And the Grammy Goes to….

Congrats to Zach Williams for his album, “Chain Breaker”!  We also want to congratulate Danny Gokey for his nomination of the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album at the 60th Annual Recording Academy Grammy Awards!

Next time, Danny Gokey!

Rise nominated for CAC GrammyCongratulations to Danny Gokey, Mercy Me, Tauren Wells, and Matt Maher on their nominations.  All excellent albums!

Here is a little CBS clip of Danny & Leyicet on the Red Carpet:




You can also enjoy our previous post on the Grammys


6 thoughts on “And the Grammy Goes to….

  1. Congrats to Danny and the other artists…and way to go Zach for the win!! I actually had butterflies 🦋 in my stomach waiting for the winning name!! #GokeyGroupie

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  2. All of the nominees had great albums. But Zach sitting on TOP of the song charts for weeks and weeks…. I guess I don’t mind him winning. Although, I really thought it was Mercy Me’s year.

    With their new movie coming out, I Can Only Imagine, I’d say Bart has an even better chance next year!

    I’m really glad that Danny went to all of the festivities!

    I wasn’t very nervouse — It helped me that the LIVE coverage that ran at the left told you who won before the live video so I could prepare myself.

    I was just embarrassed that I corrected the post but forgot to correct the tweet before I published it. Well, a few Danny fans on twitter got to celebrate before I deleted it, LOL. That’s the risk I was taking for preparing a winning post instead of one of each like I usually do…

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  3. If Danny wasn’t going to win, I would have much preferred a win by Mercy Me. But that said, I remember how popular the song “Chain Breaker” was, so this isn’t a surprise. I thought Mercy Me and Zach Williams were Danny’s stiffest competition.

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  4. I didn’t see that LIVE coverage on the left. I was just watching the show in anticipation. It was a good show… what I watched. Have some things to get to now. Yes, I’m glad Danny got to enjoy all the festivities. What an honor.

    That’s a funny story, Jan. You had a lot going on. You are entitled. Save your post. I’m sure you will need it in the future. 🙂

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