Happy New Year! Danny Gokey News & Discussion 1/1 – 1/14/18

Our thanks to Annette Holloway Photography for these photos!

I suppose I could construct a retrospect on the wonderful year Danny Gokey had in 2017.  I’d include: Another K-LOVE fan award, more GMA Dove Award Nominations, a #1 album and song with “Rise”, great tours with Casting Crowns, Mandisa and Natalie Grant, baby Gabriel, his first Grammy Award nomination for “Rise”….. (I’m sure I’m missing a lot more!)

But I’m even more excited for 2018!  The Grammy reveal at the end of this month, his own “Comeback Tour” and the big tour with TobyMac!! Love the positivity around Danny and his career.  As reported by AJC, “Danny Gokey is a bonafide star in the Christian Pop World“, he’s an actual Christian pop music star!  Celebrate with us and join the conversation!  Jan at DGNews.

58 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Danny Gokey News & Discussion 1/1 – 1/14/18

  1. It seems appropriate that I start this post out with photos from one of my favorite photographers AND the first signs of Danny’s next single on Mediabase. It’s good to see the support of Sirius radio for Danny. Clearly his team has built some really good bridges/support!

    DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece
    lw: Dec 18 – Dec 24 TW: Dec 25 – Dec 31
    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    SiriusXM Christian AC 25 0 25 6 4 5 3 7 0

  2. What a wonderful 2017 for Danny. 😊 I hope he wins the Grammy and can’t wait for Masterpiece to be released. 😊

  3. For Ellen’s question on the snow sprinkles on our pages, we don’t have much control – it will run until about the 4th of January.

    But I like it too.

  4. I love Danny and his amazing voice! My husband took me to see him in Wilmington NC last summer. We are big fans!

  5. Hi Mindy! Welcome to DGNews. We’re so glad you got to see Danny perform in NC.

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  6. Guess I need to check out the DGNews a lot during the next couple of days. I’m really enjoying the virtual snow!

  7. Its more bitter cold for us in WI, how are you faring in the new year? Our temperatures are to drop to -5 tonight. It was warm enough last night to give us a little snow.


    Des Moines has joined Sirius XM The Message

    DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece
    lw: Dec 20 – Dec 26 TW: Dec 27 – Jan 2
    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    X032-FM >SiriusXM Christian AC 25 4 21 7 3 5 4 6 0
    KNWI-FM Des Moines Christian AC 12 12 4 4 1 3 0.017

  8. I love it, Jan! One more day of snow here at DGNews!

    The high is supposed to reach 47 today, Jan. It’s in the upper 30s right now, and will dip to mid-30s tonight. Not sure about the overnight temps. And in the 10-day forecast, six days are supposed to reach 50! So far we’re only had a few days of cold-ish weather (meaning around the freezing mark).

  9. Ed and I are on a “why are we storing this” binge. It’s too cold to spend much time outside. I shoveled the snow, took out the trash & recycling, brought in some more wood and made a roaring fire in our wood burning stove. And another pot of coffee. Right now I’m going through the impossible amount of Christmas decorations and mementos to see what I can part with before I put the ones I always put up away for the season. I’m looking at them with the, which ones will our granddaughter enjoy the most. I’ve even re-worked how I organize the boxes. One is marked specifically with her in mind.

  10. Danny Gokey

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    17m17 minutes ago
    More Danny Gokey Retweeted Matthew
    They just added it today!! Thanks @KLOVERadio !Danny Gokey added,

    How did I not know #Masterpiece was now on @KLOVERadio, one of my all time favorites from @dannygokey’s #Rise album.
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  11. Happy New Year everyone!
    I have a beautiful day today 🙂 I heard on the radio K-Love Danny Gokey new song Masterpiece <3 Love, Love this song, Danny Gokey voice and his music!!!

  12. Hi Zuzana, HNY!

    So cool you got to hear Danny’s newest single. Did it sound like the album cut? We are still trying to find out if they released two versions of Masterpiece.

    I listened to Sirius XM off and on, but i haven’t heard it, yet.

  13. Not directly Danny-related, but on the way home from work I heard a cover that Luther Vandross did of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello.” It was gorgeous.

  14. I’m hearing horrible things about the weather in parts of the country. Please stay warm, everybody!

  15. It looks like Blizzard Grayson of the NE with winds of 35 miles an hour is ferocious.

  16. Jan, I think the song Masterpiece sounds the same as the album. I heard the song today again<3
    I have ticket at Deep Tour Toby Mac 🙂 next month in the Denver. Can't wait!

  17. Thanks, Zuzana. I was just wondering if they have two versions of the song…. (since two tracks was listed at PlayMPE.com

  18. The bridge part of Masterpiece is different on K-love than on the album. K-love just started playing it on Wednesday. 😊

  19. The snow is gone! But at least I can still watch Jan’s snow globe for the next two weeks . . .

  20. I just added the 30 Hits Deep Dates to Facebook. I wish there was a faster way of doing that….

    I also found a picture of Danny and TobyMac to post on Facebook. I like that Zimbio has a feature that allows you share their photos to Facebook without getting in trouble

    Danny Gokey and TobyMac

  21. When does “Masterpiece,” the new single (double?) come out? I know M is already being played and that it is showing on itunes charts (maybe the album version that was already out?), but when does the new one previously discussed show on itunes, etc.?

  22. Hi Lurker, we don’t know if a second version of Masterpiece would be made available… a radio edit/version may not be made available (we are only theorizing that there are two versions).

    I haven’t heard Masterpiece on the radio, yet. Four monitores stations are playing it: Klove, Sirius, Des Moine and Seattle.

  23. MJ has Danny’s pic on the Billboard Update thread. “Masterpiece” is a new entry. It’s 28 on Christian Airplay and 37 on Christian songs.

  24. “Glad to see Danny’s new song has entered the charts. ”

    Thanks, Ellen! (I like to watch the charts even when I don’t get the single I wanted.)

  25. Why does it show “The Comeback” on the chart?

    Jan’s reply: Because I copied a previous post and my proofreading was subpar…. fixed now. I think. Actually the mediabase chart is pretty ugly on my phone. I will have to edit it. Looked fine on a computer….

  26. Up another spot and now 7 stations. Masterpiece seems to be getting an initial good response as a single.

    47 45 RILEY CLEMMONS Broken Prayers 142 83 59 1.568
    44 46 FINDING FAVOUR Get Down 133 115 18 0.296
    43 47 THIRD DAY Let There Be Light 117 118 -1 0.351
    46 48 GATEWAY Open The Heavens 100 89 11 0.225
    60 49 DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece 97 44 53 1.59
    50 50 HAWK NELSON He Still Does (Miracles) 96 78 18 0.192

    BTW, Finding Favor is the opener on the new tour.

    Remember Danny’s charting days in country? He’d get a ton of stations adding the song, but not playing it. He crawled up the chart. And then hit a wall. The Christian genre has certainly welcomed him.

  27. I don’t understand why there was cover art for “Masterpiece” if it is not going to be used.
    Even when there was just a mention of “Masterpiece” on twitter–I think about a station adding the song–, there was an itunes surge.
    If the cover art and announcement went up on itunes, I think there would be a lot more movement.
    It seems Danny would be a big enough star to get publicity for releases now. Maybe someday.

  28. Hi Lurker,

    The cover art for Masterpiece seems to be only for the radio world. I can see why they may not update it on itunes because it associates it with the album, Rise.

    But what do I know? Just a theory.

    Today is the impact day for Masterpiece. It seems that Christian radio (or just Danny’s team?) do not make a big deal out of it like they did in country music. But Danny’s team’s current method seems to be working to get him radio success. So….

  29. I may regret complaining, but we’re not having any kind of winter here this winter season. (And they were predicting a bad winter.) It’s not over yet, of course, but other than Christmas Eve, when temps hovered around the freezing mark, the highs have been in the 40s and 50s. Today is supposed to hit 57. Heck, Darla in the south has probably been getting colder weather!

  30. Ellen, we are having Spring temperatures. A little cold at night, but still not the winter we usually have. Only a dusting of snow. Since we are a tourist town the ski slopes need the snow to keep going. With the warm temperatures during the day it’s hard to blow snow at night. Many tourists would rather make the shorter drive to enjoy the snow in our valley. I know they’ve been disappointed this year. Our kids had a great time this Christmas since they were able to go hiking in great weather, but we all missed our “white” Christmas..

    I’m glad to see Danny’s song Masterpiece doing well. Did The Comeback ever make it to #1? I really thought it would.

    Excited for Danny with the Grammy’s coming soon. Although, I’m happy he got a nomination. Well deserved. 🙂

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  31. Hi Cindy, sorry you don’t have snow for the skiers 😯

    We have been cold (7 degrees right now) but no snow. It melted when it got to 50 on Wednesday (before this next artic blast).

    The Comeback made it to Top 10 (#5 or 6?) But not #1. Still respectable 🙂

  32. Thanks, Jan. I’m very surprised. I can see The Comeback being used in so many ways, and becoming a huge hit. Still, it did pretty good. 🙂

  33. I didn’t think The Comeback would make it to #1, but it did very respectably nevertheless. I think it faded just outside the top #5, at #6, but I could be wrong about that. I don’t want to even try to predict how “Masterpiece” will do. It isn’t my favorite song, but it has some things in common (music/sound-wise, not lyrically) with “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again,” so it might do well.

    I really wanted one of the duets as the next single. Well, no. I REALLY wanted “Stronger Than We Think,” but that would be too risky, and not a good follow-up timing-wise to “The Comeback.” I would have preferred STWT INSTEAD of TC. But that’s all water under the bridge now. Hopefully “Masterpiece” will catch on and climb the charts.

    In the interim, I’m really rooting for Mandisa “Bleed The Same.” I love the lyrics, and goodness knows, this country could use some unity.

  34. I remember Felicia from Season 8 of American Idol. She made the Top 36 and I think she performed on the same episode that moved Danny to the Top 13 with Alexis and Michael?

    But I could have these things mixed up…9 years later!

  35. Yeah, I was wondering what season Felicia was on, because her name is familiar, but I couldn’t place her. Thanks for the info!

  36. Well, Felicia was on the segment of the Top 36 with Scot MacIntyre, not Danny. But the rest was right 🙂 She was pulled into the top 36 by a judges addition after initially being sent home. She also has sang on Dancing with the Stars and Duck Tales.


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