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  1. Happy day after the Grammys! It is a snowy morning at our house.

    I see that Masterpiece is up to #36 on the Mediabase CAC chart.

    Danny ran into Zach at the post Grammy party and did a Instagram story congratulating him.

    Hopefully this brush with a Grammy will inspire Danny for his next album โ™ก

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t win the Grammy but you have “won” the hearts of many saw the pre-ceremony interview-you & Leyecit were made for each other๐Ÿ™‚Keep Christ first and He “will take you places”.
    Love in Christ
    Darla J

  3. Hi Darla J,

    We wanted Danny to win, too.

    But even more, we want Danny to have a long musical career and many more opportunities to have his music heard!

  4. Yup, the meet & greets are being refunded:

    “[D]ue to unforeseen logistic issues with the venues, we have to discontinue offering the meet & greet for this tour.

    “We will be refunding your purchase over the next few days and hope that Danny can meet you at a show during another touring opportunity! We appreciate your understanding, as the circumstances are out of our control.”

    *sigh* It was too good to be true. Especially that I stumbled on to the M&Gs so fast & therefore was able to get one before they sold out. It doesn’t sound like there will be any opportunity to meet Danny, so no Jan-like questions for Danny on this tour.

  5. I think the M&Gs may be more difficult because this is an arena tour and Danny is not the headliner. I did an M&G with Little Big Town (the headliner) at the same venue where Danny will be. It was complicated. They gathered us up and took us to a separate room. There was security there. The M&G was before the show and, unfortunately, LBT was running a little late, so we missed the opening act. That meant that there was a small disruption as the M&G folks took their seats.

    I can think of any number of reasons why the M&Gs did not work out:

    (1) Tobymac may have his own M&G, and it may have been too difficult to accommodate other artists.

    (2) There also may be costs attached to the M&G process (for security, or someone to gather up folks, etc.), and Danny may not have charged enough to cover those costs and make a profit for his “ministry.” (The email uses that word: “We appreciate your interest & support of Danny’s ministry!”)

    (3) Also, it is awfully late in the process to schedule M&Gs. Most are offered at the time tickets go on sale. So the logistics of the M&G are built into the tour. Also, that allows time for background checks of the M&G participants.

    [I don’t know that artists or venues do background checks, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Generally, you have to go to “will call” with a photo ID to pick up the M&G. I think that is to discourage resale of M&Gs. My guess is they can run — or have local law enforcement run — the names through the LEDS database for criminal records. Not likely to help with mental health problems, though. But with the Christina Grimmie murder and the Las Vegas massacre, there is probably more pressure (I hope!) to keep artists safe.]

    (4) Or it could be something as simple as insufficient time to rest and to travel between tour stops.

  6. Yes, the M&G are not to be for this tour….. sad.

    However, Danny did M&G for previous arena tours with Sugarland and Taylor Swift. I’m guessing that Danny’s team was too late in getting the security/logistics figured out. It was only announced about ~week before the tour was to start…

    and hope that Danny can meet you at a show during another touring opportunity

    We hope so, too. I was asked to remove the posts, etc about them discreetly.

    On other news:


  7. Yes. It would be a good single. I’m sorry, but I don’t watch football. All the rest of my family does.. I never heard about the boos. either. Don’t think Danny will listen to that person again.

    Love the icon..

  8. Wow, February is already here! Danny’s concert is coming up way sooner than I expected. Sad about no M&G (and feel free to delete my posts on that subject if you think appropriate, Jan).

    Hope I can get my camera in the venue doors. Really, it’s ridiculous. Everyone takes pics or vid with their smart phones, anyway. What are they gonna do? Force people to come sans phone? (What if they have kids with a babysitter?) Or collect the phones then distribute them afterwards? (That would be a logistical nightmare plus asking for legal disputes about damage, privacy issues for less-advanced phones, etc. ) I remember being at a concert at that venue when a nearby concert-goer was forced to turn her camera over to security. I’m thinking, “Really, dude? You wanna be responsible for an expensive piece of equipment?”

  9. Re the interview and a possible collaboration with Mandisa, that’s a no-brainer. There are tons of parallels in their lives, and Danny has reason to be grateful to her. Mandisa is likely not the first American Idol alum to go into Christian music, but as far as I know, she’s the first to break out in a major way. I think Mandisa paved the path for future Christian stars from the annals of Idol, like Lauren Daigle and Danny Gokey. I’m not saying it was easy for Danny, but I do think it was easier with Mandisa demonstrating that it could be done. Plus, both are powerhouse vocalists!

  10. Ellen, I also think Mandisa was EXTREMELY generous and welcoming to Danny. She shared part of her concert time with Danny so he could perform HIFOM at the Night of Joy for all those radio DJs and programmers when he was new to the genre. Also had him do TobyMac’s rap portion a couple of times. They do make really great tour mates, too.

  11. If I remember correctly, Mandisa was quite the fan of Danny from his AI season.

    Although it’s hard to see clearly, that shirt at the Sony event seems ~interesting. Almost unraveled around the edges, if that’s a thing now?

  12. Steph, that shirt is purposely unraveled. I can’t say what is fashionable. How would I know, LOL.

    Did you see that Travis had the exact same shirt on?

    Also, with my updates on the WAY FM interview I was able to infiltrate the Superbowl weekend with a bit about my Green Bay Packers

    Go Pack Go. Next year….

  13. Travis?

    Your FB video link was very educational Jan ๐Ÿ˜‰ It took me forever to decide on a church. Among the ones I sampled along the way to discovering the denomination/church that felt right, I don’t recall seeing all of those various gyrations. But I have seen them in the CCM concerts, no doubt!

  14. Yes, Travis Greene? The gospel singer to the far left?

    The ripped shirt hems were like bookends ๐Ÿคฃ

  15. oh, yeah. very similar but to me Travis’s overshirt doesn’t look nearly as distressed as Danny’s; have to give Travis the winning edge there – he looks a lot more comfortable and put-together

  16. So, seven years ago the Green Bay Packers played the Steelers and I watched them win on a a cruise ship. The 1st Annual Sophia’s Heart Cruise!

    I know Danny is doing his cruises with K-LOVE, now. Not sure I’ll ever go on one of those, but I sure enjoyed those three SHF cruises. (Although they did have their challenges, for sure!)

    For one day only, here is my SHF Cruise photo. (Deleted).

  17. I remember, too, Jan. The country cruises were fun, but most definitely had their challenges! I remember the first cruise was during Superbowl weekend, and everyone was encouraged to bring a Green Bay Packers T-shirt to watch the game. I couldn’t find one, so I brought an Oregon Ducks shirt, which has the same colors. I also learned a thing or two from Admin 2 — like the benefits of shawls. (I was freezing during the game.) Anyway, it’s nice that anyone who stops by the site today can “virtually” meet you. But yes, make the pic disappear tomorrow.

  18. Thanks, Cindy. Pretty sure it will have a limited run here…… I prefer to have Ed & Danny photos at DGNews over my own ๐Ÿ˜

  19. So, Masterpiece isn’t moving much on Mediabase…. only 11 monitored stations are playing it. Hmmmm…

    But the tour seems to be bring album sales for Danny: (from Mjs this morning)

    565 Danny Gokey Rise
    634 Ty Dolla $ign Beach House 3
    717 Chase Rice Lambs & Lions
    762 Melanie Martinez Cry Baby (Deluxe Edition)
    835 Lauren Alaina Road Less Traveled
    836 Danielle Bradbery I Don’t Believe We’ve Met
    872 Carrie Underwood Blown Away
    876 Carrie Underwood Storyteller
    950 James Arthur Back from the Edge
    1022 One Direction Midnight Memories (Deluxe Edition)
    1024 Daughtry Daughtry
    1035 Thomas Rhett Tangled Up
    1095 Machine Gun Kelly bloom
    1104 RaeLynn WildHorse
    1110 Reba McEntire Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope
    1153 Mandisa Out of the Dark (Deluxe Edition)

  20. I haven’t listened to the interview yet. But it is not unheard of for Danny (or any of us, really) to say a faux pas.

  21. Lurker. I’ve listened twice. I think we heard correctly. I understand why Danny said it, and respect it. My grandparents would drive to Vegas years, and years ago. Back in the day where there was no car air conditioning. They would fill up this box with ice and a fan and use that on the long hot trip to Tinseltown. I would have loved to have seen the Rat Pack perform. There is magic there. But yes.. there is the seedy side. Every place has that side. You can make it a fun vacation, or not. I’m not sure Danny agrees with the gambling, right? Well, it’s fun. If you know what you are doing it can be very fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t see anything wrong with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Hi All,

    I don’t gamble (don’t like odds stacked against me) but I have no problem with others that enjoy it (as long as they aren’t putting their future in peril).

    Lurker, I love Danny’s voice, but not 100% of his views. Especially his political views…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t have a problem with anything any of you have written. A little controversy and difference of opinion is healthy for a blog ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  23. bye-bye B&B (that’s a lotta B’s)

    but the eyewear keeps rolling …

    not destroying the city

    but that the city was … built on money principles that destroy lives …

    which I suppose is arguable if the city goes by the nickname of Sin City

    non-obsessive gambling doesn’t bother me, but it’s never personally interested me

  24. Pretty interesting article, I don’t know if they interviwed Danny or just built the article through research. Other than missing Gabriel, it seems accurate. You have to wonder what those Christian labels are thinking now…. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Cindy, if you want some comments deleted, please respond with the times they posted.

  25. Have I said lately how much I love Mandisa? She’s parlayed a #10 exit from Idol into a long, successful career, and done it with grace and humor. I continue to believe she paved the path for Danny’s later success.

  26. Probably naive, but I’d like to think if a news publication prints an interview/article with someone, and cites actual quotes they’ve at least done their own phone interview vs. ripping off quotes from other media.

    Perhaps they recorded an interview for a previous occasion and never ran it (or all of it), and then are using it now?

  27. Yes, ADMIN2.. Have fun, Jan!

    The weather is lovely, but they say our Winter will finally arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will see. :/

  28. Wow, Danny is getting great reviews from the new tour. Can’t wait to hear about it from Jan.

    Little Gabriel is getting so big. He’s a cutie pie. โ™ฅ

  29. Hi All,

    I’m making my way home from San Diego. Beautiful area with incredible weather. I understand why it is so popular (and the freeways are so busy!)

    The Hits Deep Tour is very well done and high energy. In fact, Danny had the most ballads!

    I have a video treat to post, but my photos were not good. TobyMac and Mandisa had much better lighting. Danny’s set seemed to use some smoke…

    The only downside of a BIG tour is that the “headlining” bands don’t mingle with fans. Adam Cole and Ryan Stevenson (maybe Finding Favor?) Announced they would be out after the show to their merchandise tables.

  30. I’m glad you had a good time, Jan. San Diego is beautiful. The Zoo, Safari Park, museums, Coronado Hotel, beaches, Sea World, missions, ships.. so much history. And yes, the freeways are busy. ๐Ÿ™

    It sounds like the tour is off to a good start. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to see Danny perform this time on the west.

    Have a great time too, Ellen.

    Safe travels, Jan.

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