Videos: Christmas Time is Here

More videos! The first is Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant performing a Christmas classic in their just ended Celebrate Christmas Tour.  This one takes me back to original from The Charlie Brown Christmas, but the smooth vocals from this duo are more pleasing to me today.

Also, two videos from DYMMR

4 thoughts on “Videos: Christmas Time is Here

  1. Thx for the videos….since there’s no concert in Upstate NY with Natalie these clips make you feel like you’re right there!!#GokeyGroupie

  2. You are welcome, Angelsnell. I was really glad to see Danny added “Lift Up Your Eyes” to this year’s set. I missed it last year.

    I finally heard one of Danny’s Christmas songs on my local station this morning. They play nothing but Christmas music after Thanksgiving, but I’ve not heard Danny while driving in my car…. even though I know they play 4 or 5 songs from CIH. I just keep missing Danny’s turns!

  3. I’ve heard “Mary Did You Know” on the radio but that’s about it from his Christmas album…that’s why I do it the easy way and just put the CD in!! Done and done ✅ #GokeyGroupie

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