and one Spanish, maybe? Or two songs? I wonder if they both have to come from the same album.

  42. I hadn’t thought of the idea of a Spanish version….

    My guess is that it is an acoustic version from this performance:


    Although, I did painstakingly go through all the rest of the songs on the RISE album to see which ones have been entered into the mediabase song tracking system. Chasing, If You Ain’t In It, What Love Can Do and Masterpiece are in. The other songs are not (if I coded them right….)

  43. “I did painstakingly go through all the rest of the songs on the RISE album to see which ones” on itunes added to the time length of 8:28. “Masterpiece” was 4:14. The next longest was “What Love Can Do.” The two together were a few seconds short of 8:28.

    What I did was not a long, difficult task like the one Jan wrote about. 😉 If I did it correctly, it probably would be. My times might be wrong, but I don’t want to recheck. Radio songs may not be the same length as itunes songs. I don’t want to do the research to find out if they are.

    I used to proofread and aim for perfection. Not anymore. Now I settle for half done. 🙂

  44. You spend a lot of time on many tasks. They look extremely time-consuming to me. I would not want to do what you do. Too much work!
    The Billboard charts you did look very organized. 🙂

  45. Thanks, Lurker. The Billboard charts post did take a bit of time. Most of the other kind of posts I can turn around relatively quickly.

    Then there is deciding what a photo to lead with, whether to let the social media posts go automatically or to modify the tweet, etc. Whether to post videos dirctly at DGNews or to Facebook or YouTube…

    Our YouTube video of The Prayer from 2016 is our most watched video. I have a new video of it from 2017 that I will be posting between Christmas and New Years. Also “Christmas Time is Here” that may go up shortly. Also, trying to decide what to post on the new discussion post….

    I let most of these ideas roll around my head until I think I have a good content idea. Then I release them 🙂

    I use to be more in a rush to post as much as possible. Not so much anymore. But I do try to keep the content changed 2 to 4 times a week on Facebook.

    This has been a good training program for me. And it supports Danny’s careers and his great fans. A win, win.

  46. That’s a LOT of views. You’d think that a simple, but interesting photo with the lyrics would be a good move by Danny’s team for all of his songs. This video is likely contributing to Danny’s streaming numbers — why TYHTBA is the only of his song that made the streaming Billboard chart for Christian songs? I’d also imagine that Lauren Daigle does very well on streaming of her songs.

  47. Thank you Jan for all the hours and hard work. If not for this site many Danny fans would have no where to go. Thank you too, ADMIN2. I’ve been coming to Danny’s fan page since 2009. Wow! Where did the time go? I enjoy reading everyone’s comments, and all the nice people here. 🙂

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