Video: Feel It – TobyMac & Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey with Toby Mac

TobyMac’s number 1 song, “Feel It” is the jubilant encore for the “Hits Deep Tour”.

And while it is one of our favorite TobyMac songs, we think it’s especially good because this version has Danny Gokey coming back on stage to help sing this final song!

For a close up of a part of it, enjoy Danny’s clip of the same song:


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3 thoughts on “Video: Feel It – TobyMac & Danny Gokey

  1. Love 🎢 Love 🎢 Love 🎢 these clips of what seems to be an aaaahhhhhmazing concert tour!! Only wish they came to Upstate NY….


  2. Looks like a very fun performance – TobyMac puts on quite a show for an artist now in his 50s.

    And that is a lot of sparkle in the pic with Mandisa!


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