Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1/15 -1/28/18

close up of Danny Gokey by Diego BrawnPhotos from the Rise Out of the Dark Tour

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aerial shot of Danny Gokey Band by Diego Brawn 2017 Thanks to Diego Brawn for sharing your talents with us!

Miguel Perez playing with Danny Gokey by Diego BrawnPictured:  Miguel Perez and Danny Gokey.

For more info about Diego Brawn click HERE.

125 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1/15 -1/28/18

  1. Amazing photos…I can never get tired of seeing the incredible talents of these fine young Christian artists!!🎶👍🎶

  2. From MJ’s Numbers:

    “Danny Gokey enters the CAC chart with his latest single “Masterpiece”. “Masterpiece” is a single from his “Rise” album which was released just over one year ago.”

    Danny’s RISE cover is the featured picture.

  3. Seems like many artists are starting the new year off with new music…keep it coming!! #GokeyGroupie

  4. Hi Ellen & Angelsnell,

    There is a lot of new CAC music on the charts. Christmas break is clearly over.

    I see from instagram that Danny’s band is gathered to rehearse for the Hits Deep Tour. The tour begins in 15 days. Mandisa started rehearsals last week!

  5. Hi Cindy, Ellen and Admin

    Danny began joining the Klove cruise in 2016, (or was it 2015?). There are many CAC artists on the cruise. And the price is higher than the years I went on the DG/ Sophia’s Heart fundraiser on the Carnival Cruises.

    I’m sure it is a lot of fun for those that decide to go. Our Facebook event post on it has gotten quite a few people wanting to buy or sell cabins.

    Hopefully there will be videos/instgram stories released.

  6. So confusing. Danny talks about writing Masterpiece… and the CD lists Bernie Herms and Emily Weisband as writers. But a recent posting on BMI Repetoire of Songs shows this:


    BMI Work # 25412935
    ISWC # T-922522531-0
    Total Controlled by BMI: 100.00%
    GOKEY DANIEL JAY BMI 600623793

    Things I don’t understand about the music business….

  7. Danny should be an expert at cruising with fans by now . . .

    I wonder how different his experiences are between cruising as a country artist and cruising as a Christian artist?

  8. That first country cruise was something! Some of Danny’s younger fans may have thought they had a chance with him as an eligible bachelor?

    Aa a happily married man with 3 kids, I think no one thinks that anymore. At least I hope not…

  9. Sorry for the confusion, Ellen. :/

    Wow, time sure goes by fast. Danny and Leyicet with three adorable children. Danny was so very sad and heartbroken during American Idol. Now, he’s happy and on top of the world. 🙂

    How is Sophia’s Heart Foundation doing? Are they taking donations at this time?

  10. Cindy3, no one would think that. Sophia’s death was tragic, and Danny grieved for years. But Danny was and still is young and he needed to move on with his life. I am sure that Sophia has and will always have a part of Danny’s heart, but it wouldn’t be healthy for Danny to live in the past.

  11. I agree, Ellen.

    That was so cute, Lurker. Brought back memories of listening to Ernie Ford on my parent’s Hi-Fi.

  12. What can I say after reading that article. Hopefully, things will change and “respect” will prevail.

    If given a chance, I think Danny would have been a great country artist. But, I think he’s the happiest I’ve seen him with the direction he’s in now. It sounds like he works with very good and kind people. I hope this is true..

  13. Masterpiece has moved up to #25 on Billboard’s Christian National Airplay Chart

    28 2 DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece BMG 667 +261 1.871 25

  14. I agree, Ellen. I think that’s what so exciting for me. To watch this young man sing on American Idol and know the pain he must have been feeling, and push on. Takes a strong person to do that. Now, a beautiful family, and a Grammy nomination. Very proud of Danny. It’s been a fun journey to be on.

    Baby Gabriel is so adorable. He is the combination of his brother and sister. What a cutie..

    And, many thanks to all of you for making it possible to follow Danny with this site, and all your stories you have shared from meeting Danny. 🙂

  15. Danny may have dragged me into the country music world kicking and screaming, but I have come to love and appreciate country music. But for the most part, it is female country artists who I seek out and whose music I buy. Their voices are rarely heard on country radio.

    One of the artists I like and whose music I’ve bought is Katie Armiger. I’ve exchanged tweets with her on the topic of sexual harassment. Hard to imagine what happened to her. She started out at 15. Her label told her to dress provocatively and flirt with male radio station personnel. She walked away from it all and her label sued HER for breach of contract. She countersued. I have no idea what happened (obviously she didn’t have a victory like Taylor Swift did). Then she’s sued by her label AGAIN. She’s buried in legal fees.

    Makes me angry.

  16. I swear, Cindy3, I feel like Sophia was watching over Danny when he was on Idol. It’s unreal that he was able to do as well as he did while still trying to cope with the grief. And then the fan wars with all the hate directed at him on top of that. Danny is no wimp!

  17. Ellen B. I agree with the Katie’s video … very disturbing and it’s a shame how men feel like they don’t need to respect us and feel like they have to have a power over us but reality has set in lately with all of publicity in regards to sexual harassment and assault that I truly believe there’s going to be a sudden shift to the positive and women will finally have a voice of determination and mutual respect. As for Danny, I’ve been following his career for a few years and have been a very dedicated fan and love all of his accomplishments both professionally and personally. He is a wonderful role model!! #GokeyGroupie

  18. Angelsnell, I hope that the shift will be real and go beyond wearing black to an awards show. I was sexually harassed at least three times during my career. It was a long time ago, and could have been worse. Still, all three guys were in positions of authority over me.

  19. I have to admit, wearing black to an awards show confused me on how profound a statement it was making, Ellen.

    I’ve had “low level creepiness” directed at me on the job, but nothing where I felt threatened enough to consider quitting. But enough to know I didn’t want to be in a meeting alone with that man again. Ironically, the worse was by our agency’s attorney for personnel issues.

  20. Sorry to hear what you’ve endured Ellen B. and Jan… better days are ahead of you (see the correlation of one of Danny’s first songs??)

  21. I think “Slow Down” could possibly be a hit single. Maybe even a cross-over hit? People like songs that seem written to fit what they are going through (such as TYHTBA).
    Many people (imo) likely can identify with the need to slow down.

    My favorite on this album is WLCD. My favorite on the last album was TIWIM. One of my favorites was SHH. Another was “The Coach.”

    When it comes to thinking of my choice for a single, sometimes my choice is not a song that is one of my favorites. I wish for a favorite, but I would vote for a single that I think would connect with a lot of people. (I was for TYHTBA because I could see that connection it had with an audience.)

  22. Happy 5th Daniel Emmanuel….may you be blessed today and every day!! 🎉💙💙💙💙💙🎉 #GokeyGroupie

  23. Good to see that 17 monitored stations are now spinning Masterpiece and it is Top 40 on Mediabase!

    36 36 TORI HARPER Joy 221 222 -1 0.599
    45 37 HILLSONG UNITED So Will I (100 Billion X) 217 138 79 2.208
    42 38 MATT REDMAN Gracefully Broken 201 174 27 3.527
    38 39 BLANCA Real Love 194 212 -18 0.364
    48 40 DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece 184 125 59 1.897

    PS. that Matt Redman song is being played 48 times a week by K-LOVE!

  24. Been meaning to respond to Lurker’s post about “Slow Down.” This is my favorite track on the album, maybe tied with “Stronger Than We Think (Bryan Todd Remix).” What I like about “Slow Down” is that Danny uses the aspects of his voice that reeled me in as a fan to begin with. The song also is very atmospheric; the listener can hear the pressure building. It also sounds very current.

    However, the song hasn’t sold well, I don’t think. Now, the people buying tracks from Danny’s album are likely to be existing fans who search for his music. So it is difficult to estimate how a given song might or might not resonate if given radio airplay. But I think the songs that have done well for Danny are songs that were selling even before being released as singles.

    I totally agree that I want Danny and his team to pick the songs that will do well as singles — even if they are not my favorites.

  25. My wish is for Danny’s team to pick successful singles, too.

    even if they are not my favorites.


    Masterpiece was added by three stations today: Kaim, WdJc, WRBS. As well as two unmonitored stations. Last week it had four adds.

    I’m wondering if it was tried out by a few stations. Mediabase lists 17 stations playing it.

    Also Lauren Daigle just received another #1 on Mediabase. Finally, Zach Williams song, Old Church Choir, was pushed down to #2. He’s been on the top of the Mediabase CAC chart (except over Christmas) for months!

  26. Amazingly cute kids…but look 👀 at the parents…handsome and gorgeous….a combination only God can do!!

  27. Jan I too recently lost my amazing father from pancreatic cancer and the first time I played this song from his CD I was sobbing….but through those tears I have found healing as well. The past two years my husband and I have lost 10 loved ones and this song helps me tremendously
    💙🎶💙 #GokeyGroupie

  28. I am so sorry you lost your dear father and so many other loved ones, Angelsnell. It’s been 12 years and I still feel the pain of losing my dad. He was 80 but he will always be gone too soon in my mind.

    As I have said before, I am still mad at country radio for not giving IWNSGB the platform it deserved.

    The fact that fans are still finding it and using it as testiment to loved ones tells me the emotional connection is real.

  29. Jan…I know the loss with never go away but knowing he’s in a peaceful place gives me strength and hope. I agree that I’m glad people are still finding it as well….and I really and truly don’t think that it has a “ country” vibe and it’s too bad Danny can’t include it or incorporate this beautiful song with his concerts.

  30. Angelsnell, so sorry for your losses, especially your Dad.

    “I know the loss with never go away but knowing he’s in a peaceful place gives me strength and hope.”

    I couldn’t have said it better. I still miss my Dad as well. But I know he’s in a better place and at peace.

  31. My thoughts are with everyone here. I think of my parents often. Miss them always. My mother had the cutest dimples. When our grandson was born with this cute dimple on one cheek we knew we would always have a reminder of my mother. My parents would have loved their little great grandson. To see that dimple when he smiles, reminds me that they are always around.

    It’s always hard to listen to IWNSGB. I cry every time. Very sad to hear about Lari White. She left behind one of many beautiful songs.

    Yes, Danny and Leyicet have the most adorable children. I remember when Little Danny was Gabriel’s age. 🙂

  32. Omg!! Maybe I can make this a goal!! Sudden health issues with my husband unfortunately prevented us from this years cruise but so happy that he will be doing it again next year. Any date set yet Jan?

  33. So sorry to hear about a beautiful songwriter and soul to have passed so young. She is at peace and not suffering. Funny how when you write a song (IWNSGB) that is has even more meaning now for her family and friends 💔

  34. Billboard Christian Charts for chart dated February 3, 2018

    Masterpiece by Danny Gokey
    1) National Airplay Chart: #22 (was 25)
    2) AC Chart: Listed as New & Active list
    Total Plays: 139, Total Stations: 9, Total Adds: 1
    3) AC Indicator: Listed as New & Active List
    Total Plays: 150, Total Stations: 7, Total Adds: 2
    4) Soft AC Chart – Listed as New & Active
    Total Plays: 61, Total Stations: 5, Total Adds: 1

  35. Thx for the dates Jan…if the ship heads out of Miami do you need a passport for it?? Destinations look amazing!!

  36. Thank you, Jan. I mentioned in my other post that I’m not a fan of award shows. But, I am happy for Danny’s nomination. I know Danny must be so excited. And, the honor is well deserved. Win or not win.. he’s still a winner. 🙂

  37. And Cindy3….I’ll be doing cartwheels 🤸‍♀️ (in my head of course)🤣🤣🤣#GokeyGroupie

  38. Hi Lurker, good catch! I was just going to post on it. Seems to be an ode to Puerto Rico with Danny and Jordin Sparks featured?

  39. I was thinking they were going to use Chasing in some fashion, but this is a new recording, “Yours”. Danny snuck into the studio without us detecting it!

    Go Danny Go!

  40. I’ve updated the feature area to the right of our main page, to include the new collaboration song. I’m not familiar with Social Club Misfits but interesting that they basically have Danny and Jordin singing lead on their song! Are there more instrumentally oriented as a band? (plus their rap bits, I mean)

    I also reformatted the area a bit, and added Masterpiece (pointing to the radio version that was available for the new single). Has anyone discovered how it’s different than the album track?

  41. Hey, I just saw on Twitter that Danny’s website is selling meet & greet passes for the Deep Hits tour!

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