Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 2/12 – 2/28/18

Danny Gokey performing on the Hits Deep Tour Maria CSpecial treats of Danny Gokey on the Hits Deep Tour

Our thanks to Maria C for sharing her concert experience with us!

Danny Gokey Band on the Hits Deep Tour

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and this is what it takes for this tour to get from city to city:  8 tour buses (four with trailers) and 4 semi trailers!


97 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 2/12 – 2/28/18

  1. Thank you, Jan. I’m glad you enjoyed the concert and San Diego. It does look like a high energy show. 🙂
    Jan, I received an email from you. I think you may have a virus. I couldn’t respond. The email had to do with losing weight. I’ve gotten these emails from others. Sorry to post here, but when I went to write a separate email I didn’t have your address.

  2. Sorry that a virus picked up my email address, Cindy. Never open an email attachment unless it is something you are expecting from me. With my surveying the web to get Danny info some of the sites are not safe. The bad comes with the good sometimes 😣

  3. Nice, Jan. Were there problems with security re taking videos? You’d think they’d give up already, with everyone having smart phones that shoot video.

  4. Jan, I got two mails, one from you and one from another fan from the country days, Beth. I got Beth’s email first. I think one or the other of you (or both) got your email account(s) hacked, and then the hacker sent emails to all of your contacts. I haven’t opened either. There was no subject line for either, and both were sent late enough that I would expect you to be in bed. Plus, I wasn’t expecting messages from either of you, especially not Beth, who I never kept up with except for the one Danny event we attended together.

  5. There wasn’t an attachment, Jan. I’ll take your advice if there is a next time. 🙂

  6. Masterpiece has dropped another spot on the Billboard Christian Airplay Chart. #25

    Meanwhile, If You Ain’t In it has over a million views for this video.

  7. Well, I added another view to If You Ain’t In It. I like this video. Just casual and having fun. Looks like many others like it too. 🙂

  8. So excited and happy..

    Around the world people were watching a
    eagle cam showing two baby bald eagles hatching in their nest high in the trees in Big Bear Lake, CA. We now have 11 or 12 eagles living in our small community. 🙂

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    and Ash Wednesday…. I’m fasting on Valentine’s day…. 😢

  10. I would only be guessing, but from what I read about CCMG, it is the largest Christian music label, so I’m assuming the thought is their artists have inroads that Danny and BMG/Artist Management had to fight to get? It might make it easier to do collaborations, tours, showcases, etc?

    I had wondered if the one with Social Club Misfits came about because he had signed with CCMG and they have the same management?

    I did like that Danny had a non-Christian label so he could be broad in his message… But TobyMac and Mandisa are two artists on CCMG and I think are not held to the JPM standard, so?

  11. Thank you, Jan.

    “I did like that Danny had a non-Christian label so he could be broad in his message…” I agree.

    It should be another exciting year for Danny. 🙂

  12. I am not sure whether we are discussing Danny’s move to Capitol here on the dedicated thread ~

    I posted on another blog, but will copy here. I have mixed feelings about the switch. Danny has been fairly successful using a nontraditional label and approach. His albums have tended to be more inspirational than overtly Christian. (Indeed, his first album had songs that were neither.) I think Danny had more creative freedom with BMG, and I think he may find that a major label will want to weigh in more on his musical and lyrical direction. Although I’ve sometimes worried that Danny’s music wasn’t religious enough and I certainly wouldn’t mind some more overt Christian references/themes, I am concerned that the balance might tip too far in the opposite direction. Danny’s fans have been all over the spectrum and he has tried to be fairly inclusive so far. I guess it remains to be seen whether he will target a different audience.

  13. Really wish the M&Gs hadn’t gotten cancelled. Also kinda wonder if the new label had anything to do with that.

  14. It is unfortunate… I have a lot of possibilities on why they didn’t do the M&Gs, but the new label wasnt one of them. I think we should assume they really hadn’t worked out all the logistics at these arenas with the late offer.

    Enjoy the show, Ellen!

  15. Considering that TobyMac has straight out said he would be disappointed if his music was only for Christian followers, I think this label may allow Danny the same freedom.

    The video for “Feel It” is staged in a nightclub with a lot of dancing breaking out. I have the same concerns as others, but as Danny has grown his “brand”, successfully, I think he wouldn’t sign with CCMG if they were going to try to reshape his direction. And we know how stubborn he can be.. . 😎

  16. Had such a horrendous week at work last week and I’m still not fully recovered. No matter how much I sleep I’m still tired. Not really looking forward to tonight. It’s gonna be a long concert — 7:00 p.m. to 10:40 p.m. Plus travel time. And I’ve been unable to buy parking tickets in advance, which worries me. Normally I park at the Garden Garage, which is attached to the Moda Center (Rose Garden/Quarters). I know there are other parking garages nearby, but I’m directionally-challenged and do not want to be alone on-foot in Portland at night. But at least two of those alternatives claim to be sold out. (The TobyMac event is not sold out. They’re still selling tickets.) Frankly, I’m tempted to just bag it and not go.

  17. On a different note, cameras are permitted in the venue as long as there are no detachable lenses and no flashes. And no iPads or selfie-sticks. Duh! So if I go, I guess it’s back to my old point and shoot.

  18. Hi Ellen, my husband often gets commitment regret when it comes to going to more challenging outings. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) he has me to drag him along…

    We got to the attached garage (in a strange city) early (about 45 minutes?) and had no problem getting parking. We had our pick of the garage, LOL. Some ticket holders do show up a little late… I think the concert was over by about 10.

    First act sings only one song, second only a couple or three. Mandisa comes on third. Ryan comes on 4th, but not on the main stage but in the midway stage wirh just a percussionis. Meanwhile Danny and Toby’s set could be set up on the main stage.

    Good luck getting your energy back.

  19. One other tip: Three acts do greet fans at their merch area if you want the garage to clear out before driving home. But not TobyMac, Danny or Mandisa.

  20. Enjoy the concert if you decide to go Ellen. Hope you have a great time.

    I hope one day Danny records an album with all kinds of songs. A variety of different genres. To reach out to everyone with all kinds of music. ♫♪♪♫ With all kinds of messages. ☺

  21. Still don’t want to go. Woke up last night with the most horrendous charley horse. Have no energy. Just did some foam-rolling, so slightly less stiff. I need to start moving if I’m gonna go.

  22. Thanks, Jan,
    I haven’t had enough energy to feel like posting recently. Still reading some.
    Sometimes I tire easily.
    I’m okay. Feeling better tonight.

  23. Still wish this one could have been a single.

    From twitter:
    “I was blasting @dannygokey in my car and my windows were down. This guy pulls up next to me and asked me who I was listening to and I told him and he immediately looked up the song on his phone.”

    “15m15 minutes ago
    The song was What Love Can Do.”

  24. That’s a great post, Lurker. Danny is getting more and more popular.
    Hope you are feeling better. You didn’t get the awful flu going around I hope.

  25. “I need to start moving if I’m gonna go.”

    I wonder what your decision was, Ellen. Did you go? If you did go, did you start feeling better after you got out?

    Thank you,Cindy.
    I am feeling better now. I have health problems that cause me to get overtired sometimes.
    No flu.

  26. I went, Lurker. Good show. But never again. Wasn’t worth the stress re the parking situation.

  27. Glad you are feeling better, Lurker.

    I’m glad you were able to make the show, Ellen. Hopefully, next time the parking won’t be so stressful. Have a good restful day. 🙂

    Danny made a comment on the concert in Portland and the twinkling lights from everyone’s phone. I think he was touched by it all. I bet he can’t wait to get home to his beautiful family.

  28. Wish I understood YouTube. I am uploading a test video from a Two Story Road event. I want to see if it publishes under my old YouTube account or whether it uses my full fake name.

    If I can make this work, I will upload Danny videos. Otherwise I am so desperate that I’ve thought of mailing my vids to our fearless leader on a memory stick. We shall see what happens. Stay tuned . . .

  29. OK, that was supposed to be “feeling,” not “felling”. *sigh* I made the edit in YouTube but it is still showing up as felling.

  30. The title is right, Ellen. I can assure you most people don’t read the descriptions…. 😉

    Two songs went recurrent on the CAC Mediabase chart. #Masterpiece is now #31. And it appears one new station played it. (Hopefully not just a test spin…)

    I hope the slow period it is experiencing is to spread out the competition. TobyMac’s new song is now in the Top 15! Zach Williams is half way between them.

  31. Jan, can you tell me if the YouTube video indicates who uploaded it? My old videos posted under EllenBiheartDG, and I was trying to use the same channel, but it sounded like they were going to post under the full name I use with my gmail email address. Wish I understood what I was doing.

    Also wish I had taken my new camera. Technically, I think it has interchangeable lenses, but it is so small it looks like a point & shoot. I don’t think security would have noticed the difference. In fact, I don’t even think they noticed my camera at all, even though I opened all compartments of my purse. So I used my old camera from 2009. Most of what I got isn’t good, despite being in the second row. (And of course, even one row of people standing is a problem when you are vertically-challenged like me.) Still, a couple of videos turned out pretty good. And I still have some amazing video from Roseburg.

  32. “Masterpiece” did seem to be well-received in Portland. As Danny posted, people spontaneously turned their phones into flashlights and waived them around. Danny was visibly moved by the reaction.

  33. YouTube did list “your” full name…. that channel only has one video posted and not much info.

    I think you are right that cameras aren’t given much notice anymore, but in case Portland was stricter (or any other venue) I don’t like giving advice on what cameras to take…

    Second row is pretty impressive! But, I have also had great seats only to be blocked by someone in front of me.. elevated rows can be a huge advantage.

  34. Lol, Jan, you and this site can take all the credit for the second row seat. You posted exactly when the tickets would go on sale! Fortunately I saw the post and was able to act fast.

    I’m glad I took the old camera — but only because of the parking situation. Despite what the ticket office told me, there was no nearby parking. We were directed elsewhere, and it was quite a hike. (I don’t mind walking, but not at night, by myself, in an area I don’t know.) If I had been able to park near the venue, I would have taken the risk of bringing the new camera because I’d probably be able to return to my car to switch out cameras if need be. (Still a bit mad because I’m sure I would have gotten better photos/videos with the new camera.)

    Even with elevated seats, I’m so short it doesn’t help much. One nice thing was that the rows had a fair amount of space between them, which helped.

  35. I still cannot “like” anything on this site. What’s up with that, WordPress and gravatar?

  36. Odd, Ellen. I’d try the old shutdown and reload method….. I was able to like one of your comments just now.

  37. Not odd (or maybe I should say not new). We wrote about it before in an old discussion. There were several of us who could not use the “like.”

    I use a smile or say I like something. That works okay for me.

    Ellen and I have so much in common: frozen shoulder, no energy, some favorite songs, some unfavorite (don’t care if that isn’t a real word–I like it) songs.

  38. I am sure Jan has already posted this somewhere, but I was on Twitter and stumbled on someone who tweeted Danny’s video for “Slow Down,” my favorite song from the “Rise” album. I love it because Danny sings it with such intensity and I get to hear a bit of the Gokey Growl:


  39. The shoulder is mostly okay now, Lurker. The physical therapy helped, once I was able to do the exercises. (I needed a cortisone injection for that.) But the no energy is a problem. I totally get it.

  40. You beat me to it, Jan! But I posted on the Allison thread at MJs, because I wanted to make a point that despite fan wars, Idol contestants tend to support each other.

  41. Ellen,
    That was a lot of work–getting, there, being there, and then writing about it.

  42. Lurker, it is a lot of work to do a recap. It takes time to upload the videos to YouTube (and of course, write a story). There’s supposed to be way to edit the videos for camera shake and other problems, but it was taking so long, I gave up. The videos don’t look or sound as good as they do on my computer — my guess it that the video file is compressed when it is uploaded to YouTube.

    I plan to do one more recap, but I will wait a while, maybe until when there is not a lot going on. It’s the Roseburg event from this past August. I have the notes I wrote for the recap. At the time, though, I couldn’t figure out how to upload the videos to YouTube. It was very special. I think maybe because it was a benefit concert and the cause was a sad one — a fire that took the life of multiple children — that Danny was especially connected to the meaning of his songs. And I have a treat for you, Lurker — I wasn’t planning to record “What Love Can Do,” but when Danny started singing the song, it was so beautiful that I turned on the video. Very bummed that I missed the first verse, but I honestly have never heard Danny sing it better.

  43. I remember singing that song when I was little in church…

    It sounds like you have some special memories of Danny’s concerts, Ellen.

  44. ” I have a treat for you, Lurker — I wasn’t planning to record “What Love Can Do,” but when Danny started singing the song, it was so beautiful that I turned on the video.” <3

  45. I have fixed the problem.Would you mind delete my last comment.Thanks and soory to bore.

  46. hi Cindy, I left it up for a few hours and then removed it since this isn’t a site where we focus on political topics.

  47. Danny and Masterpiece are mentioned in this article about author Francine Rivers. I’ve read some of her books


    Carol Stream, Ill.—February 14, 2018—On February 12, beloved and bestselling author Francine Rivers traveled to a K-LOVE event in her hometown of Pleasanton, California, to meet Christian recording artist Danny Gokey. Rivers is a fan of Gokey’s and, beyond that, was also interested in meeting the artist who shares the same inspiration for their respective recent projects.

    On February 6, Rivers released her latest novel, The Masterpiece, a probing tale that reminds us that mercy can shape even the most broken among us into an imperfect yet stunning masterpeice. In this return to her romance roots, The Masterpiece is a riveting and highly anticipated story of redemption, grace, and love.

    Like Rivers’s new novel, one of Gokey’s latest song releases, “Masterpiece,” is inspired by Ephesians 2:10—“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” As a fan of Gokey’s, Rivers didn’t pass up the chance to meet him and share their inspiration stories. While attending the K-LOVE event, Rivers shared that they “both got a chuckle” out of their similarly inspired projects—her novel The Masterpiece and his song, “Masterpiece.”

  48. That’s what I mentioned, ADMIN2. I hadn’t thought my post political, but I understand. It could have lead to political views. My heart goes out to the students and families in Florida.

    If Francine Rivers book The Masterpiece becomes a movie then, Danny’s song Masterpiece could be the theme song. 🙂

  49. Aww, dang, now I’m curious about what you said, Cindy3! Oh, well, if it’s about what happened in Florida, I probably agree with whatever you said. But Admin2 is probably right. I remember the early days of iheartdannygokey, and it could get tense when posters posted political views.

  50. Thank you, Ellen. Just in case my post swayed too much to one side, it was right of ADMIN2 to remove it. 🙂

  51. @WAYFMJustin: Which new song is your new favorite? #WAYNew Music Showdown on @WAYFMRadio: (2x champion) @DannyGokey “Masterpiece” VS (challenger) @MatKearney “Face To Face” #Vote! The winner returns Friday.

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