Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1/15 -1/28/18

close up of Danny Gokey by Diego BrawnPhotos from the Rise Out of the Dark Tour

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aerial shot of Danny Gokey Band by Diego Brawn 2017 Thanks to Diego Brawn for sharing your talents with us!

Miguel Perez playing with Danny Gokey by Diego BrawnPictured:  Miguel Perez and Danny Gokey.

For more info about Diego Brawn click HERE.

125 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1/15 -1/28/18

  1. Nicely done, Admin2, on the new feature section! 🙂

    Also, I was going to post the article, but I was almost late for my lunch date by creating the post on the Meet and Greets.

    Just to see how big the group will be for them, I tried putting 30 in a shopping basket at DG.com. It wouldn’t take it. But it would take 20. So, maybe 25? I didn’t try a third time. It would not have been good to accidentally buy 25 meet and greets…

  2. I find these quotes from the article were interesting:

    “Being in this business, not many people make it to 10 years,” he says. “I have, and it’s taken a lot. I’ve had to scrape myself up from losing my record deal after ‘Idol.’ I had to start from scratch to make an impact within the music industry. It’s a tough battle, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I cherish everything in my career even more.”

    As Gokey prepares for the Hits Deep Tour, headlined by TobyMac, he insists his show will be completely different.

    “I’m doing a little bit more dancing,” he says laughing. “It’s about getting on stage and having fun.”

  3. Yes, and this is why Danny is nominated for a Grammy. 🙂 He was voted one of the favorites in his category for his work last year. For me, this is an award in itself. I’m very proud of Danny.

    “Danny will be doing more dancing.” Good for him. I like his dancing, and when the performer has fun on stage. 🙂

  4. So Jan, can you or someone else explain what the Grammy setup is for Danny? I live in the Pacific Time Zone. What is available (on TV or streaming) and WHEN in PST???

  5. It’s a terrible thing to admit on Danny’s fansite, but I’m torn about the Grammys. I want Danny to win, in part because I know that is a goal of his. But I can’t believe Mercy Me has never won a Grammy. They were nominated once before, though, in 2007, so I don’t feel quite so bad about them being overlooked.

  6. Dang. It is supposed to be in the low 60s tomorrow. I am so miffed. We are getting NO winter this year, not even the PNW’s version of winter (which is more like fall in other parts of the country). I have a feeling will pay for it come summer. Either we’ll get another summer like 2012 — the summer with no summer weather (it didn’t warm up until August), or we’ll have scorching hot days and more bad wildfires. (There will be a wildfire season either way, unfortunately.)

  7. The Premiere Ceremony is the pre-broadcast event for up to 70 categories to be awarded. I think it starts 3.5 hours before the telecast.

    I believe grammys.com will live stream it. Check out the info and links on my post about the Grammys 🙂

  8. It’s a tough battle, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I cherish everything in my career even more.”

    I can related to what Danny said so much more now.I wanna share a little story if mine.I quite my job in the middle of 2016 after 5 years of working as a editor in my hometown TV station.I always wanna start my own business even though I liked my job.It was a hard time the first year since you barely can make ends meet.Its so much more challenging.But it is also so much more rewarding.It makes you cherish things more.

  9. Best of luck MrBing! We wish you great success!

    Can I ask, are you still working as an editor?

  10. Jan…can you re-send the link for the live stream of the Grammy’s for me and everyone else? Can’t seem to find your previous comment on that!! Thanks #GokeyGroupie

  11. Hi, Angelsnell.

    The post on followimg Danny at the Grammy’s says the Premiere Ceremony starts at 3 PM EST and will be streaming at Grammy.com.

    When I find their live stream link on their website I will provide it here. It should be an obvious tab/box on their site when it starts. I hope 😎 They also say it will be available on demand after the ceremony.

  12. “I own a small restaurant now.”

    Wow! Good luck. I hope you do very well and enjoy being a business owner. 🙂

  13. Owning a restaurant seems like such hard work (as does business ownership!) I wish you great success and satisfaction, Mr. Bing!

    I saw comments on our Facebook page asking “What happened to the M&Gs? So I went to the store link and updated our post with this:

    NOTICE! Danny Gokey’s Store now states that the M&G are discontinued.
    We have reached out to Danny’s management to find out if the status of Meet and Greets for this tour.  Stay tuned!

    I also see that Danny’s team has taken down the video he had promoting the M&Gs. I wonder if they got some info from the tour that they had to modify their plan? I’m curious what they will be doing for those M&Gs already purchased? Maybe they will just be modifying when/how they are doing it….

  14. Watching with anticipation…wonder how long it will be before we see Danny’s nomination?

  15. I’ve enjoyed this award show. Less drama than will probably be tonight.

    Jan, wouldn’t it be fun to have a sit down interview with Danny about the Grammy’s. All his fans that have followed him from the beginning would be thrilled to hear about what goes on behind the scenes getting ready, and being at the Grammy’s. 🙂

  16. Hmmmm… Gospel coming up, Christian probably after that…

    And do I see Mercy Me in the front row….. oh, oh…

  17. My stomach dropped for a moment. How exciting to hear Danny’s name. He may not have won the Grammy this year, but he’s still a winner. Very proud of being one of his many fans. Go Danny!!!

    Congratulations, Reba!! Love her! And, she accepted her award! What a wonderful lady!!

  18. Oops! I had the tweet ready to go IF Danny won, and I forgot to change it when Zach was announced as the winner. I deleted the wayward tweet and put up a congrats to Zach. Yikes! Me bad….

  19. lol Jan

    But it is truly an honor to be nominated at this level, whoever wins. And if one can be nominated once, perhaps there may be future opportunities…

  20. Drat about the meet & greets. That explains a lot. I saw people on Twitter looking for the link, and provided the link you had had here. (I had originally tried to look for the link through googling Danny’s official site and couldn’t find it, but thought maybe it was just a glitch.) I hope for Danny’s sake that if they have to cancel the meet & greets, it is handled properly with a refund and some sort of explanation.

    I could see a problem with timing. Danny isn’t the headliner. TobyMac (or even Mandisa) may have his/her own M&G. If it was scheduled for immediately after Danny’s set, that would be disruptive. Also, there could be venue logistics problems.

    Either way, I hope it all gets worked out.

  21. I noticed someone made a snarky comment you-know-where. Decided to ignore the troll. (Not really a troll, just someone who occasionally posts uncharitable comments about Danny.)

  22. Admin2, this was Mercy Me’s second nomination, so it is entirely possible that Danny could be nominated again, though, obviously, that is still no guarantee of a win.

  23. Last post. It was so warm and sunny today, it felt like early summer. I even saw flowers blooming. In January! Jan, can’t you send a smidgeon of cold our way?

  24. Mercy Me has been nominated 5 times, Matt Maher even more! Zach was nominated last year for his single, Chain Breaker.

  25. Ellen, I would like to send you some of my cold. We did have an amazing day yesterday. For a family wedding ♡

    I think the M&G issue may be venue issue at some of the arenas. Hopefully Danny’s team will let work things out foe those with the purchases…

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