Danny Gokey Signs with Capitol Christian Music Group

Danny gokey at Grammys
Billboard announced today that Danny Gokey has signed a new label contract with Capitol Christian Music Group

“Danny Gokey is an artist we have admired since we heard his voice for the very first time,” says Peter York, Chairman/CEO, Capitol Christian Music Group. “We are genuinely honored to have him join our family of artists. Our team is highly motivated and excited to represent him in the marketplace. His songs encourage listeners with a message of hope and compassion, things this world could use a lot more of.”

When Danny was asked about his move to CCMG, he stated he hoped to get:

“Growth in a lot of ways:  creatively, musically, with my brand and with content creation for engaging fans and listeners.  Capitol has an amazing team that are at the top of their game on so many levels, so I am looking forward to tapping into those resources to help me grow.”

The lead single is expected to be released in fall of 2018 with an album in early 2019.

The full article is available HERE

Danny Gokey signing with UNiversal Capitol Christian Music Group

13 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Signs with Capitol Christian Music Group

  1. Some info from Wiki on CCMG:

    Capitol Christian Music Group (Capitol CMG) (formerly known as EMI Christian Music Group) is an American music group that, since 2013, is under the ownership of Universal Music Group. It is based in Brentwood, Tennessee. Capitol CMG is the leader in the Christian Gospel music industry.[1]

    Capitol CMG is a company whose assets include such labels as Sparrow and ForeFront Records as well as the industry’s distribution company and a publishing company.

    Capitol CMG features artists such as Chris Tomlin, TobyMac, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, CeCe Winans and Hillsong United.

    I think the collaborations with other CCM artists may be easier being under the same label. I know that The Social Club Misfits are also represented by CCGM. I wonder when Danny signed this contract?

  2. Sounds like (no pun intended) his music is moving in the best direction!! 🎶👍🎶

  3. I don’t understand the music industry. I agree with ANGELSNELL, but didn’t Amy Grant’s husband work with Danny? The company he was with before seems to have supported him and was a good fit. Danny’s in good company with Capitol CMG. I wish him well. CONGRATULATIONS, DANNY. 🙂

  4. Though they haven’t decided on every producer for the new set, Gokey says Bernie Herms will definitely be involved. “I do know that Bernie Herms will be in the mix in a big way,” Danny said.

    Okay, I found above in an article, so I answered my own question. :/ That’s good to know. I figured since Amy Grant is in Capitol CMG, too. BMG did a lot for Danny.

    Time off the road.. new single in the fall.. and new album in 2019. Good for Danny. 🙂

  5. Hi Cindy, perhaps you mean Natalie Grant? Bernie is her husband.

    Vince Gill is Amy Grant’s husband. Although they also have DG connections, I forget what they all are. Danny recording Tennessee Christmas is one. He mentioned hearing Vince perform Give Me Jesus caused Danny to think about doing the song.

    I think Danny has performed at events with at least one of Amy and Vince, but don’t recall when/where.

    Will be interested to see how this era works out, it seems to have moved up the “new music” timeline. And nice that they got a clip at Billboard, I recognize the by-line as someone who has covered Danny before. Out of Nashville? Something else I can’t remember :oops:.

  6. Ha-ha ADMIN2. I did it again. I know Vince Gill is married to Amy Grant, but I still always make the same mistake. 🙁 Now, I am confused. :/ Bernie Herms is going to work with Danny. He’s not with BMG? To be honest, I thought Danny loved where he was. It must be a step up to leave BMG. I hope there were no hard feelings. BMG sounded like a good group.

    Thanks, ADMIN2

  7. Hi Cindy,

    Maximum Artists is Danny’s management group. They represent Danny, Natalie Grant, Bernie Herms, The Social Club Misfits and I think Tauren Wells. Danny is still with Maximum.

    He has changed record labels. He went from RCA Nashville to BMG and now to Capital Christian Music Group. Natalie grant is with Curb Records. Danny was the only Christian singer on BMG’s roster. (I kind of liked that….) but he will likely get more support from CCMG and it is based in Nashville.

    I think this is a good move for Danny. And I like that he is concentrating on a new album. Soon. My soon.

  8. Jan…I’m incredibly excited to know that Danny is working on new songs and a new album….although I can’t get enough of his current music …it will be nice to hear something new!!

  9. I agree, Angelsnell! Let’s hope the target dates don’t slip too much.

    I am surprised that Masterpiece has not had any new monitored radio adds in the last couple of weeks. It makes me wonder if the focus is reduced on current music with having a new label?

  10. I wonder if the semi-independent BMG model gave Danny flexibility to release Masterpiece and promote it while starting up the new label arrangement. And/or, would he have rights to bring his music with him, which isn’t the case that much in moving between traditional labels.

  11. I posted on another blog, but will copy here. I have mixed feelings about the switch. Danny has been fairly successful using a nontraditional label and approach. His albums have tended to be more inspirational than overtly Christian. (Indeed, his first album had songs that were neither.) I think Danny had more creative freedom with BMG, and I think he may find that a major label will want to weigh in more on his musical and lyrical direction. Although I’ve sometimes worried that Danny’s music wasn’t religious enough and I certainly wouldn’t mind some more overt Christian references/themes, I am concerned that the balance might tip too far in the opposite direction. Danny’s fans have been all over the spectrum and he has tried to be fairly inclusive so far. I guess it remains to be seen whether he will target a different audience.

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