Video: The Prayer – Danny Gokey & Natalie Grant

Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant at concert endDanny Gokey reprised their superb verison of “The Prayer” on their 2017 Celebrate Christmas Tour.  This year we have a little closer, clearer video.  And I’d say that Danny’s been stretching his voice even bigger (is that possible?) with this beautiful song.  Let us know what you think.

Feel like comparing the versions, here’s the 2016 video:  The Prayer

6 thoughts on “Video: The Prayer – Danny Gokey & Natalie Grant

  1. Hard to believe but yes Danny’s vocal range and strength is better, wider and unbelievably off the charts!! God’s work at its best!! #GokeyGroupie

  2. This is a very challenging song…. so glad that Danny is working on his art.

    I think Danny’s voice is likely to keep improving based on his age, honing his craft and the right guidance with his vocal coach. Here’s a response I found on the internet about when voices peak:

    There are basically three factors at work that are very hard to unpack from one another:

    1) There’s physiological development, which is famously most extreme in a singer’s teens, but continues throughout a singer’s career. These changes are generally seen as beneficial at least through a singer’s 30s, and sometimes longer, but it’s very hard to separate this issue out from…
    2) Technical development. The longer you do something, the better you’re likely to get at it, and that’s definitely true with singing to a point. Of course, this issue is wound up with physiology because as your physiology grows and changes, your technique needs to change with it. Imagine trying to drive a car, the controls of which change slightly as you’re driving. Eventually you’ll get better at anticipating both the
    fundamental function of the car and the way that function is going to change with a given set of circumstances.
    3) And then there’s career development. This is where stuff like marketability plays in. Coloratura sopranos play a lot of young girls and their voices also tend to develop physiologically earlier than other voices, so their marketability tends to peak a little earlier. Basses play a lot of old men, and the voices tend to develop later, so marketability tends to peak later.
    So what you’re left with is that most singers peak in their 30s and 40s, with the exception of coloratura sopranos and soubrettes, who tend to peak a little earlier (starting in their late 20s, say) and basses, who tend to peak later.

  3. You can see (hear) why reviewers sometimes refer to Danny’s “muscular” voice lol.

    It does seem to me that Natalie is singing a bit lower range this year, which if that is the case would be very understandable coming out of her surgery.

  4. I like the 2016 version better. I don’t know why. I remember last year after I listened to it, that I was still hearing it in my head for a while. I fell asleep with “a place where we’ll be safe” in my thoughts. It was peaceful.
    In the new one, I agree that Danny’s voice is outstanding. To me, his voice is so good that it seems there should be a standing ovation at the end.
    So the first one was peaceful and the second one exciting. Both are great.

  5. So Danny has what? Maybe 15 more years when his voice is at its peak?

    Very interesting info on vocal peaking, BTW Jan.

  6. I think Danny’s voice can still “grow”, Ellen. But Danny was late to the music business; he’s going to be 38 in April! So 5 to 10 more years of growth seems possible to me. 🙂

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