Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 12/18 -12/31/17

The Celebrate Christmas Tour with Natalie Grant Danny Gokey talks to Natalie Grant on tourIt’s the last discussion post for 2017!

And boy, what a year it was!  Danny Gokey performed on three tours plus he had lots of individual shows – including a return to Summerfest in his hometown of Milwaukee!

The Rise Out of the Dark Tour (with Mandisa)

Casting Crowns “The Very Next Thing Tour”

In addition to the opportunity to be on such awesome tours, he also took home another K-LOVE Fan Award for Male Performer of the Year, received more Dove Award nominations and his first Grammy nomination! Next year is shaping up to be another great year with two tours already forming:  The Hits Deep Tour with TobyMac and Danny’s own Comeback Tour! And I bet we can count on Danny’s creative management team to throw us a few surprises, too!

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Our thanks to TroyWL for sharing two of the tour photos

31 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 12/18 -12/31/17

  1. Jan, I think one of your email accounts may have been hacked. Got an email from you that had no subject line, which contained a link. Needless to say, I did not click on it.

  2. Either that, Jan, or someone hijacked your name. Looking at it, it look like it came from an account with the word “wizards” in it. Looks like Danip got sent a copy as well as someone else we both know. I’m deleting it now and emptying the trash . . .

  3. Hi Ellen, I think my and other contacts were taken from a friend of ours who reported she was hacked.

    I can go in and change my password, too, when I get home.

  4. There is a void in my life when Danny doesn’t have a new song on the Mediabase charts…


    Happy to report that has been solved:

    DANNY GOKEY It’s The Most Wonderful Time..
    lw: Dec 5 – Dec 11 TW: Dec 12 – Dec 18
    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    WCSG-FM Grand Rapids Christian AC 12 13 -1 3 1 3 2 3 0.05
    WNWC-FM Madison, WI Christian AC 10 10 2 5 1 1 1 0.015
    KSBJ-FM Houston Christian AC 8 3 5

  5. This is the original version I remember, but I couldn’t have told you the name of the singer. Here is some info on the song from wiki:

    Mary Hopkin’s 1968 recording of it with Gene Raskin’s lyric was a chart-topping hit in much of the Northern Hemisphere. On most recordings of the song, Raskin is credited as the sole writer, even though he wrote only the later English lyrics (which are not an English translation of the Russian lyrics) and not the music.

    In the early 1960s Raskin, with his wife Francesca, played folk music around Greenwich Village in New York, including White Horse Tavern. Raskin, who had grown up hearing the song, wrote with his wife [6] new English lyrics to the old Russian music and then copyrighted both music and lyrics in his own name.[7] The Limeliters subsequently released a recording of the song on their 1962 LP Folk Matinee.[8] The Raskins were international performers and had played London’s “Blue Angel” every year, always closing their show with the song. Paul McCartney frequented the club and being quite taken with the song he attempted to get several singers or groups (including the early Moody Blues) to record it.[9] Failing at that, after the formation of the Beatles’ own Apple Records label, McCartney immediately recorded Mary Hopkin performing the song. The song was eventually recorded in over twenty languages and by many different artists, including Gene and Francesca, and Raskin was able to live very well on the royalties, buying a home in Pollensa, Mallorca, a Porsche Spyder and a sail boat.

    Hopkin’s recording was produced by Paul McCartney with an arrangement by Richard Hewson (per the label of the record) and became a number-one hit on the UK Singles Chart. In the United States, Hopkin’s recording reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 (held out of the top spot for three weeks by “Hey Jude” by the Beatles) and topped the Billboard Easy Listening charts for six weeks.[1

  6. ” Raskin was able to live very well on the royalties”

    I wonder: Does a writer of a hit song make more money than the singer of a hit song?

  7. I’ve heard that radio play pays the writers. The singer gets nothing, other than portions of the sale of a song and streaming.

  8. I remember this song from the 60’s. I would have never known who had performed it. Those were the days… 🙂

  9. Cindy,😁

    Pretty cool to see so many of Danny’s Christmas songs being played by this Grand Rapids station:

    7 7 DANNY GOKEY It’s The Most Wonderful Time.. 12 12 0.0561
    3 8 HANNAH KERR O Come O Come Emmanuel 12 22 -10 0.0401
    10 9 JJ WEEKS BAND O Children Come 12 11 1 0.0518
    12 10 DANNY GOKEY Give Me Jesus 11 10 1 0.0601
    23 11 DANNY GOKEY Lift Up Your Eyes 10 8 2 0.0281

    25 12 MERCYME I’ll Be Home For Christmas 10 8 2 0.0492
    21 13 JJ WEEKS BAND That Spirit Of Christmas 10 9 1 0.0328
    13 14 DANNY GOKEY Mary, Did You Know? 9 10 -1 0.025

    Plus they have spun his O Holy Night ~5 times last week. This station, and my local station are ALL Christmas songs. Since Thanksgiving?

  10. Wishing Danny and Family, and All of You, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    What a thrill it would be to see Danny and Leyicet walk the red carpet.
    Even more.. for Danny to walk on stage to accept his Grammy. 🙂

    Looks like we are going to have a Christmas without snow. First time in a long while. Although, my husband and sons may just go out late at night and water down everything. The next morning our grandson will wake up to sparkling ice on the trees. 🙂


  11. I love Leyicet’s photo tweet of Gabriel. 🙂

    “#never be the same” is trending. 😉 (Maybe not one of Danny’s songs, but it is one of his titles. )

  12. Hi everyone, just checking in after some days away after my laptop started to die 🙁 But now, new laptop is here and set up 🙂

    “I’ve heard that radio play pays the writers. The singer gets nothing, other than portions of the sale of a song and streaming.”

    I believe so, and that’s a big reason why there’s such a thing with artists having co-write (or “co-write”) credits on their own songs so they qualify for the additional revenue streams…

  13. Hugh Laurie

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    10h10 hours ago
    Have a lovely Christmas, world – and thank you to all the people who aren’t having one because they’re looking after things that allow the rest of us to have one

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  14. I hope all of you who like Christmas are in the “enjoying Christmas” group and not the having-to-work group. (Or perhaps you are in both groups if your way of enjoying Christmas is having to work.)

  15. Hi everybody! We had a very early “big” Christmas (the family over to our house on the 23rd) and then some little holiday activities on the 24th and 25th. I hope everyone that celebrates it had a good Christmas.

    It’s getting very cold here. It makes me less excited about doing a walk outside….

  16. “JOY Radio

    17m17 minutes ago
    #DannyGokey had two number one songs on the #JoyTop20 in 2017, and has been named JOY Radio’s ‘Artist Of The Year’! This Saturday at 5PM enjoy our Best Of 2017 Year End Countdown! #myJOYradio #Toronto”

  17. Request for the admins: I’m really enjoying the snow. Can we keep it for a while? Not sure when you normally remove it, but can we keep it at least through the Twelve Days of Christmas?

    I hate how the secular world thinks that Christmas is over on December 26th, when really the Christmas season is just beginning. They want to hijack Christmas to sell things, and it’s so insulting. Growing up, the weeks after Christmas were a time of year when we visited family (more distant relatives) and friends that we didn’t see often. We also often continued to exchange gifts during that time.

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